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Tonight I’ll be covering @CityofFresno’s Parks, Recreation, and Arts Commission meeting for @fresnoland. The meeting starts at 5:30 p.m.

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On the meeting agenda is public hearing on the allocations related to Measure P, updates to the Parks Master Plan and Cultural Arts Plan, and the annual PARCS Department Budget and Capital Improvement Plan.

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The meeting minutes from July 11, 2022 and July 18, 2022 were approved.

Commissioner Maiyer Vang stated that updates for the Cultural Arts Plan will be provided for the August 15th Regular meeting.

Chair Kimberly McCoy said “The Outreach Committee will be meeting tomorrow to discuss our outreach plan and will have those updates for the August 15 meeting.”

During the Member Reports and Comments, Commissioner Barraza said “We need to have better dialogue regarding Measure P funding.”

Commissioner Vang gave a shout out to Jennifer regarding keeping her informed of the cultural arts plan.

Aldi Ramirez with the City of Fresno said “We have added a standing hearing to the agenda for the Parks Master Plan and Cultural Arts Plan so that the public have the opportunity to provide input.”

Resident Brandi Nuse-Villegas said “Regarding outreach, I am open to help out, I know other people are as well. We are asking for a thorough campaign for people who do not know about cooling centers. Some people do not have social media. We need to better communicate.”

Nuse-Villegas said “I would love to see billboards, posters and more outreach to reach more people. I would also love to see this during the cold season and we open warming centers.”

Resident Lisa Flores said “I agree with Brandi. It is necessary for cooling centers. Even today with an overcast, it was hot. I would like to see what the construction schedule looks like for the dog park. I oversee over 200 people that would like to know about this.”

Chair Kimberly McCoy opened the meeting to a public hearing for Measure P, updates to the Parks Master Plan and Cultural Arts Plan.

Resident Lisa Flores said “I would like to make sure there is a marketing and outreach budget put for communication with the public. I would also like to see what the budget is for the dog park.”

“Also, think about an element of transmissibility with the rise of monkey pox. Have bottled waters, individually wrapped snacks and face masks.”

Originally tweeted by Ramiro Merino (@Ramiro_Merino_) on August 2, 2022.

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