Fresnoland exists to make policy public – by, for, and with all residents of the central San Joaquin Valley. We’re not parachute journalists, trying to explain what’s going on to outsiders. This is our home, these are our communities, our air and water that we breathe and drink too.

As a nonprofit newsroom, we think it’s incredibly important to make sure our content is free for all to read and share. We don’t pretend to be objective. We don’t have an agenda, but we do have values that guide our work. You can read more about those here. We’re a proud member of the Institute for Nonprofit News.

We weren’t always a newsroom. Fresnoland began in 2018 as a place to start creating original research about the region so we could help others understand how to solve some of our most complex problems. In early 2020 we launched The Fresnoland Lab at the Fresno Bee to create a new way of sharing our original research and reporting with a broader audience. Since 2020, we have been consistently serving the information needs of our community, especially those who have been historically excluded from policy and politics.

Journalists, after all, are researchers with a public service mission and an ethical commitment to fairness, justice, and transparency. We all hold ourselves accountable to the Society of Professional Journalists’ Code of Ethics, and you should hold us to it too. 

You can find our stories here for free on our website, and on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. We have a weekly email newsletter (sign up here!) You can also find our stories in the Fresno Bee, and occasionally featured on Valley Public Radio and Radio Bilingüe. If there’s a place you’d like to see our reporting, let us know!

Our Team

Danielle Bergstrom
Executive Director + Policy Editor

Danielle Bergstrom
Executive Director/Policy Editor

Heather Halsey Martinez
Documenters Program Manager

Melissa Montalvo
Economy/Labor Reporter

Isabel Santos-Gonzalez
Development/Communications Manager

Dympna Ugwu-Oju
Senior Editor

Gregory Weaver
Environmental Reporter