Businesses on Fresno’s Fulton Street have faced a triple-whammy in the last five years. 

For Maria Rosales, owner of Tres Hermanos, it began with construction along Fulton, to turn the iconic pedestrian mall into a street in 2017. Then, high-speed rail construction blocked western access to downtown from Ventura, Tulare, and Kern Streets. And then Covid-19 – with both lockdowns and a switch to remote work for many – knocked many of America’s most successful downtowns to their knees. The stimulus checks during the pandemic were good for business, Rosales said – until people ran out of money.

Sam Hansen, a local marketing guru and owner of FTK Construction had an idea: thousands of young people descend on downtown Fresno to celebrate ArtHop every month. What if some of them gave their talent to bring life to local businesses?

And so ‘Styled by Fulton’, an event put on during the annual Fulton Street Party this November, came to life. 

Sam Hansen introduces the stylists and models at the event. He is wearing a jacket from the Mammoth Mall and a hat from Tres Hermanos. Credit: Matteo Mendiola

The concept: send local ‘Instagram famous’ stylists on a shopping mission – to dress up models only in clothes found in shops downtown. Fulton Street has an eclectic mix: high-brow and cheap-thrills thrift stores, western wear, quinceanera shops, traditional Latino clothing, and fast fashion.

“We’re showing people that there’s a lot of options when you come downtown,” Hansen said.

Stylist Carl Armada (@ghost.labs) approaches the stage to announce his looks. Credit: Matteo Mendiola

Carl Armada, a musician and multimedia artist, selected western-inspired looks, with a “cowboys of the urban sprawl” theme.

Carl’s model Cheeks features an ‘elevated western’ look with a red jacket from Yoshi Now!, flared khaki pants from Emerald Thrift, white loafers from Galeria de Mexico, blue sunglasses, nails, and rings from Yellow. Credit: Matteo Mendiola
Model Eddie Wutangsy showcases Carl’s “cowboys of the urban sprawl” themed look, with a coat from Bad Kids Club, dark green Wrangler jeans from Galeria de Mexico, a lime green alligator belt and lime green crocodile boots from Tres Hermanos, a neck scarf from Root General Store, hair by Cocorapunzel, and ring and nails from Yellow. Credit: Matteo Mendiola

“I’m all for bringing new stuff downtown, you need that, but I’m really a big fan of businesses that are already here, and I hope there’s a way that they can coexist,” Hansen said. As landlords continue to raise rents downtown, the fear that the shops that held on over the past several years may not survive is real, he said.

“If you help the businesses that are already here stay here, by engaging them with a new clientele, the probability of them staying is likely much higher,” he added.

The ‘Styled by Fulton’ event is under ‘Stay Here’, a brand of initiatives at the Downtown Fresno Partnership. 

For some local businesses, the boost – after enduring the last few years – gave them hope to expand their customer base. 

Rosales, owner of Tres Hermanos, was enthusiastic. 

“We have a lot going on here on Fulton Street. There’s delicious food. There’s suits. There’s western. There’s prom dresses. There’s shoe places. There’s thrift stores and music and breweries. Fulton has a lot to offer, and not a lot of people know.”

Stylist Jordan Sanchez (@j.street.studios and @thetippingpointe) walks on stage to introduce her models. Credit: Matteo Mendiola
Model Miracle shows off a Fulton Street jacket from Yellow. The Fulton tag on the jacket was custom painted by local artist Huber, inspired by the low-riders that cruise Fulton Street on Sunday evenings. Miracle’s jeans are from Emerald Thrift, her patches are from Oso y Que, her bodysuit is from Scraps, logo beanie from MAS, and Nike wedge sneakers from Catholic Charities. Credit: Matteo Mendiola
Anjel Garcia of Team Jordan walks the stage with a blue jumpsuit and headscarf from Scraps. The jumpsuit has custom chain stitch embroidery from Bryan at Fours. Under the jumpsuit, Anjel is wearing a cotton shirt from Valley. Her metallic blue heels are from Zapateria Mexico, sunglasses are from Cash Campaign, and 559 earrings are from Fresloca.
Credit: Matteo Mendiola
Model Selena Fuentes, styled by K Monet, walks the stage wearing a 90’s inspired outfit – “it’s Fresh Prince of Bel Air meets modern times,” she said. Hat and jacket are from Yoshi Now!, sunglasses from Thrift Demon, pants are from SCO Boutique, shoes from Bad Kids Club, scarf from Root General Store, and the ring and Yin/Yang handbag are from Yellow. Credit: Matteo Mendiola

For Alejandra Rosas, who has owned Artesanas Mechicas for the last seven years, she knew that locating her business – which sells traditional Latino clothing and decorations – on Fulton, was key. “It used to be really nice here,” she said. “I figured this would be a good place to start.”

“My clothing is for everyone – I want everyone to see and experience my culture,” Rosas said.

Model Denise Rogers-Heydt, styled by K Monet, poses for the cameras in an 80s-inspired look. Her skirt is from Yoshi Now!, top is from Thrift Demon, heels from Tres Hermanos, and accessories from Artesanias Mechica.
Credit: Matteo Mendiola
Stylist K Monet (@stylesbykmonet) takes the stage to introduce her models and the businesses she used to curate her looks. Credit: Matteo Mendiola
Stylist Sarah Thong (@savage.sarah57) poses for the camera. Credit: Matteo Mendiola
Sarah Thong’s first model, Diana Torres, sports a chic vacation look. Skirt/dress is from Artesanias Mechicas, shirt is from Bad Kids Club, sneakers are from Blue Bird, hat and earrings are from Emerald Thrift, and her sunglasses are from Tres Hermanos. Credit: Matteo Mendiola
The last model of the evening, Nicole Faulconer, poses in an orange jumpsuit from Bad Kids Club, undershirt and boots from Tres Hermanos, a purse from Artesanias Mechicas, and a hat from Blue Bird.
Credit: Matteo Mendiola

Ultimately, stylist K Monet won the championship prize, after being selected by a judges panel that included Rhoeski and Jenn from Hella Fresno, Elizabeth Rae from Dos Fashions, Ant and Ant from Mas Fresno, Cassey and Kirk James from Root General, and Jewel and Fabio from the Bad Kids Club. 

For Hansen, Styled by Fulton is just the beginning. “We’re going to do Styled by Manchester next.” 

How to shop ‘Styled by Fulton’

  • Artesanas Mechicas (933 Fulton)
  • Bad Kids Club at Mammoth Mall (902 Fulton)
  • Blue Bird (1118 Fulton)
  • Cash Campaign (1759 Fulton)
  • Catholic Charities (149 N Fulton)
  • Emerald Thrift (717 Van Ness)
  • Fours (302 E Olive)
  • Fresloca (@fresloca)
  • Galeria de Mexico (938 Fulton)
  • Mammoth Mall (902 Fulton)
  • MAS (1934 Mariposa)
  • Morii (736 Fulton)
  • Oso y Que (at MAS, 1934 Mariposa)
  • Root General (1424 Fulton)
  • S Co. Boutique (1560 Fulton)
  • Scraps (2019 Tuolumne)
  • Sofia’s Creaciones (1155 Fulton)
  • The Valley (1904 Tulare)
  • Tres Hermanos (966 Fulton)
  • Yellow (1560 Fulton)
  • Yoshi Now! (648 Broadway)
  • Zapateria Mexico (1042 Fulton)

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