Here’s what you need to know

  • The City of Fresno’s Planning Commission met on Oct. 19, 2022 and approved a request for a two-year extension for the tract map used to develop approximately 14.01 acres of property located on the south side of West Herndon Avenue and the east side of North Riverside Drive. The development will be a gated community that includes 13 duplex units and two single-family homes.
  • Adjacent residents expressed their concerns about traffic and security issues for nearby single-family home owners, along with their children.  

Follow-up questions

  • If traffic were to become a significant concern, what specific changes would be considered?

The Scene
The Fresno Planning Commission meeting took place on Oct. 19, 2022 at 6:02 p.m. The meeting was open to the public in Downtown Fresno at the City Hall on 2600 Fresno Street. The meeting was also accessible electronically via CMAC and Zoom. The agenda was made available online. Chairman Peter Vang led the pledge of allegiance.

Name of Officials:
Peter Vang, Chairperson
Brad Hardie, Vice-Chair (via Zoom)
Haley W. Wagner, Commissioner
Kathy Bray, Commissioner
Robert Fuentes, Commissioner
Monica Diaz, Commissioner
David Criner, Commissioner

Commissioners Fuentes & Criner were absent from the meeting.

Actions/Discussions/Public comment

  • ID 22-1560: Vesting Tentative Tract Map No. 6172/UGM pertaining to approximately 14.01 acres of property located on the south side of West Herndon Avenue and the east side of North Riverside Drive.
    • A request for a discretionary two-year extension of time to the expiration date (October 12, 2022).
    • Rob Holt, Planner III: Proposed plan amendment for shaded area
      • Tract Map: 4.83 Acres – 15 Lots – 13 duplex units, while 2 homes as single-family homes. 28 Total-dwelling Units
      • Private gated community.
      • District 6 PRC Recommends Approval (6-0)
      • Concerns: 
        • Increase in traffic: 
          • Public Works – Dedication of ROW & any necessary transition pavement.
          • Ultimate build-out of E Alluvial Ave is one lane each direction & dual-turn lane in middle.
          • VMT results in screen out using COG VMT calculator tool.
          • Existing trees on western property line: may relocate, evergreen and conditioned one tree per rear yard.
    • Applicant Bill Robinson of Sol Development Associates: 
      • Every unit will have a garage, which is unusual for complexes. 
      • Project is well recognized due to the housing crisis, however, surrounding neighborhoods indicates as single-family homes. It adds to a variety and choice of housing for new Fresno renters.
      • Subdivision will be gated, which is not in a local street and will cause traffic congestion. 
      • 161 letters were mailed to the surrounding neighborhood, however only  5 adjacent residents were present expressing complaints.
      • Chairman Peter Vang questions if the homes will be one-story and Commissioner Haley W. Wagner questions the price range of the homes, in which Robinson replies with, “Although we would like to see more low-income homes, it is market-range, which will compare to single-family homes.” Robinson also says all units will be one-story homes.

Public Comments:

  • Mike Wu – A resident across the residential homes says that tenants will not be as stable as home-owners which will cause security risks in the area. Houses surrounding the areas are single-family home owners and he would like to see it remain that way.
  • Hong Vue – A resident across the project’s main concern is security and quietness in the area. He says that the reason why nearby housings were blocked out is because they want their kids to be secured. Vue says that the reason why he moved in the area was for its quiet zone for his child’s safety. 
  • Bill Robinson – “Traffic will always be a problem for everything,” said Robinson. The project fronts on Alluvial which is a street known to collect traffic. As for the safety of the tenants “There are 25 beds in the units, I don’t understand why it would be a security risk to nearby residents.”
  • Arman Zakaryan of Stallion Development & Construction – Operates the facilities near the project. He says that feedback from the facilities have been positive and he does not see any issues with security in the area.
  • Andrew Manilla – No street work done associated with this assignment, only private streets that will be built. Traffic is counted on Alluvial, however there are no problems and so far no changes are being made specifically for the project.

Vote: Planning Commission APPROVED in a 5-0, the request for a discretionary two-year extension of time for the expiration date for Vesting Tentative Tract Map No. 6172/UGM, subject to compliance with the original conditions of approval as contained in Planning Commission Resolution No. 13700, and the attached Development Impact Fees dated October 12, 2022.

  • Chairman Peter Vang: Yes
  • Vice-Chair Brad Hardie: Yes
  • Commissioner Kathy Bray: Yes
  • Commissioner Haley W. Wagner: Yes
  • Commissioner Monica Diaz: Yes

The meeting adjourned at 6:34 p.m. The next meeting is scheduled for November 2 at 6 p.m. 

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