At its Wednesday meeting, the Fresno Planning Commission moved forward the Central Southeast Fresno specific plan, which includes the development of affordable housing, commercial projects, and other community-building amenities.

May 31, 2023 — Fresno Planning Commission

Documented by Anthony Corda

What happened: The Fresno Planning Commission held a special meeting Wednesday to hear public comments on the Central Southeast Fresno Specific Plan, which were largely supportive.

The commissioners voted unanimously to move forward the plan that includes the development of affordable housing, commercial projects and other community-building amenities in the area spanning across the Kings Canyon corridor, former University Medical Center hospital site and the Fresno Fairgrounds.

Only one person spoke in opposition to the plan, Anna DeLeon, who said the area is already busy enough. She voiced concerns about the rezone pushing mom-and-pop businesses out of the community.

Project Manager Drew Wilson said that residents and business owners in the area had spoken in favor of the project at community meetings and were looking forward to the opportunities that it could bring to the area. 

John Kinsey from Donaghy Sales said that the beverage distributor had been taken out of the plan area and put in the South Central specific plan. Kinsey said that they would like to remain in the Central Southeast area plan, as they have a great connection with Calwa Park and have funded numerous improvements and programs for the park. 

Carla Martinez, a policy advocate with the Leadership Counsel for Justice & Accountability, spoke in favor of the plan, saying that it reflects the priorities and concerns that resident leaders have voiced for years. 

Up next: The Fresno Planning Commission is scheduled to meet again on June 7.

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