Here’s what you need to know:

  • The Fresno City Council met on Nov. 3, 2022 and tabled a discussion on a feasibility study to determine how the city can provide electricity services to residents. The item will come back to the council at the Dec. 1, 2022 meeting.
  • During a timed closed session, the council approved the hiring of the new City Controller Santino Danisi.
  • The council approved several One Fresno Housing initiatives, including $1 million for the Voucher Incentive Program (3A), Land Trust agreement (3B), and the Central Fresno Neighborhood Trust with Lowell LLC allocating $1.9 million to acquire and rehabilitate 50 rent-restricted affordable apartment units (3C).
  • The council also approved establishing the No Place Like Home initiative, which includes four proposals: a down payment assistance program using $5 million in American Rescue Plan Act funding ; two tiny home villages; creating a community development partnership for southwest Fresno; and an overhaul of the city’s planning and permitting process to boost efficiency in developing housing, businesses and parks.
  • On its consent calendar, an amendment to the Fancher Creek development agreement was removed with no return date given, while a program to incentivize job creation along the Ventura/Kings Canyon/Avenida Cesar Chavez corridor east of First Street was approved.

Tweet thread from Andy Hansen-Smith:

Fresno City Council meeting November 3, 2022!

1/ Among the items include a feasibility study to have City generate electricity for its residents due to PG&E failures;Several One Fresno Housing strategies including Voucher,Land Trust;Mixed Income Neighborhood Trust;No Place Like Home initiative 4A;

2/ Among the Consent Agenda items are 1-B Approve the Second Amendment with Make Green Go LLC, for Cannabis Social Equity Business Technical Assistance extending the term to April 28, 2023 and increasing the contract value to $150,000

3/ 1-C Approve agreement with Moss Adams, LLP for consultant services for agreed-upon procedures for $190,640 (RFP No. 10121)

4/ 1-D Approve an agreement with Arte Americas allocating $413,175 in American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding to complete needed capital improvements and necessary repairs to the Arte Americas building and surrounding property.

5/ 1-E RESOLUTION – Authorize the acceptance of 2021 Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response (SAFER) grant award for $7,246,600 from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and authorize the Fire Chief to complete all required documents

6/ 1- G Authorize the Parks, After School, Recreation and Community Services Department (PARCS) to enter into a sublease agreement with Integrated Community Development, LLC for 1800 square feet of space at 1505 N. Blackstone Ave. to be operated as The Link @ Blackstone…

7/ …Community Center in the amount of $1 per year for a total of $15 for a 15-year term plus the City’s share of operating expenses attributable to the portions of the building utilized by the center (Council District 1).

8/ 1-H* Authorizing and directing submission of an application to the State of California Prohousing Designation program (Subject to Mayor’s Veto)

9/ 1-I * Action relating to repealing and adding Building Regulations in the Fresno Municipal Code 1.

10/ ***BILL B-34 (Intro’d 10/20/2022) (For Adoption) – Adopting express findings related to local climatic, topographical and geological conditions that make the City’s amendments to the California Mechanical Code and California Plumbing Code reasonably necessary and repealing…

11/ …Sections 11-101 through Section 11-109 of Article 1, Chapter 11 of the Fresno Municipal Code and adding Sections 11-101 through Section 11-109 of Article 1, of Chapter 11 to adopt and amend the California Building, Residential, Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing, Energy and…

12/ …Green Building Standards Codes

13/ 1-P Actions related to acceptance of a WaterSMART Water Energy and Efficiency Grant award from the United States Department of the Interior, Bureau of Reclamation: 1.

14/ Adopt a finding of Categorical Exemption pursuant to Section 15301(a)/Class 1 of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Guidelines 2.

15/ ***Approve an Assistance Agreement with the United States Department of the Interior, Bureau of Reclamation and accept receipt of a $379,390 WaterSMART grant for the Smart Irrigation Timers Direct Install Project

16/ 1-S ***Actions related to the California State of Good Repair (SGR) Program for funding to rehabilitate the FAX facility security camera system and to conduct FAX maintenance facility roof and HVAC repairs: 1.

17/ Adopt a finding of Class 1 Categorical Exemption for Existing Facilities pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Guidelines Section 15301. 2.

