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Purpose of Agency

Parlier is a general law City governed by a five-member City Council and operates under the City Council-City Manager form of government. Four council members are elected by their respective district and the Mayor is elected at large. The City Manager is appointed by the City Council. 

Parlier City Council Board Member Duties

Council members are the leaders and policy makers elected to represent various segments of the community and to concentrate on policy issues that are responsive to citizens’ needs and wishes. The City Manager is appointed by the City Council to carry out policy and ensure that the entire community is being served. Parlier City Administrator, Sonia Hall, handles the City’s day-to-day business with an “open-door policy” to community residents and businesses, where comments, concerns and suggestions are always welcome.

Parlier City Council Board Members

  • Alma Beltran, Mayor

  • Sabrina Rodriguez, Council Member District 1

  • Trinidad Pimentel, Mayor Pro Tem and Council Member District 2

  • Cathryn “Kathy” Solorio, Council Member District 3

  • Diane Maldonado, Council Member District 4

The Scene

The Parlier City Council meeting was called to order at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, February 4 by Mayor Alma Beltran. The meeting was streamed live virtually through Facebook and Zoom, where a total of five participants showed up throughout the night on Zoom. The viewers for Facebook are unknown. The in-person meeting consisted of the five council members, including the Major (Alma Beltran), Mayor Pro Tem and Council Member District 2 (Trinidad Pimental), Council Members 1, 3 and 4 (Sabrina Rodriguez, Cathryn “Kathy” Solorio, and Diane Maldonado). City Clerk Dorothy Garza, Treasurer Michelle Lopez, Police Chief Jose Garza, and approximately 12 community members were also present. The camera was directed towards the podium, where a TV monitor displayed those on Zoom. Everyone shown at the meeting wore a mask and practiced social distancing as best as they could given the room layout of the meeting. 

City Council Board Meeting Agenda

  1. Call to Order/Welcome

    1. Roll Call

  2. Flag Salute

  3. Invocation

  4. Additions/Deletions

  5. Presentations/Informational

  6. Public Comment

  7. Consent Calendar

    1. Approve the Check Reports dated January 16, 2021 to January 28, 2021

    2. Approve the Minutes dated Regular Meeting January 21, 2020

  8. Regular Business

    1. Consideration and Necessary Action to conduct a public hearing for this item and, through Resolution No. 2021-06, Adopt the Parlier 1, 2, 3 TCP Removal Treatment System Project CEQA Addendum take the following action:

      1. Mayor Beltran to open Public Hearing

      2. Public input/testimony for or against

      3. Mayor Beltran to close Public Hearing

    2. Consideration and Necessary Action on the Parlier Home Solar Program

  9. Swearing in Ceremony

  10. Public Comment on Closed Session

  11. Closed Session

  12. Brief Comments: Council Communications/Comments

  13. Adjournment 

Additional information regarding the City Council’s meeting agenda

The meeting opened with a project proposition from a Boy Scout. The Boy Scout is pursuing Eagle Scout status so he proposed a project in which he showcases leadership skills through a community service project that benefits his city, in this case Parlier. In honor of Parlier’s only fallen officer, the Parlier Boys Scouts would host a ceremony to honor the officer Michael Avila and his service. The City Council applauded the Boy Scout for his leadership and initiative in helping out his community. “The adults see the youth getting involved in the community and police department”, stated one councilwoman. 


  • Philip Romero, an engineer, was not present to give an update on the Street Project Bids. A City Council member took the opportunity to comment about the Street Project Bids, which council members questioned how long the project has been going, why it was taking long, and that it needs to be consistent since the north side had not be finished yet, but the south side was going to be worked on in the meantime. 

Public Comment:

  • Humberto Gomez, Sr., a resident of Parlier, said he would like an update on the CARES Act funds. He spoke some English and tried to communicate his frustration with the lack of care from the City Council regarding the distribution of the CARES Act funds. He acknowledged that he is the only one present and that the City of Parlier needs to do a better job at notifying its residents regarding important issues, such as this one. The Council said they cannot force anyone to attend the meetings, that the meetings are live streamed through Facebook and Zoom. 

Consent Calendar: motion caries, 5 yes. 

