Registered voters should be receiving their ballots now and can mail in or drop off at designated vote centers through Nov. 8, 2022. Credit: Von Balanon

Good morning! It’s Dani Bergstrom, policy editor here.

At long last, we are excited to share our voter guide with you all!

We’ve spent the last several weeks combing through candidates’ websites, news archives, and recent debates to learn more about candidates’ biographical information, general policy positions, and key endorsements. 

We also gathered the candidates’ scorecards from California Environmental Voters and the Chamber of Commerce, when available, to show how the incumbent candidates are viewed by leading lobbyist groups representing business and the environment.

We’ve reported on and researched several ballot measures, including the big two transportation sales taxes – Measure C for Fresno County, and Measure T for Madera County.

And of course, we are showing you the money, one of our favorite pastimes. After a while, the policy positions all start to sound the same, and we want to make sure you know who or which groups have an interest in getting people (or ballot measures) supported.

Check out our guide below, and share with your friends! (And for state races and propositions, check out our friends at CalMatters’ excellent voter guide here.)

(If you end up using our guide to help you fill out your ballot, please tag us on Instagram or on Twitter @fresnoland – we’d love to share it.)

The Fresno and Madera County November 2022 Voter Guide

Federal and State Legislative Races

Fresno County

Madera County

PS: This was a huge team effort, with the support of our Fresnoland editorial team – Dympna Ugwu-Oju, Gregory Weaver, Heather Halsey Martinez, Danielle Bergstrom – along with Fresnoland/Fresno Bee reporter Melissa Montalvo, Fresno Bee reporter Laura Diaz, former Fresnoland reporter Cassandra Garibay, and freelance designer Von Balanon. If you find this helpful, please consider a donation to support our work, as Fresnoland relies on donations from our community to keep this work going.

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