18/ ***RESOLUTION – Authorizing submission of a project description for and acceptance of funding from the SGR program, approving the associated FY 2022-23 project list, and authorizing execution of grant documents

19/ 1-T Approval of the appointment of Austin Ferreria to the District 2 Project Review Committee by Karbassi

20/ 1-U RESOLUTION – Adopting a program to incentivize job creation along the Ventura/Kings Canyon/Avenida Cesar Chavez corridor east of First Street (Subject to Mayor’s Veto)

21/ 1-V Fancher Creek 10-year Amendment to Development Agreement

Documents supporting 1-H

Documents for 1-I

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Watch live beginning at 9 AM

Agenda for today’s meeting:

Meeting begins at 9:07 will Karbassi absent.
Invocation by Rev. Elias Loera, Senior Pastor, with Christian Temple Fresno

1-D,1-V and 1-E moved to November 17th meeting.

Proclamation for “School Psychology Month” Sponsored by Karbassi Karbassi says forgive the face masks but it isn’t a political view but a cold. When someone gets a cold they go to the doctor. But people need help for trauma as well. Maybe if kids got treatment earlier they would

not be the type to cause gun shootings etc. Ashley Tripple thanks the councilman for the honor. We have issues in the community from poverty etc.Give a school psychologist a high five or a hug this month.

Proclamation for “Luis C. Santana Day” Sponsored by Chavez,Mayor and City Manager.Chavez says Santana is one of the biggest supporters of South East Fresno.He started a literacy program for kids but he also included parents in the program.He has helped turn Sal Mosqueda building

into a place that helps the community. He is originally from Brazil.@MayorJerryDyer He is humble, passion and has a love for the community with Reading and http://Beyond.It becomes generational change when one can learn to read.Santana:It is hard not to be emotional up

here. I am honored to be recognized for the past 23 years at Reading and Beyond. It took the board members, staff and volunteers that made it happen.Chavez:Everyone keep up the support of Reading and Beyond!

Proclamation for “In Celebration of Sikh Heritage Month” Sponsored by Soria, Mayor and City Manager
@Esmeralda_Soria Hidden Wealth,Sikh Women’s organization and Jakara Movement among others here today. They have helped with food distribution especially west of 99. They are farmer

and business people.@MayorJerryDyer Sikh stand for family, education and work ethic.We have had unfortunate hate crimes due to them being understood.We love you. I stand for the farmers in India. A tragedy in Merced and they shared unity with that group. First up:Sikh was among

first in America back in mid 1970’s. My son was bullied for wearing the turban.We are not separate from Fresno but we will stand with Fresno! Next:We stand for gratitude and staying in high spirits.We believe in ONe http://Fresno.Next:Thank you for this honor.

Next:it is special honor. Next:We have been here for 100 years but we have endured hate crimes. One Fresno! Next:many other organizations that were not able to be here today.If there is a gap we step up to fill it. (souvenirs given out to Soria and Mayor)

Esparza thanks the group for the books on Sikhism. They came here to be honored but gave out gifts as well. That speaks volumes.

Council reports:@kmkarbassi :thanks parks dept due to the great halloween event in Pinedale.Also a 6 pm event at Pinedale tonight regarding Measure P spending hopes. @MiguelArias_D3 Thanks Parks Dept for grand opening at a park coming up. Also Council Workshop is needed for PD

recommendations he asks @gawhitefresno Soria:Great event west of 99! It included movie in the park at INn Park. Van Ness Weldon Park update November 16th at 6 pm.Lots of progress so far!@GarryBredefeld Thanks the council and staff for First Responders Memorial. @Maxwell4Fresno

a successful event at Large Park! food ,dessert, pumpkin carving of the 200 donated pumpkins. Also Fresno PAL help.Ghost Golf on Blackstone and Shaw is business of the month.First Responders Memorial is moving and beautiful.@D7Esparza Attended Diversity day as well as Manchester

Center Trunk or Treat. Jackson Neighborhood fall event this week.@MayorJerryDyer Beautify Fresno had 500 volunteers this past weekend for Boo-tify Fresno event.Continue this Saturday with a youth emphasis. Me-n Eds pizza will be provided.Break the Barriers provides not just for

kids but for our Veterans too!

Items 1-P, 5-A ,1-V removed from Agenda with no return date.Moved from Consent to Contested are items 1-C,1-F,1-J,1-N,1-G . Karbassi and Bredefeld register NO votes on 1-B (Cannabis Social Equity) and Bredefeld registers NO vote on 1-N (Plan review and construction management r

review contract). Esparza recuses himself from Closed Session 5-D. Also 10:20 item is not subject to a veto.

