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Here’s what you need to know

  • The Kerman City Council met on Oct. 26 and received a presentation from Fresno County on its $4.2 million award from the HOME American Rescue Plan and CDBG activities, which must primarily benefit low-to moderate-income residents. 
  • A new officer will be joining the City of Kerman Police Department.
  • The council approved the award of a contract to Cal Valley Construction, Inc. for Vineland Ave. rehabilitation from California Avenue to Kearney Boulevard. Some of the roads in the area will be dug out and replaced.

Follow-up questions

  • Why are vendors getting charged for temporary use permits and possible fire expenses all of a sudden?


  • The meeting took place on Oct. 26, 2022 at 6 p.m. The meeting was made available via Zoom and in-person
  • The agenda was available on the official City of Kerman website
  • City Council
    • Gary Yep, Mayor – Present in the chambers
    • Ismael Herrera, Mayor Pro Tem – Absent
    • Bill Nijjer, Council Member – Present in the chambers
    • Jennifer Coleman, Council Member – Present via Zoom
    • Kevin Nehring, Council Member – Present in the chambers
  • Mayor Yep called the meeting to order at 6:01 p.m.
  • Pledge of Allegiance led by Marci at 6:03 p.m.
  • Agenda Approval/Additions/Deletions
    • Item 5C2: SUBJECT: Warrants
      • Exceptions. CK #25308 $99.00
      • Not accepted; goes to item 2C1
    • Motion to approve clarifications in the agenda by Mayor Yep, seconded by Council Member Nijjer 
  • HOME ARP Funding and County CDBG/HOME Programs 
  • Ceremonial Matters
    • Officer Anthony Anderson 
    • New Code enforcing officer 
    • Servicing the city Wednesdays through Fridays, sometimes Saturdays
  • Consent Calendar
  • Award of Contract for the Vineland Ave. Rehabilitation – California to Kearney, 
  • Meeting adjourned 7:21 p.m.

Actions/Discussions/Public comment

  • HOME ARP Funding and County CDBG/HOME Programs – Yvette Quiroga, Fresno County Department of Public Works (JAJ)
    • County of Fresno received $4.2 million (American Rescue Plan) ARP allocations to fund programs or projects that assist qualifying populations
      • Homeless, risk of homelessness and other vulnerable populations
    • Eligible Activities (can use the money for…)
      • Tenant Based Rental Assistance (TBRA)
      • Acquisition Development of Non-Congregate Shelter (NCS) or Rental Units
      • Supported Services 
        • Services to assist eligible households transitions to and maintain a more appropriate housing 
          • Case management
          • Mental health counseling
          • Substance abuse counseling
    • Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) activities
      • Water and sewer system improvements
      • Storm drain improvements
      • Other public work improvements such as sidewalks and streets
      • Neighborhood facilities and community centers
      • Parks and recreational facilities
      • American with Disabilities Act (ADA) improvements
      • Residential and commercial building rehabilitation
      • Community-based public services
    • All activities must primarily benefit low-and-moderate-income people
    • Housing and Development
      • Housing programs have assisted 51 households in Kerman, assisting first-time homebuyers and homeowners needing housing rehabilitation
      • A total of $2,087,000 of housing program funds have been invested to assist individual Kerman homeowners
      • $5,184,000 in HOME funds invested for six multifamily housing developments in Kerman
      • A new affordable housing development was recently completed with assistance of HOME funds
  • Consent Calendar
    • Exceptions CK #25308 $99.00
    • CK #25314 $700.00
    • CK #25315 $21,342.92
    • Motion to approve Consent Calendar by Mayor Yep, passes 4-0
    • Motion to exclude CK #25308 by Council member Nijjer, second by Council member Coleman, passes 3-0 with recusal 
  • Department Reports
    • Request for community services funding – Kerman Floral & Gifts (MR)
    • $360.00 for the temporary use permits and possible fire expense
    • Passed 4-0
  • Award of Contract for the Vineland Ave. Rehabilitation – California to Kearney
    • Federal Project No. STPL-5291(029) to Cal Valley Construction, Inc.
    • The city received Federal Transportation Block Grant
    • Areas will be dug out and replaced
    • Adopt resolution awarding the contract for the Vineland Ave. Rehabilitation- California to Kearney, Federal Project No. STPL-5291(029) to Cal Valley Construction, Inc. in the amount of $570,211.00 and authorize the City Manager to sign the contract
      • Approve my council member Nijjer, second by council member Nehring, passed 4-0
  • Meeting adjourned 7:21

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