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Here’s what you need to know

  • It is still up for debate as to whether or not it is feasible to move forward with a student housing project and potential funding as proposed at 1302 Fulton St. 
  • The HCV Homeownership Program will return in January 2024. It’s a program for low-income individuals who wish to own a home. 
  • Pathways to Homeownership is a program available for first-time homeowners that includes support and education on what it is to be a homeowner. 

Follow-up questions

  • Will the Student Housing Project ever come to fruition?
  • Will these programs help alleviate the housing crisis the Central Valley is currently facing?
  • When will these electric cars become available across Fresno?


-Cary Catalano – Present

-Valori Gallaher – Present

-Sophia Ramos – Present

-Amadeo Garcia – Present

Kyle Cheney – Late


Adrian Jones – Absent

Ruby Yanez – Present

Isaiah Green – Present

Areli Rios – Present

Emogene Nelson – Present

Sharon Williams – Present

Meeting started three minutes late. 

-Public Comment – None online. None in person

-Conflicts of interest – None 


Fresno Housing CEO Tyrone Roderick Williams provided updates on the agency: 

-Strategic planning process – 11 art gallery walks scheduled or completed. 

-Upcoming gallery walks – Maldonado Plaza, Fresno City, Park Grove 

-December board meeting event at 4 p. m. – Reception to be held downstairs. Mini gallery walk for the board and anyone else who wants to participate. 

-Food will be served. 

-Several meetings and planning sessions regarding the relaunch of the agency’s new nonprofit, “EdCorp.”

CalKids – Initiative through the state. Children receive money in the form of a 529 saving program. It’s like cash for kids to use for post-secondary education. 

-Out of 172,000 eligible children in Fresno County, only 8,000 have signed up. 

-In Fresno County, $75 million is left on the table for kids to go to college. 

-Visit with the Kresky Foundation. Kresky is the K in K-Mart. 

-Kresky has $4 billion in assets. They gave $2 million to the agency as a low- interest loan. 

-After the meeting and tour, they inquired about how they could collaborate further in the future. 

-Video about Commissioner Joey Fuentes’ son was shown. He’s been selected to compete in the Olympic trials. 

-City Commissioner and Vice Chair Sharon Williams shared about electric cars available in West Fresno and downtown. $35 gets you over 100 miles. 

-Bikes to come soon.

-Motion to pull items from the agenda.

-Commissioner made a motion to remove 6B. Two moved to approve. 

-Aug. 9 – Agency retreat

-Cheney and Gallagher moved to approve the new agency calendar. 

-Green and Yanez approved. 

Information Item A

2024 Agency Budget 

Deputy Executive Director Tammy Townsend and Nicole Diaz, director of financing and accounting, spoke:

-Projected Income: $1.7 Million

-Townsend said she is proud of her team because the process has been good. 

-There were developer fees they thought they were going to get in 2023; however they are coming in 2024. 

-Will ask for adoption in the budget in December. 

-Real estate development – Unrestricted net income $25,000 less than the budget.

-Housing Management’s budget did not perform as well as the previous budgets as there were maintenance issues and capital purchases. 

-11 positions were eliminated.

-Someone (unidentified) asked if the positions will be refilled.

-Townsend said many of the budgeted positions for 2023 were never filled. 

-Townsend said there have been resignations and retirements as well. 

-She said they will discuss it and if the position needs to be filled, they fill it. Townsend said they’re trying to be thoughtful regarding these decisions. 

-Human Resources is busy filling positions.

-Townsend also said the vacancy rate that was an issue in the past has slowed down. 

Catalano said that many of the positions have not been filled for years, so why should they continue to be budgeted?

Catalano said $1.6 million is coming in the next year. He told Tammy and the team that the new strategy is working well.

-Townsend said the budget is a “doable, reasonable budget” in terms of operating the agency. 

Next Steps

-Townsend said they feel as if they have the benefit of looking forward to the 2025 budget and can really give it a lot of consideration and thought. 

Public Comment: None.

8B – Update on Homeowner Initiatives 

Presenters: Housing Program Manager of the Housing Choice Voucher Program, Yolanda Kaiser and Senior Manager of Strategic Initiatives and Partnerships Tiffany Mangum

HCV Homeownership Program (Presented by Keiser)

-The program will return in January 2024.

-Created to assist low-income buyers to purchase a home. 

Allows qualified homebuyers to pay monthly mortgage payments for up to 15 years or longer.

-Must be a first-time home buyer (No family member has owned a home in the last three years.)

-One adult member in the home has been working 30+ hours for a certain number of months.  

-A family member is elderly or disabled. 

-Families are responsible for securing their own financing. 

-Knowledgeable lenders will be key to the success of the program.

-Families will find their own real estate agent and also hire an independent inspector.

-Once they qualify, families will receive funding.

