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  • The Fresno County Planning Commission met on Oct. 27 and moved forward by a 5-1 vote a rezone from limited agriculture to general industrial for a 19.98-acre parcel on Maple and American Avenues. The owner plans to build a commercial truck maintenance facility on 2.12 acres of the parcel, which only requires light industrial zoning rather than the general industrial zoning they are pursuing. The industrial rezone will now go before the board of supervisors. 
  • The commissioners denied (3-2) a request from residents in the Fig Garden area county island to build two storage buildings on their property at Palm and Maroa Avenues, due to size and complaints from neighbors.
  • The commissioners also approved the installation of a new AT&T tower with up to 12 antennas near the unincorporated community of Biola. 

Follow-up questions

  • What are the next steps for the homeowners who were denied approval to build large storage units/garage on their property? 
  • How much weight can commissioners give to neighbors’ concerns/disapproval? 


No consent agenda items. 


This portion of the meeting is reserved for persons desiring to address the planning commission on any matter within the commission’s jurisdiction and not on this agenda.

  • None

Item 2 – Consider and Adopt the 2023 Planning Commission Meeting Calender

Item 3 – AMENDMENT APPLICATION NO. 3846, SITE PLAN REVIEW APPLICATIONS NO. 8226, and INITIAL STUDY NO. 8045 filed by ART LANCASTER proposing to allow the rezoning of a 19.98-acre parcel from the existing AL-20 (Limited Agricultural; 20-acre minimum parcel size) Zone District to the M-2 (General Industrial) Zone District, and approve a Site Plan Review for a commercial truck maintenance facility with related improvements on a 2.12-acre portion of the subject parcel.

  • Public comment (owner of adjacent property): In support, believes the presented project is a good fit for the area and will be needed if they plan on increasing construction/trucks in the area
  • Passed 5-1(two  absent votes)

Item 4 – DIRECTOR REVIEW AND APPROVAL APPLICATION NO. 4714 filed by JEFFREY T. ROBERTS proposing to allow approximately 1,168 square feet of aggregate area for accessory buildings in the required side yards, where a maximum of 500 square feet of aggregate area are allowed; to accommodate an existing detached storage building and two proposed detached garages, on a 0.78-acre parcel in the R-1-B(nb)(Single Family Residential, 12,500 square-foot minimum parcel size, Neighborhood Beautification Overlay) Zone District.

  • Staff Report:
  • Presentation:
  • Applicant speaking: concur with the staff recommendation of approval
  • Request made because they do a lot of mechanical work in their spare time and would like to use this space for personal storage. Says there are similar buildings in the neighborhood and will be built to match existing architectural style.
  • Reyna Roberts (property owner): In support
    • Previous construction approved in 2021
    • Argues that they are not doing anything illegally, they are trying to do things the right way and get permission. Other nearby neighbors have similar buildings or storage units.
  • Did not pass 3-2 (two absent votes)

Item 5 –  UNCLASSIFIED CONDITIONAL USE PERMIT APPLICATION NO. 3741 and INITIAL STUDY NO. 8229 filed by TOM JOHNSON proposing to allow the installation of a new 135-foot tall self-support lattice tower with up to twelve (12) panel antennas, (15) remote radio units (RRUs), and (3) surge suppressors on a 4.19-acre parcel within the AE-20 (Exclusive Agricultural, 20-acre minimum parcel size) Zone District. As part of this installation there will be a new equipment enclosure that will accommodate the radio cabinets and backup generator adjacent to this tower. Lease area is anticipated to be 875 square feet.


Report from staff on prior agenda Items, status of upcoming agenda, and miscellaneous matters.

  • Contact, David Randall (559) 600-4052, email:

Meeting Adjourned at 10:29 a.m. 

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