Why it matters?

Kerman residents can utilize the city's pre-approved plans to build an accessory dwelling unit on their property. Recent state legislation aimed at increasing housing stock streamlined the process to build ADUs, which may be rented to provide additional housing for the community.

Notetaking by Trong Yang

Here’s what you need to know

  • The Kerman City Council met on Nov. 9, 2022 and approved adoption of a pre-approved Accessory Dwelling Unit Standard Plans Program and Homeowner’s Guide.
  • The council also awarded the contract for the Well No. 14 Emergency Generator to James Day Construction, Inc. dba Coastal Mountain Electric in the amount of $899,989.00
  • The council also approved the deferral of development impact fees for Aloo, LLC, with fees for a total of $98,455.63.

Follow-up questions

  • A special meeting is to be commenced before the regular scheduled council meeting on Dec. 14, 2022, but a date has not been chosen yet. How will the public be notified about the next special meeting?


  • Gary Yep, Mayor – present
  • Ismael Herrera, Mayor Pro Tem – present
  • Bill Nijjer, Council Member – present
  • Jennifer Coleman, Council Member – present
  • Kevin Nehring, Council Member – present
  • All council members are present in the chambers
  • City Manager John Jansons present via Zoom
  • Mayor Yep called the meeting to order at 6 p.m.
  • Pledge of Allegiance led by City Clerk Marci Reyes at 6:02 p.m.
  • No changes to the agenda
  • Presentation: Economic Development Corporation – Good Jobs 4 The Central Valley presented by Will Oliver, VP of Business Services and Jackie Cuevas, Business Expansion and Retention Coordinator
    • Federal Department of Commerce announced several new programs using funds from the American Rescue Plan
    • One of those is to the U.S. Good Jobs challenge
    • $500 million available to organizations and municipalities to come up with short term and long term training opportunities pathways based on industry needs and working with job seekers
    • Awarded $23 million to support training for 2,500 job placements within four in-demand sectors: Business Services, Construction, Manufacturing and Transportation across four counties: Fresno, Kings, Madera and Tulare
    • EDA good jobs challenge purpose:
      • Grow regional economies through training programs that meet existing and emerging employers’ needs and help workers obtain and retain high-quality jobs
      • Partnerships result in demand-driven (employer-driven) workforce ecosystems linking economic development, workforce development, educational institutions and social services
    • Phases:
      • Program Design funding for sectoral partnerships to identify the skills needed by industry and workers, develop training curriculum, secure technical expertise needed to train workers, and secure employer hiring commitments (now to early 2023) 
      • Program Implementation funding to deliver workforce training and wrap-around services that place workers into quality high jobs through new or expanded sectoral partnerships (2023 through 2025)
  • Kerman Chamber of Commerce addressed the council
    • President and VP thanks City Manager John Jansons for his presentation during their meeting

Actions/Discussions/Public comment

  • In the consent calendar, the council (5-0) unanimously approved the item as follow:
    • Subject A: Minutes of October 26, 2022
      • Council approved minutes as presented
    • Subject B: Payroll Report 09/18/22 – 10/01/22: $175,096.04; Retro Pay & Other: $2,839.97;  Overtime: $11,867.83; Standby: $1,251.97: Comp Time  Earned: 25.80
      • Council approved payroll as presented
    • Subject C: Warrants 1. Nos. 25338-25397 $418,079.32 ACH $83,761.61
      • Council approved warrants and electronic bank transfers as presented
    • Subject D: Remote City Council Meetings Under New Brown Act Requirements (AB 361)
      • Council by motion (5-0) adopted resolution reauthorizing remote teleconference public meetings by the city council and all boards, commissions, and standing committees of the city in accordance with Assembly Bill 361
    • Motioned by Councilmember Nehring, seconded by Councilmember Nijjer
  • Public Hearings:
    • Subject A: Tentative Parcel Map 2022-01, Shakti Land Investments
    • Council Adopt a Resolution Approving Tentative Parcel Map 2022-01, APN: 023-220-78S and Associated Finding of Exemption Under Public Resources Code Section 21083.3 and CEQA Guidelines Section 15183 
    • Motioned to approve by Councilmember Nijjer, seconded by Councilmember Nehring 
    • The council approved, 5-0
  • Department Reports:
    • Subject A: User and Regulatory Fee Study Outcomes and Recommendations
      • The council (5-0) accepted the report as presented
    • Subject B: Authority for Deferral of Impact Fees for Commercial Development and Approval of Agreement with Aloo, LLC for Deferral of Development Impact Fees for Site Plan Review 2021-10, Until Certificate of Occupancy
      • Action Item 1: Authorize deferral of Impact Fees for Commercial Development
      • Action Item 2: Approve an agreement for Deferral of Development Impact Fees between the City of Kerman and Aloo, LLC
        • Permit Fees: $13,707.06
        • DIF: $80,132.97
        • Balance: $93,840.03
        • Total Fees: $98,455.63
      • The council (5-0) motioned to adopt the two resolutions
    • Subject C: Pre-Approved Accessory Dwelling Unit Standard Plans Program and Homeowner’s Guide
      • Council (5-0) approved a Resolution Adopting Pre-Approved Accessory Dwelling Unit Standard Plans Program and Homeowner’s Guide
    • Subject D: Budget Adjustments for 1st Quarter Fiscal Year 2022-2023
      • Adopted on June 22, 2022 with the General Fund deficit of $3,741,109
    • Subject E: Award of Contract for the Well No. 14 Emergency Generator to James Day Construction, Inc. dba Coastal Mountain Electric
      • Council (5-0) adopt resolution awarding the contract for the Well No. 14 Emergency Generator to James Day Construction, Inc. dba Coastal Mountain Electric in the amount of $899,989.00
      • Motioned by Council Member Nehring, second by Council member Nijjer
    • Subject F: Consideration of Special Called Meeting
      • Teleconference public meetings are valid for 30 days, but the meeting on the 23rd is canceled – so the next council meeting will be on Dec. 14, 2022
      • Requested a special meeting to pass a resolution that can extend the 30 days
      • More information will be given later
      • Only the council will be present in the chambers, but the meeting will still be public via Zoom
  • City Manager/Staff Communications
    • Budget reports every six months is a bit complicated – instituted that quarterly reports will be presented instead
      • More manageable and more transparency
    • Gordon Pacheco has been appointed the superintendent for Kerman Unified School District
    • Chief Henry, North Central Fire District will be present at Kerman’s executive management team meeting
    • Pancake Breakfast event at the community center
      • Kerman’s Public Works Department took 1st place for the scarecrow contest
  • The meeting adjourned at 8:07 p.m.

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