A timed Closed Session 5-C on City Controller will occur nowCONSIDER PUBLIC EMPLOYEE APPOINTMENT – Government Code Section 54957(b): Consider the appointment, employment, evaluation of performance, discipline, or dismissal of a public employee. Title: City Controller.

The Council will be back after that item is finished.Interim City Manager says there may be reportable items after that.

Council is back from that one Closed Session item on the City Controller .City Attorney announces Santino Denicy (sp) as new City Controller approved 7-0 “I am very excited to server Fresno!”

Unscheduled Public Comments:Fernando Paul These signs I carry have a lot in them as God infuses them.We are in a messy time.Repent ! and the Lord will set you free. Though shall not bare false witness. The one up there know who he is.I am going to run for mayor in 2 years. I have

boots on the ground. We used to have a suggestion box but you all don’t take suggestions as you know it all. Gloria Cruz: (translated) Represent the hispanic community when it comes to housing. I have heard there is a program to help first time homebuyers.There is a great need in

my community.Lillia:(Translated) Too bad my council member is not up there.Great need for low income families and hopefully you will pass it.

Maria Gasca:(translated) I support this item in front of the council.Lots of unoccupied homes around that with some help be occupied. Next:(translated)Maria :Thanks for the first time homebuyers but we need more protection.

10:10 AM Appearance by Gabrielle Avedian regarding Old Armenian Town. (District 6) by Zoom:my grandparents lived in that area.Why wasn’t the Armenian community notified about this sale? Why the request to turn it into a museum at no cost not done for 7 years? Why we were told

that the Armenian community was silent on this when we were not told until 6 days before vote? Why was one of the original owners not able to buy them back? Next:Dez: I am an unpaid homeless advocate for 7 years and do it for passion as I was there once.Tiny Homes. Home is a rock

solid foundation and a place to be yourself. Those who were never able to buy a house these tiny homes gives them a chance. Carla Martinez @LC_ACT Thanks Chavez and Soria for helping with affordable housing. We do need housing stabilization http://though.Community leaders are

ready to meet with you. Vouchers need to be accepted and a complaint line is necessary for those who won’t accept it. Benita Vasquez: (translated) Lots of injustice especially for farmworkers.If they ask for reparations they get evicted. Virgina (Translated):Help all the im-

migrants who work in the field. It is hard to find $900 a month plus deposit. My husband only makes $500 a week. Next:Simonian we received money for an Armenian museum. We have asked the council about what we could do with the historic armenian homes.We want to raise money from

the public. We can make it a tourist attraction. (He still has one minute so he is standing there ) Robert McCloskey via Zoom:We need to open them now as we are reaching 40 degrees at night and not the current 36 degrees trigger to open it. I have bought tents and sleeping bags

but I have had those items thrown away by the HART team. People need those for survival. A PD officer ran over a homeless person. If this was businessman that was run over we would get more info.Tiny Homes land purchase was appropriated in March.That project should be started.

Cynthia Piombino via Zoom:The 3-A voucher item needs a landlord registry and closely monitored.Tiny Home village is long overdue.HART team targets Roeding Park every day and they take survival items. @LovesMercy Pinedale Measure P meeting tonight. Joint Housing event by City has

been http://fantastic.City won’t store any homeless items that have gotten wet from the rain. Landlord hotline needed for those that won’t take vouchers. @LisaYFlores1 via zoom. Chavez I am making tamales next week and my offer still stands. Somehow somewhere I got info that

Mayor was in a private dinner with Tiny Homes manufacturers. Is that appropriate? We need to think 7 generations .First Tiny Homes Village should be near Veterans Hospital and for homeless vets. Smaller sites are better than large sites and spread throughout the community.

