The Madera County Board of Supervisors is the legislative and executive governing body of the county. It enacts ordinances and rules, determines county policy, supervises the activities of county departments and adopts an annual budget. Each of the five supervisorial districts of the county elects one supervisor.

Meetings usually occur at 9 a.m. on the first three Tuesdays of each month at 200 W. Fourth Street in Madera. They are also accessible via WebEx.

Who are the Madera County Supervisors:

Brett Frazier, District 1

David Rogers, District 2

Robert Poythress, District 3

Letizia Gonzalez, District 4

Tom Wheeler, District 5

(As of June 2022)

Meeting Notes

Madera County Board of Supervisors (9/20/22) $4.6M for North Fork Library + ag gross production increased to $2.04B in 2021 + Tesoro Viejo fire station and sheriff’s substation purchase

The supervisors approved the purchase of Tesoro Viejo Town Center Fire Station and Sheriff’s Substation from Tesoro Viejo, LLC for $2.8 million, learned that the county will receive $4.6 million grant funding for the North Fork Library and the ag commissioner said that the county’s gross production value in 2021 was $2.04 billion.

Madera County Board of Supervisors (9/13/22) Farmer concerns about groundwater penalties + levee system improvement update + Tesoro Viejo II annexation

The supervisors discussed imposing a $500 per acre-foot penalty for those who extract groundwater 10 percent above allocations and heard from several farmers concerned about the fee, they also were updated on the status of plans to improve the county levee system and moved forward the annexation of Tesoro Viejo II.


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