The Fresno and Madera County November 2022 Voter Guide

What residents of Fresno and Madera Counties need to know to vote in California’s Nov. 8 General Election – from candidates to local ballot measures.

Credit: Von Balanon

It’s that time again – to choose who we want to represent our communities in local and state government and in Congress.

These are big roles: deciding how to spend billions of public money, making new laws, and advocating for resources and policies that will improve where we live. Everything from affordable housing, to health care, to policing and parks is at stake.

We’ve created a guide to some of the big local races in Fresno and Madera Counties. (For state races, you should definitely check out the nonpartisan guide from CalMatters.)

Do you have questions about how to vote, or where to vote in Fresno and Madera Counties? Check out our voter FAQ here for answers to common questions.

How we created it

The Fresnoland team – along with Fresnoland/Fresno Bee reporter Melissa Montalvo and Fresno Bee reporter Laura Diaz – gathered biographical information, general policy positions, and key endorsements from candidates’ websites, news reports, and recent debates. We also gathered the candidates scorecards from California Environmental Voters and the Chamber of Commerce, when available, to show how the incumbent candidates are viewed by leading lobbyist groups representing business and the environment.

Fresnoland reporter Gregory Weaver also compiled donation data from local, state, and federal campaign finance portals and organized donations by the type of donor.