Putting Tiny Homes under freeway overpass is environmental disaster.
10:20 AMExhibit S Consideration of Vesting Tentative Tract Map No. 6345; and related Environmental Assessment No. T-6345/P22-00411/P22-00442 for approximately 36.75 acres of property located on the southeast

corner of the East California Avenue alignment and South Willow Avenue (Council District 5). 1. ADOPT – Mitigated Negative Declaration prepared for Environmental Assessment No. T-6345/P22-00411/P22-0442 dated August 12, 2022, for the proposed projectPublic:Sarah and Catherine

Pibos are in support. Arias:Calwa annexation so can we state why this property being exempted ? Chavez:There is an orange orchard on the property. APPROVED 7-0

10:00 AM Discuss and consider providing direction to staff to hire a consultant to perform a feasibility study for the City of Fresno to provide electricity to its residents in response to Pacific Gas and Electric’s failure to timely energize facilities and to provide all .

options including possibility of the City of Fresno forming its own District as is done in some other cities in California. BIA’s Mike Prandini:PG&E either have no transformers or do not have the staff to energize the transformer.Homeowners cannot move in and it effects them as

those in apartments. Elisa Munoz:I work for PG&E Call
Center feel threatened by our city leaders words and put us on the front lines of angry people.

Hunter Stearn of IBW Utility workers. There are 32 publicly owned utilities in the state.Those workers will be affected if the utility moves from one entity to another.

@LisaYFlores1 This is a waste of tax dollars. You have enough to deal with without starting an electric company too.There is always an issue with construction.what happens to those who have PG&E disability program? This is an anti union proposal. Eric Payne Central Valley Urban

Institute says PG&E plays political hardball so they can keep their monopoly. It has turned its back on redlined neighborhoods.@Maxwell4Fresno I commend the IBW workers. I think I have fostered a good relationship of our City’s Department Heads. I will let them know when they

fallen short.We thank PD every day but we will let them know if there is a shortfall. Nothing we do is perfect.If we do that for our own staff we can also do that for outside entities like PG&E They do help the City ways for our events. But the rate increase hurts our community

but securing transformations and getting it electrified has real world consequences when it doesn’t happen. Fresno USD and @DrGoldsmith777 with new West Fresno college. Lance Kashian has felt the pain when developing commercial properties.Homeowners could not move in due to power

being turned in. This is not a cheap political cheap shots.When private builders were not creating enough housing the City created a housing unit. We do provide utilities to 500,000 people. Is this proposed item the best thing? Could it cost ratepayers more? We won’t know until

we do a feasibility study.A yes vote today is only an admission that we have an issue.What are all the options to us? If we don’t explore it we are turning a blind eye to the needs above us like more housing.We want to be open minded. @GarryBredefeld Maxwell and I have this item

on the agenda so we can see what else is out there. Maybe PG&E’s issues will resolve. This against the PG&E workers. IBW does a great job.This is pro taxpayers and pro ratepayers.County Supervisors were at our press conference. It was reported that this was a primarily Republican

press event. That is fake news. We had Maxwell, Pacheco and Carole Goldschmidt there as well.Oddly that Goldschmidt’s garage got electrified theday after our conference when we were told it would be http://months.PG&E has essentially created a housing moratorium. Those up

who will vote against this item have several items on housing on today’s agendaThe hypocrisy is ridiculous. PG&E has cried poverty when we wanted housing electrified but has plenty of money to give to politicians. 46 California communities provide their own electricity including

Needles and Los Angeles. Arias says will affect low income but the rate increase will directly hurt that people. Are we are dead last in creating alternative energy? White:we are at 46% alternative energy.Staff:renewable energy has increased the past three years. We are by far

the highest in bulk.
Bredefeld:PG&E at their highest levels are not kind to City of Fresno.They also have a history of criminal occurrences like wildfire like Paradise Fire.They exploit the poor. They should be known as Plunder, Gouge and Extortion. Financial gouging should not

be allowed and one way is to generate our own http://electricity.It‘s time to at least look at the study.Bredefeld makes MOTION and Maxwell SECONDS. White:Franchise Agreement has no expiration date and so I have sent it to Attorney’s office.Can we force them to meet with us?

