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Here’s what you need to know:

  • The first redistricting meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, Dec. 8 at 5:30 p.m.

  • The Council approved to award the SB-1 Street Improvements to Don Berry Construction in the amount of $658,969.20. The money is generated through the fuel tax as well as a portion of vehicle fees that is then redistributed to municipalities to improve, maintain, and complete street improvements. This project includes repairing ADA curb, bicycle lane, pavement, sidewalk and repairing the crosswalks. 

  • The Council approved to authorize a contract amendment with Tyler Technologies for conversion assistance with a third party vendor, Koa Hills, for the cost of $80,640. This will occur in multiple phases and be paid out in several fiscal years.

Purpose of Agency:

The five City Council members are elected at large to serve four-year, overlapping terms. Municipal elections are held in November of even-numbered years. Council selects one of its members to serve as the Mayor, who presides at meetings and represents the City in all official matters and at official functions. Councilmembers do not spend all day at City Hall; they have regular jobs like everyone else. The variety of experience they bring to meetings helps them as a group to make wise decisions. 

Lemoore City Council Board Member Duties

The City Council is responsible for approving all legislation and formulating City policies. The Council’s objectives are broad and include translating public attitudes and service requirements into policies and programs, so that desired levels of service can be provided efficiently and economically. The Council keeps abreast of current State and Federal legislation. By participation in the League of California Cities, Council members are able to compare policies, techniques and procedures with other cities throughout the state. Close liaison is maintained with other Kings County elected officials to ensure that Lemoore’s policies and programs are coordinated with other public agencies. 

Lemoore City Council Board Members

  • Stuart Lyons, Mayor and Council Member for District A

  • Patricia Matthews, Mayor Pro Tem and Council Member for District E

  • Jim Chaney, Council Member for District B

  • Frank Gornick, Council Member for District C

  • David Orth, Council Member for District D

The Scene

The Lemoore City Council meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 16, 2021 by Mayor Stuart Lyons. The meeting was streamed live virtually through Zoom, where three other participants joined the meeting virtually. The in-person meeting consisted of the five council members, which included Mayor Stuart Lyons, and Councilmembers Patricia Matthews, Jim Chaney, Frank Gornick, and David Orth. City Staff and contract employees also present included City Manager Olson, Assistant City Manager Speer, Police Chief Kendall, City Attorney Lerner, Public Works Director Rivera, and City Clerk Avalos. The Zoom camera was directed towards the Council, where City Council Members were visible. The Councilmembers did not wear masks during the meeting. 

Public Comment

  • Filipinos of Kings County. “We would like to invite you to our Christmas Celebration for Saturday, December 4 from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. The event is free and will be held at Heritage Park in Lemoore. Traditional Filipino food will be part of the celebration, along with Filipino dances, music and Christmas spirit.”    

  • Ben Price: “I am a resident here. We got information that clean sweepings will be enforced on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I wanted to ask why that was changed since it hasn’t been enforced before. We did get a courtesy notification from the police department so we do appreciate that.”

  • Resident: “Can we look into the toilets at Heritage Park? There’s no water and it’s not flushable.”

Ceremonial / Presentation

There were no ceremonial presentations. 

Department and City Manager Reports

  • Assistant City Manager Michelle Speer: “Just a reminder tomorrow morning is our employee appreciation breakfast. Council, join us between 5:30 – 6 a.m. to help cook the breakfast in the recreation center kitchen. Also, we are required by law to go through the redistricting process. We will have our first meeting for this on Wednesday, December 8 at 5:30pm. Just a reminder that City offices are closed November 25 and 26 for the Thanksgiving holiday.”

  • Public Works Director Frank Rivera: “We still have equipment delays for plasma units. They will not arrive until late January as they are hung up in the harbor.

  • City Manager Olson: “January 4 is our first meeting of the year. We are looking to cancel December 21, which is during Christmas week.”

Consent Calendar

The Council unanimously voted to approve all 8 agenda items on the consent calendar.

  • 3-1: Approval – Minutes – Regular Meeting – October 19, 2021

  • 3-2: Approval – Second Reading – Ordinance 2021-08 – Adding Chapter 1.5 to Title 4 of the Lemoore Municipal Code Implementing Mandatory Organic Waste Disposal Reduction – SB 1383

  • 3-3 Approval – Resolution 2021-28 – Authorizing Continued Use of Remote Teleconferencing Provisions (AB 361)

  • 3-4 Approval – Resolution 2021-29 – Review and Renew the Declaration of a Local Emergency, and the Related Declarations and Orders Therin. 

  • 3-5 Approval – Bid Award – SB-1 Street Improvement – CIP 5018 

  • 3-6 Approval – Bid Award – Water Treatment Plant Chemicals 

  • 3-7 Approval – Tyler Technologies Contract Amendment for Conversion Services

  • 3-8 Approval – Agreement between the City of Lemoore and AdEdge for Methane Remediation

Public Hearing

There was no public hearing. 

New Business

There was no new business. 

Brief City Council Reports and Request

  • Council Member Orth: “I would like to congratulate the firefighter and police officer of the year. I personally thank them both for their work and dedication to the city. Thank the fire and police departments for all you do, as well as staff. I think tomorrow’s event will be good. We will be putting an ad hoc committee together, so if you would like to participate, we will put the information on the city’s Facebook page.”

  • Council Member Gornick: “I wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving.” 

  • Councilmember Chaney: “I want to thank all city employees for your work. I also want to thank the police department and firefighters for their work.” 

  • Mayor Pro Tem Matthews: “We have a food giveaway at Lightway Church on the 24th of this month. Please show up before 9 a.m. as we run out of food by then. For the Veterans 3K and Walk event, we had about 200 people sign up. The Veterans Day Parade was a huge success. The Christmas Float Parade in downtown is coming up. I would like to give my unofficial Awesome Human Award to Chief Kendall. He is second to none and has done a great job in protecting our community.” 

  • Mayor Lyons: “I want to thank the city staff, fire department, and police department. I was pleasantly shocked to see all the people out there. It was a great feeling to have the Veterans Parade. The Christmas tree raising will be from 12 – 4 p.m. so bring a chair and watch it be set up.”


With no further discussion, Mayor Lyons adjourned the City Council meeting at 8:13 p.m.  

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