At its Wednesday meeting, the Fresno Planning Commission delayed a decision on a Fig Garden nursing facility and learned about Fresno County's multi-jurisdictional housing element update, which is now open for public comment.

July 19, 2023 — Fresno Planning Commission

Documented by Ntsa Iab Vang

What happened: At its Wednesday meeting, the Fresno Planning Commission voted to continue discussion of an appeal of Congregate Life Health Facility‘s application for a conditional use permit to the Sept. 6 meeting after hearing opposition from several residents.

Residents cited concerns about traffic, parking, noise and lighting for the proposed skilled nursing facility on West Bullard Avenue between North Van Ness Boulevard and North Forkner Avenue.

The facility will be operated by Infinite Living as a Medi-Cal-based program to provide 24/7 care for critical and acute patients, said company president Jason Andrade.

Irvin Marquez spoke in favor of the facility, saying that it will be used for eligible seniors and keep them from being transported to other cities “far away from family.”

And also: A workshop was presented on the Fresno County Multi-Jurisdictional Housing Element, which is an eight-year housing plan spanning Dec. 31, 2023, through Dec. 31, 2031, that must consider the housing needs of all economic segments of the community, as required by state law.

The county’s housing element is now open for public comment and several community workshops are planned in July and August. The public comment period opened July 17 and runs through Aug. 16, 2023.

More information about workshops and the housing element is available here. Written comments can be submitted in person, via e-mail at or by mail to: ATTN: Michelle Zumwalt, Planning and Development Department, City of Fresno, 2600 Fresno St., Room 3065, Fresno, CA 93721

Up next: The Fresno Planning Commission is scheduled to meet again on Aug. 16.

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