Seems a very tough hill to go up.Only penalty I see is forfeiting the franchise agreement. It seems to be a “take it or leave it” . City Attorney:would like more time to research it.@MayorJerryDyer I have been very vocal of the PG&E rate increase the past 10 years.18% in 2023 is

http://forecast.No revolt against PG&E for this although I have rallied other valley mayors.Not much traction yet. But we have heard from developers and businesses who have had projects delayed. Impact is felt by everyone in our community but they are felt most by low income

residents. My voice has not been responded to by PG&E. This may be a late start to have our own electrical company but if we hire a consultant that person may work with PG&E to make this happen. IBW workers work hard and earn their wages.This is about a monopoly existing in our

own city and valley.I am looking for a better way to stabilize or lower rates and get low income housing opened earlier. @LuisCha70215912 Thank you for all of those who reached out.IBW have been great partners.Fresno did not perform a comprehensive study.I have heard from Climate

Center who tries to do that with renewables. If we did this would we own the poles, wires? PG&E makes money from transmission of electricity too.I am a big supporter of trying bold ideas. I am not sure we have the numbers to pass http://this.Energy Choice idea would have

100 renewable energy. Sonoma has done that. We toured that. We have solar farms in our valley but most of those are bought in 5-10 year increments by our cities north of us. What can we do to help those on fixed incomes? Maybe Climate Center can fund this study? Maybe this may

put us in a position to negotiate with PG&E. Arias:I want to apologize to PG&E workers.I know what it like to be accused a criminal and threatened. Then we have what happened to Paul Pelosi.I do want what to know we are doing is well thought http://out.Rent control is

needed for our most vulnerable.We had an apartment that the landlord was charging for things he should have been paying for. If we want to do this than we need a serious proposal and not a one sentence one. Has those at the County , State Community College or BIA offered to fund

this proposal? White :not at this time. Budget source depends on the amount. It could come from money that was freed up by education on ballots. Arias:San Diego is doing Community Choice Aggregate at $3 Million. I want to know what the Scope of work will be. Arias’ comment on

Eminent Domain is way too premature.We are trying to educate ourselves. Bredefeld:the item says “all options” so we have to see all of the models. Arias:What can bond out at ? Maxwell:we cannot get there without exploring this. Arias:I just want to have my questions answered

when you come back with this. Mayor:We have bonded items like fire stations etc.I think Arias’ questions are good but too premature at this time.We will need feasibility study. Arias:Can ARPA funds be used? White:RFP/RFQ would go out and have experts respond.We have some expert-

-ise from generating energy at Treatment Plant. Arias:If our pensions and pay not competitive with PG&E would that be part of this feasibility study? Mayor: I spoke with IBW but not other union workers.Arias:DPU is not capable at this time for expansion of new growth while

servicing current customers. It sometimes takes us 2-5 years to approve a new housing project. There are supply chain issues too. Our staff works around these problems. It can take a long time. We have heard the rates are too high. But we have not raised the garbage ratesiin 13

years. When we outsource our commercial garbage we saved money as a City but private ratepayers paid more. Should we bring those back in house?? We invest in airport. We didn’t dismantle it. We have including Bredefeld all taken money from PG & E. I’m not a fan of PG&E as they

keep their profits and give to their shareholders. It is unsettling to see those making $100,000 demanding this happen and that their projects be first in line.Where were they when PG&E rates were increasing over the years? When the solar will help low income people scream.

We have a lot of work inhouse and shouldn’t be mad about neighbors’ yard until we clean our own. I do like Community Choice option. Maxwell:we are being asked about steps 7,8,9 ,10 and what is the scope and price tag. We won’t know until we give administration authority to look

into it and give them direction. @Esmeralda_Soria Can we put a scope together where we can vote up or down? White:Scope is all options.We don’t know what those are yet. Too http://premature.You are so far down the road and around the bend and I haven’t even backed out of the

driveway.If County wants to partner with us than we should look into it.This is a study only. Soria:Is the study City only or City and County ? White:if it is better to go Countywide than we would. Soria:we should have County upfront with us from the beginning. Bredefeld:County

stood with us and have similar problems. Mayor:CAO of County reached out to us and wanted to partner with us.We can have preliminary discussions with them on an RFP.Soria:Words matter and I was concerned about some of those at press conference.Will low income be hurt? There is an

issue on electrification but I have not heard that this will solve that problem. I do think there is a big distinction between our housing unit and this.There will be a massive infrastructure for this. Mayor:The crews laid off last week need to be reinstated.What prevents PG&E

from raising rates another 18% or laying off more staff? Our low income residents won’t be able to take much more increase? Soria:Where is the push for creating middle class jobs? Mayor:It is not either /or. We need to increase housing http://too.Help us look at another

possible plan besides what we have. See how County wants to work with us. Grants like Chavez thought.Soria:other rates will increase too. Mayor:PG &E has increased their rates 100 % in the time since we last raised our garbage rates.Staff:supply chain issues have occurred and we

we are bringing on another vendor to help as well.We are committed to getting the various projects energized.Short term to get some projects energized by the end of year. Soria:PG&E needs to figure out how to deal with the frustration the council and your ratepayers are feeling.

