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Quote of the Week “This meeting is an insult. What did they expect? For us to leave the house rotting there for a year?” – Planada resident Saul Calderon, who learned at a community meeting that Merced County may not reimburse residents for already completed home repairs after this year’s devastating funds. This Week in…

Fight heats up over Fresno mobile homes.🏠

Quote of the Week “I’ve basically just been asking my dad simple questions like, ‘Are they alive?’”  – A 20-year-old Palestinian Fresno resident with family in Gaza. This Week in Fresnoland Residents capture two wins in fight over Fresno’s La Hacienda Mobile Estates  Council members have signaled that they’re open to finding a new park…

⚖️Fresnoland investigation triggers lawsuit

Quote of the Week “Not guilty? Look what you’ve done. You can’t even look us in the eye.” – Julian Ramos, former manager at Bitwise, shouted this at Bitwise co-founders Irma Olguin Jr. and Jake Soberal as they left the courtroom. Both are charged with various white-collar crimes after they unexpectedly furloughed over 900 employees…