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The polls have officially closed in Fresno and Madera counties, and now we have to wait – very patiently – for the ballots to be counted.

Here’s a picture of where things stand on local races in Fresno and Madera counties as of Wednesday morning, over a week after the election. The next update will arrive on Friday, Nov. 18.

It’s worth noting these results represent the votes of just 30% of the total number of eligible voters in Fresno County. The Fresno County Registrar of Voters are estimating that about 41,000 ballots have yet to be counted. That would make turnout for this election around 39%. The last time that happened was in the 2014 midterm general election.

For a direct link to local results, visit election sites for Fresno County and Madera County.


  • With everyone able to vote-by-mail, it takes longer to count ballots.
  • The next update is on Tuesday. Fresnoland does not declare winners; we leave that to experts like the Associated Press and our local election officials.
  • Candidates need just a simple majority (50% + 1) to win in most races; some ballot measures (but not all) need a supermajority, or 66.66% to pass.

Fresno County

Measure C

Measure C is set to lose, with only 58% of voters in support – eight percentage points short of the required 66.66% to win.

The No on Measure C campaign has declared victory. In a statement, a spokesperson for the campaign said: “Fresno County voters’ rejection of Measure C sends a clear message to politicians that they can’t make decisions for us without us, or spend our tax dollars without our guidance.”

Measure E

Measure E, a sales tax that would have funded academic and athletic programs at Fresno State, did not pass. While it needed a simple majority to win, the Yes on E campaign is currently falling short, with just 46% of the vote.

Measure M

Fresno’s sales tax to support services for veterans did not pass, with 59% in support, so far. It needed a supermajority, 66.66%, to win.

Clovis City Council

So far, current Clovis City Councilmember Drew Bessinger, Diane Pearce, businesswoman and conservative commentator, and Matt Basgall, security chief, have taken the lead in the Clovis City Council race. The top three vote-getters will win.

Westlands Water District

We’ll have more to report on results from Westlands on Wednesday.

Madera County

Supervisor District 1

Jordan Wamhoff, Fresno police officer and solar business owner, has declared victory in a Facebook post over Andy Wheeler, financial services advisor, in the race to represent fast-growing southeastern Madera County. He has 57% of the total votes cast so far, compared to Wheeler’s 41%.

Supervisor District 5

Bobby Macaulay is leading rival Mark Reed for the supervisor district representing eastern Madera County, with 53% of the total votes cast so far.

Measure T

Measure T, Madera County’s road tax renewal, is highly unlikely to pass at this point. The Yes on T campaign is garnering 54% of the total votes cast so far, but the measure needs 66.66% to win.

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