@D7Esparza We know PG &E has issues. Not sure how we went from zero to 100. I had heard from buildiers about getting energized to a few days later getting a proposed city owned electrical grade. PG &E needs to be on notice as a CCA method is possible. If we feel like we are

cornered by a monopoly it is because we are by a natural monopoly. (Esparza pulls out a white board) ATC on y axis and number of customers on x axis. An extremely high cost for upfront. The more ratepayers the average rate goes http://down.To launch the utility will be

extremely high initially. (Chavez gives him a D+) Arias:I would like to TABLE the Item. Esparza:seconds the procedural item. Arias:I would like this until we get more info.BIA is meeting with PG & E next Monday and some of our council has meeting with PG & E. Bredefeld:You would

like to dance with PG & E and not defending their constituents. You have found 40 different ways to attack this to help those who have donated to you. I will provide $150,000 of my council money. Arias motion FAILS 3-3 with Esparza, Arias and Karbassi voting yes and Soria

abstaining. Bredefeld:In Texas has multiple energy companies and their rates are lower. White:I don’t think Arias meant to say DPU employees were like PG & E.Arias:Not at all Chavez:How will this directly help our residents? PG & E goes out and purchases energy at a price.

This exercise is to show how residents can benefit from savings like that. I don’t want to denigrate the employees of PG & E. Soria:MOTION to TABLE with it coming back in first meeting of December.APPROVED 4-3

Lunch Recess! It is now 1:30 Council will be back at 3 PM

Council is back at 3:05
1-C Approve agreement with Moss Adams, LLP for consultant services for agreed-upon procedures for $190,640 (RFP No. 1012 Arias:Audit of City Credit Card for past 10 years and to combine with audit of Finance Dept. Staff:we did talk about adding 5 years. If

we did we may have to do another RFP. Council could prioritize what they want and go in that order.White:We need a motion to close this RFP then. @gregorybarfield Ruthie said due to busy tax time we are looking at least 6-9 months so a significant delay.Soria:have we asked firm

if they could do it in the 60-90 day window. White:Firm would have to stay within focus of the five year RFP. Arias:if we did credit card now and Finance later?White:We could start RFP for finance department audit while credit card proceeds.Arias:we need to see if there was any

other misuse of finances.Quintero:Internal auditing is already happening.Arias:independent auditor didn’t catch the large error ($600,000). White:there wasn’t a sentence that mentioned the loss perse .Are you listening ?? (she mentioned Soria but the council was off screen)

Quintero:we will have a quality report. Bredefeld:this ongoing delay of this audit. Quintero:if we just did credit card 4 months but finance department audit would be 9 months. White:we keep financial records back 7 years. Bredefeld:why go back 10 years then? White:I don’t think

it would be helpful without receipts. Maxwell:We did say 10 years but we could go back 5 years only.Could we add Finance Dept audit too? White:we would have to have new RFP then.Bredefeld:let’s just start 5 years and get a RFP for the Finance audit going. Arias:we could not do an

audit of Airport due to checks and balances.I would want to wait for Finance Audit at same time as credit card.Bredefeld:If we move it forward today we would still get a finance review while we would get 5 year of credit cards.Esparza:This happened before we hired our new

Controller.I still like the 10 years and full “cavity search” for all of us and the proceeding councils. Arias: MOTION:Do a Finance Department and Credit Card.Esparza SECONDS White:each department fills out a form and that is how risk assessment is done. And the reason the

airport audit was desired but didn’t due to a large turnover there including a new Airport Director. Barfield:It will take a year. Quintero:due to short staffing there would be a lack of internal controls. Arias:How did we lose all staff at airport? White:FAA and others listen to

Financial committee so we need to clarify what the legal definition. Bredefeld:Going back 10 years now how much of a delay is 10 v 5 years?Quintero:I am thinking Spring. Bredefeld:It has been awhile since we asked for this credit card http://audit.Now we are adding 10 year

plus Finance Dept auditing. This just seems like delaying again.We could just do five years but rest of Council wants 10.The delay is because some of the charges on the council’s credit card .Arias:we had a major change at Finance Dept.Bredefeld:it doesn’t need to be in the five

year audit. I have people asking when will this audit happening? Now it is delayed again.Arias:I will make a Motion for five years then plus Finance Dept audit. Garry just take the W (he got the five years he wanted). Arias makes direction to end this RFP and start another.

