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● The Fresno Housing Authority joint boards of commissioners met on January 24, 2023 to discuss the Mixed Finance Budget and approved several items, including a construction contract for Heritage Estates and an MOU with SEIU Local 521.

● CEO Tyrone Roderick Williams acknowledged and thanked the Real Estate Development
Department for leveraging $113 million for real estate projects alone in 2022.

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Thread for tonight's meeting.🏠 1/24: Fresno Housing Authority – Board of Commissioners Meeting @ 5:00 pm. Live-tweeting for @fresnoland.

➡️ Access the full agenda here:
🌐 Access the meeting via Zoom (link in the agenda).

Here is the agenda for today's meeting. The meeting will begin in about 35 minutes from now.

Meeting is now live!

Julie is acknowledged for her leadership during her years with the Fresno Housing Authority. The board congratulates her on her retirement. CEO Tyrone Roderick Williams presents her with an award.

CEO Williams acknowledges the Real Estate Development Department for leveraging $113,000,000 for real estate projects alone in the year of 2022.

No public comments were made for the board.

No potential conflicts of interest were made by commissioners.

CEO’s Report: CEO Williams says the mission has not changed since the pandemic has heavily affected the city. One of the most challenging aspects of last year has been recruiting, but Williams shares that positions are always being filled, especially in the fast changing market.

Commissioner's Report: Chair Jones shares that a survey was conducted and sent out to agencies all over the country to get a baseline with residency. Jones gives thanks to her colleagues.

Chair Catalano shares there will be a meeting with the general council for governmental structure in order to operate efficiently.

The consent agenda was approved.

Item 8a: An overview of the 2023 Mixed Finance Budget:

Item 9a: Consideration of Resolutions to Assign Designees and Authorize Officers/ Employees to Conduct Business on Behalf of Fresno Housing – MOTION APPROVED –

– MOTION APPROVED – Item 9b. Authorization to Award General Construction Contract – Heritage Estates.
Representatives from Yanez Construction gives their thanks to the FHA for the opportunity. CEO Williams shares that FHA will be working closely with YC for the outreach process.

– MOTION APPROVED – Item 9c. Approval of the MOU with the SEIU Local 521.

– MOTION APPROVED – Item 9d & 9e: County & City consideration of the Submission of the Section-Eight Management Assessment Program (SEMAP) Certification.

Comparisons of previous two years for the HCV from City & County Program:

The meeting adjourned at 6:50 p.m.

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Originally tweeted by Ntsa Iab Vang (@NtsaVa) on January 24, 2023.

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