  • (5-0) Approved the Check Reports dated January 16, 2021 to January 28, 2021

  • (5-0) Approved the Minutes dated Regular Meeting January 21, 2020. 

Regular Business:

  • The recommendation is to approve the Addendum to the Mitigated Negative Declaration for the Parlier 1, 2, 3 TCP Removal Treatment System Project (State Clearinghouse #20190391662) and adopt Resolution 2021-06 The Parlier 1, 2, 3 TCP Removal Treatment System Project CEQA Addendum. Humberto asked the council members to host a public hearing on this issue since he states that the residents of Parlier are drinking contaminated water. He believes he is the only one that cares about this issue since he’s the one making an effort to show up to the meetings and there are only a few residents present. “I am willing to help you guys out, we need to work together,“ stated Humberto. Mayor Beltran then stated “This is the beginning stage of what we need to do, this is the process we need to follow the law. And yes, we do care. We also drink the water, but we cannot move fast enough without the approval from the State.” Again, Humebrto expressed his frustration with the lack of communication between the City Council and the residents of Parlier. 

  • The City Council voted to table the Consideration and Necessary Action on the Parlier Home Solar Program for February 18th. 

Swearing-In Ceremony:

  • Police Chief Jose Garza then made introductions about the officers for the Swearing-In Ceremony. “Good evening to the council, community members, those on Zoom and social media. I was tasked to come into the Parlier Police Department and reduce crime and build trust. Today, we have reduced crime and have built trust with the community.” There were applauds for the positive news that was shared. Chief Garze then said that the funds were funded through Measure Q, which he expressed his gratitude for the support from the residents of Parlier in favor of funding the police department. Chief Garza then introduced officers Dylan Olson, Ciro Hernandez, Estevan Felix, and Lieutenant David Cerda. 

  • After the applause, Chief Garza announced the Pinning of the Badge, which were led by the friends and family members of the officers. After a few minutes of putting on the pins and exchange of congratulations, Dorothy Garza, the City Clerk, proceeded with the oath of office. Afterwards, the meeting took a pause to celebrate the Swearing-In Ceremony of the new Police Officers and Lieutenant with cake and refreshments. The break lasted approximately 25 minutes. Throughout the break, the newly sworn in officers were seen hugging and taking pictures with their family members and friends. The Chief fistpumped some people. Everybody still wore masks (unless they took pictures, in which case they took it off but put it back on after they were done) and practiced social distancing as best they could given the layout and size of the meeting room. Overall, the mood of the room lifted from the Swearing-In Ceremony. 

Public Comment: on Closed Session

  • The council offered a public comment on the Closed Session. Besides myself in the Zoom meeting, one other person was also present. Both of us had no questions so the council went to Closed Session regarding three action items: the Public Employment Pursuant to Government Code Section 54957 All Positions, Potential Litigation Pursuant to Government Code Section 54956.9 One (1) Case, and the Real Property Negotiations Pursuant to Government Code Section 54958 Consideration of Offer to Sell Cell Tower Site. 

Brief Comments: Council Communications/Communications & Adjournment 

  • After close session, the Zoom meeting ended at 7:46 p.m. Meeting must have adjourned right around this time since there was no one present in-person or on the Zoom meeting besides myself. The City Council turned off the Zoom meeting at this time. 


  • The council members are in support of the Boy Scout Project and the ceremony proposed to honor Michael Avila, the fallen officer. 

  • The council moved forward with approving the Addendum to the Mitigated Declaration for the Parlier 1, 2, 3 TCP Removal Treatment System Project (State Clearinghouse #20190391662) and adopt Resolution 2021-06 The Parlier 1, 2, 3 TCP Removal Treatment System Project CEQA Addendum. According to the state website, “The City of Parlier intends to construct a water treatment system designed to remove 1, 2, 3 – Trichloropropane (TCP) from the water system due to levels above State Water Board maximum permitted levels. This includes construction and installation of treatment trains, connecting pipelines, and related equipment. The project will occur on the existing water distribution system.

  • Three new Police Officers and one new Lieutenant were sworn in to protect the Parlier community and its residents, which the residents approved with the passing of Measure Q to fund these positions. 

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