Arias:Let the record show Bredefeld won today. He is 1-7 today!

1- G Authorize the Parks, After School, Recreation and Community Services Department (PARCS) to enter into a sublease agreement with Integrated Community Development, LLC for 1800 square feet of space at 1505 N. Blackstone Ave. to be operated as The Link @ Blackstone Community

Center in the amount of $1 per year for a total of $15 for a 15-year term plus the City’s share of operating expenses attributable to the portions of the building utilized by the center (Council District 1).Soria:I am excited about this. I want to make sure City College will part

-ner. She is assured. APPROVED 6-0 with Karbassi unable to sign in via zoom.
1-J Actions pertaining to homeless services agreements provided under the Homeless Housing, Assistance, and Prevention (HHAP) program: 1. ***RESOLUTION – Authorizing application to and acceptance of

funding from the State of California Business, Consumer Services and Housing Agency’s (BCSH) California Interagency Council on Homelessness (Cal ICH) as an individual applicant for the fourth round of Homeless Housing, Assistance, and Prevention Program (HHAP) and authorizing the

City Manager to sign all required implementing documents. (Subject to Mayor’s Veto) 2. Approve the State of California Business, Consumer Services and Housing Agency’s (BCSH) California Interagency Council on Homelessness (Cal ICH) joint service plan and updated local

homelessness action plan as an individual application for the fourth round of Homeless Housing, Assistance, and Prevention Program (HHAP) Arias:Governor was canceling this.White:He cancelled HAPP 3 and not HAPP 4.Arias:City is doing most of the homeless effort covering 2 counties

with Fresno County yet to open up any shelters.Staff:a decrease of homeless occurred.APPROVED 7-0

1-N *Approve the First Amendment to the Plan Review and Construction Management Services Agreement, in the amount of $1,800,000, for a total increased contract amount of $3,600,000, with Tutor Perini/Zachry/Parsons, a Joint Venture (Council Districts 1, 2 and 3)

additional work with High School Rail?Mozier:HSR has gone on longer. APPROVED 6-1 with Bredefeld earlier voting NO

Arias makes MOTION to approve 3-A,3-B and 3-C.
Taking public comment via Zoom. Greg Terzakis of apartment association CLA:Thank you for coming back with a better http://plan.Is it possible to get Housing Authority on board. Bakersfield has a good process. We typically

get a 100 new apartment units offered each meeting. @kieltls In favor of 3-B and 3-C and my group and others are in favor of the direction this going. @LisaYFlores1 I think a Land Trust is innovative. Now if you want to really stabilize the housing you need Rent Control.

@LovesMercy I agree with both Kiel and Lisa about stabilizing rent. Selection of property Management needs to have public input.I agree with @LC_ACT on enforcing landlords have to take vouchers.

Esther Carver via Zoom from Lowell Neighborhood Community.We are in favor and could speak to them.Ruben Espinoza: I agree with the other commenters and be against Voucher but incentivizes landlord that already are supposed to take the vouchers but no penalties now. Those who are

recently let out of incarceration need these vouchers to be accepted. @MayorJerryDyer Thanks Arias and Maxwell for co-sponsoring this. Last time the council approved only 3 of 46 but this will give us 6 total.Voucher incentive program will bring us the best bang of the $1 M.

We need a Land Trust. 3-C is with Lowell LLC and they will be able to convert 50 apartments into affordable units.Maxwell:thanks the ad hoc committee and many folks will take advantage of this. Down payment assistance will help with deposits on utilities , etc. It could be one

of the largest game changers for the city. Bredefeld:on 3-B what will happen with the 25(?) Staff:more capacity building and feasibility study.Permanent housing whether rental or homeownership. Phil Skye:To monitor the money given the Fresno Trust spends their money first. The

second half only occurs after the first 15 units are released and are successful in raising $2 M.
All three pass APPROVED 7-0

4-A RESOLUTION – Establishing the No Place Like Home Initiative (Subject to Mayor’s Veto) Soria makes MOTION This has four pillars and includes down payment assistance and Tiny Homes. $5 M is from ARPA funding and any/or other funding that is appropriate.The intent is to help the

middle class families afford the down payment too.Some criteria as home has to be primary residence and first time home.Arias:Some technical changes. Some concerned that those on limited income in SW Fresno may be priced out but this would allow a hub to draw down from.