-Applications are due to be received in January


Pathways to Homeownership  (Presented by Mangum) 

-The intention is to build a mortgage-ready pipeline for residents. 

-The endeavor of the program is to build economic independence for those who are usually left out.

-Pathways is a no-cost program for Fresno residents.

-The intention is to help potential homeowners become equipped, educated and ready as well as be informed about  what it means to be a homeowner. 

-Must be a Fresno Housing resident

-Must attend an orientation

-They will be put on a waitlist to get into the program.

-Will receive HUD-approved education.

-8 hour minimum.

-Will earn a downpayment certificate.

-Support services and education will be provided regarding homeownership.

-Over 2,200 applications received. 

-Less than 2% of those who applied have ever received homeowner education.

-For the orientation, a small cohort of 35 residents is intentional to make sure everyone can be assisted and to ensure no one falls through the cracks. 

-Unidentified male speaker said he received feedback from individuals who are thankful for being educated regarding homeownership and finances.


A woman asked if the Pathway program was created within the Housing Authority.

-Male speaker said yes but they do work in tandem with a third party. 

-An unidentified speaker asked what is on the property currently of Renaissance at Trinity.

-Christina Stokes Johnson of the Real Estate Development Department

confirmed there are 21 units and a community building. 

-Someone asked how much revenue will be generated.

-Johnson  said: “Not very much.” 

-Johnson explained future assets would come under sole ownership despite the price. 

Actions/Discussions/Public comment


  1. Authorization for purchase of the investor limited partners’ interest in Fresno Pacific Gardens, LP by the Housing Authority of the city of Fresno and Silvercrest inc. 

-Presenter: Johnson

-Pacific Gardens is worth several million dollars. 

-They are offering a buyout of interest at $75,000

-Recommendation is for the board to be allowed to move forward with the purchase.

-No comments online.

-No comments from the city side.

-Commissioner Yanez and Majane moved and seconded to approve. It passed unanimously..

-Funding comes from Fresno Housing Authority and Silvercrest (half-and-half) 

-Motion to approve by Gallaher and Ramos was approved unanimously. 

  1. Authorization for purchase of the investor limited partners’ interest in Fresno Renaissance at Trinity LP by the Housing Authority of the city of Fresno and SIlvercrest Inc. –
  2. Presenter: Johnson – Real Estate Development Department

-PNC Bank has accepted an offer to purchase this site for $75,000.

-Public Comment – None

-Board Comments

-Unidentified speaker asked what is on the property currently.

-Johnson said there are 21 units and a community building. 

-Unidentified speaker asked how much revenue will be generated.

-Johnson said: “Not very much.” 

-Johnson explained future assets would come under sole ownership despite the price. 

-This would allow for renovations to be done.

-Motion made by Rios and Green was passed unanimously. 

-County motion by Gallagher/Garcia approved unanimously.

  1. Authorization to record Regulatory Agreement for Housing Authority of Fresno County Loan to Wedgewood Villas located at 2415 5th St., Sanger. 

-Presenter: Christina Stokes Johnson – Real Estate Development Department

-Public Comment: None

-City moves to approve: Rios/Yanez; passed unanimously 

-County motion: Gallagher/Cheneyz; passed unanimously.

  1. Consideration of execution of Memorandum of Understanding with State Center Community College District regarding feasibility of student housing project and potential funding for property located at 1302 Fulton St., Fresno.

-Presenter: Johnson

-SCCCD put out an RFP for proposals from developers. Applied for AB 169 funds. 

-Sept. 22 SCCCD was awarded funding.

-Fresno Housing Authority became a collaborative.

-Gap in financing in the project. Will not pay for 100% of student housing.

-Would be at 1302 Fulton St., Fresno

-350 beds for students. 

-Students cannot make more than 50% of the median income. They will have one-year leases to make it easier on management. 

-Still discussing if it will be single or double occupancy. 

-Asking for approval to enter an MOU with the State Center Community College District.

A speaker said that the biggest concerns are the feasibility, learning what you don’t know and finding a pathway to move forward if possible.

-Is the path forward beneficial for one agency or both? 

-This would be a signature project and generational. 

Public Comment

-Eric Payne – They are monitoring the project. 

-Johnson said that the motion is solely to move forward in checking if this is feasible. 

-Female speaker (unidentified) spoke about various components, focusing on civil engineer work. She said $125,000 for a project like this is a lot of money but expressed that this is an important next step.

-City Comment 


-City Motion -Yanez and Greene

-City Motion – Cheney and Gallaher

-Both approved unanimously.

-It is unclear what the cost gap is for this project. 

Conversation highlight

  • “The intention is to make potential homeowners equipped, educated and ready as well as be informed as to what it means to be a homeowner.” Tiffany Mangum, senior manager of strategic initiatives and partnerships, talking about the Pathways to Homeownership Program. 

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