The Visalia City Council ratified a local emergency due to the threat of flooding caused by winter storms. Source: City of Visalia

March 20, 2023 — Visalia City Council

Documented by Jackie Schuster

What happened: The Visalia City Council ratified the Proclamation of Local Emergency that was declared on March 13, allowing the city to begin charting expenses for federal funds and accessing emergency resources.

The emergency was declared due to the existence of conditions of extreme peril to the safety of persons and property within the city caused by excessive past and expected rainfall and snowfall, resulting in uncontrolled waters coming from local rivers and stream.

And also: The council approved adding a new section to the city’s municipal code that requires people who own a catalytic converter to have documentation proving they own the converter or car it was attached to.

Violators caught with a catalytic convertor they can’t prove ownership for, could be charged with fines or imprisonment, as catalytic converter theft is a misdemeanor. 

Up next: The next Visalia City Council meeting will be held on Monday, April 3 in the City Council Chambers at 7 p.m.

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