Chavez:the tiny homes interest me. I would like each District to decide what parcels could use tiny homes and have them citywide.Who has the capacity to build these locally? @MayorJerryDyer The down payment assistance program can have other assistance on top of this. $2.4 M from

one source and another $1.6 M on top in 2023.Soria:there is an income gap so we need to fill the space there. There are lots of banks helping the lower income so we don’t want to duplicate that portion. PLHA has a 6 person at $84,000 limit. Dyer:we need to find $1 M for that gap.

In One Fresno Strategy we have $900,000 state money, $5 Million from Federal all for Tiny Homes and services.Arias:the Tiny Homes offset improvements we would like to see covered.Chavez:National League of Cities are offering Tiny Homes in a rental form (?) Dyer:City College and

another firm actually build the Tiny Homes. Arias:We would like the people be able to buy the tiny homes and have more connection to the neighborhood. Maxwell:These homeowners cannot turn around immediately sell the home, rent it out or make it an Air B n B.White:not much meat

here.Arias:we will need to have contracts to come back.Bredefeld:How much ARPA dollars are left? Arias:$40 M for housing.Bredefeld:$15,000 for downpayment is not much. Arias:there will be others to fill the gap.Soria: 3% down with homes $375. Forgivable after 5 years.

Foreclosed on if they don’t pay. Bredefeld:using general fund concerns me. Soria:they are the most flexible.Dyer:B of A gives $17,000 with no upper limit. On the other programs we brought before it is a total of $9.72 and with today’s it will be $20 M of allocated.We know the

cost of Tiny Homes with $200,000 to be developed. Bredefeld:I won’t pick a parcel in my http://District.How are picking these parcels? Arias:I looked at which sites are owned by City. It is time consuming.Gundy:for every dollar we spend it will eat into the 7000 affordable

homes. Phil Skye: site selection of Tiny Homes need to be on City owned land.There is a process and Terri Cox has compiled those parcels.Second:are there wells on the site? We would then bring it to Council to approve as Surplus. Bredefeld: we all want to help homeless but there

unintended consequences.We don’t know who in surrounding area will object or will the new homeowner have issue in their tiny home. Sky:we need a developer too.Soria:it will all come to Council for approval. Bredefeld:what is a community resource ? Arias: a place to get assistance

for downpayment. We are building Market Rate homes next year in West Fresno. We don’t want to displace long time renters though. PUBLIC COMMENT: @fresnocreative This is really exciting. We hope these are in high resource areas to help people http://succeed.Next (In Spanish)

Translation :Directed to Bredefeld: Unfortunately we are all low income and we fight day to day to survive but please have faith in us.I was insulted by his comments.@LisaYFlores1 I would love to live in a Tiny Home and I wish it was in Bredefeld’s district so I could be his

constituents .Fresno is on to something big here.They could have different themes like Vets near VA or land near Fresno State. Garry needs a more Christian attitude. Hope VA lol dez:I was wondering about the SW Tiny Homes. @GarryBredefeld For item #1 a homeless addicted person

wouldn’t be able to get the downpayment and buy a home.Soria:there are income qualifications so not easy buying a house.Bredefeld:some get government checks and could qualify.Soria:they need to go through home buying education process.There are hurdles to be buying a home.

Dyer:I want to be sure all of you got the report. Matthew says we met with developers, DRC is optional, redline in (?) We can reduce time for developers with permitting etc Chavez:there was a study Clovis planners did by Orlando. Can the entire Council get that?Soria: Sikh have

been waiting a year and a half to get an outdoor shelter approved. Dyer:I have found the builder didn’t get all the info needed.Lots of departments work on it and not just Planning.APPROVED 6-0 with Karbassi absent

5-C CONSIDER PUBLIC EMPLOYEE APPOINTMENT – Government Code Section 54957(b): Consider the appointment, employment, evaluation of performance, discipline, or dismissal of a public employee. Title: City Controller.

NOVEMBER 17, 2022 – 9:00 A.M.
DECEMBER 1, 2022 – 9:00 A.M.

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