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  • The Tulare County Board of Supervisors met on September 27, 2022 and received an update from Lobbyist Paul Yoder on the state budget and legislation. Tulare County will be part of the second cohort of the CARE Court, there will likely be more climate-related bills in the next legislative cycle, and Yoder is sunsetting funding roads in the future.
  • The 2021 Agricultural Crop and Livestock Report was presented by Ag Commissioner Tom Tucker. Some notable increases are a 13.3% increase in crop and livestock value and pistachio value has increased 387% since 2011.
  • A presentation of statistics given by the Tulare County Sheriff’s Office regarding the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement showed that there were 19,794 total bookings in 2021. There were 157 detainer requests from ICE with 132 of those not transferred to ICE.

Follow up Questions

  • How does Paul Yoder know what propositions are likely to pass on this year’s ballot?
  • What are the reasons for the 13.3% increase in crop and livestock value?
The 2021 Agricultural Crop and Livestock Report was presented by Ag Commissioner Tom Tucker at the September 27 meeting.

Board of Supervisors

  • Larry Micari, District One
  • Pete Vander Poel III, District Two
  • Amy Shuklian, District Three
  • Eddie Valero – Chairman, District Four
  • Dennis Townsend – Vice Chair, District Five
  • Jason T. Britt, County Administrative Officer
  • Jennifer M. Flores, County Council
  • Melinda Benton, Chief Clerk

The Scene

The Tulare County Board of Supervisors meeting was held simultaneously both in-person and streamed via YouTube and Zoom at 9 a.m. on September 27, 2022. The meeting began with the pledge of allegiance and a moment of silence. 


  • Board of Supervisors matters
    • Supervisor Townsend 
      • Earlier this month was the RCRC Conference, ALSP fundraiser, and the Valley Voice Washington DC trip.
      • Upcoming is the San Joaquin Regional Association of California Counties, Dueling Pianos event for Sierra View Hospital Foundation, and a Tule River Improvement Joint Powers Agreement Success Reservoir Enlargement Project meeting.
    • Supervisor Micari
      • Earlier this month was the  RCRC Conference, ALSP fundraiser, TCAG, Good News Jail Ministry fundraiser, met with Health & Human Services Deputy Directors, met with the President of Portugal, and a Kaweah Subbasin meeting. 
      • Upcoming is a Sierra View Hospital Board meeting, SGVRAAC Conference, Luso American Education Foundation meeting, East Kaweah GSA, and the Farmersville festival.
    • Supervisor Shuklian
      • Earlier this month was the RCRC Conference, San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District meeting, presented a mini state of the county to the Retired Teachers Association, met with editorial board of McClatchy news regarding no on Prop 26, and the ribbon cutting for the roundabout in Dinuba.
      • Upcoming is a Downtown Visalia Property Owners Association Board meeting, Tulare County Economic Development Corporation meeting, San Joaquin Valley Regional Association of Counties Conference, Family Services of Tulare County’s Purple Party, will be at Starbucks for questions, and will be MCing the Historical Society barbecue at Mooney’s Grove Park.
    • Supervisor Vander Poel 
      • Yesterday was a Resource Management Agency meeting.
      • Upcoming is a Greater Kaweah GSA meeting, TCERA meeting, San Joaquin Valley Regional Association of Counties Conference, MCing United Way community breakfast, First5 Technical Advisory meeting, and his 20th High School reunion.
    • Supervisor Valero
      • Earlier this month was the RCRC Conference, Champions Of Justice Awards, and the Center for Community Transformation Fresno Pacific UNIversity’s 10th Anniversary gala Gala. He congratulated Lali Moheno and Calros Huerta who both earned awards at the gala. He held office hours at Starbucks, attended the Dinuba Raisin Day festival, and the roundabout ribbon cutting, 
      • Upcoming is the Yosemite Sequoia RCDC Mission Vision and Values meeting, California Volunteers Commissions meeting, Tulare County Regional Transportation Authority, United Way event, Family Services’ Purple Party, Tulare County Historical Society BBQ, and Woodlake Annual brewfest event. 
  • Presentation given by Paul Yoder, the county’s legislative lobbyist, with Shaw, Yoder, Antwih, Schmelzer & Lange, regarding an update on the State Budget.
    • Paul Yoder gave the presentation and said September 30 is when the  bill signing session is ending. The list of bills the County opposes has been “whittled down”.
      • The Governor has vetoed the bill of realignment and has not acted on SB-1302 
      • SB-1338 was signed and the first cohort has to implement CARE Court by October next year. Tulare County is part of the second cohort. 
    • Has had a one hour Zoom meeting with the Governor.
    • Potential changes are Prop 27 passing, the Governor will be reelected, and Prop 1 will likely pass.
      • Prop 30 would provide more money to fight wildfires. Prop 27 could provide money for homlessness, mental health, and substance abuse.
    • There will be at least 30 new members of the legislature.
    • There have been three months of revenue under projections that will probably continue. 
    • Supervisor Valero asked what new bills there might be in the next legislative cycle. Yoder said he thinks there will be climate and electrical bills.
    • Supervisor Shulian asked for a summary of what CARE Court is. Yoder said it is similar to Laura’s Law. Families will be able to refer each other to CARE court. While in CARE Court, people can be asked to get an “advanced directive” to help get help faster. One of Senator Eggman’s bills is to allow for a second conservatorship while the first one is still in effect.
      • Shuklian asked about the Brown Act. Yoder said he expects more of the same with the Brown Act.
    • Supervisor Vander Poel asked what they can do to help “beef up” the funding for CARE Court. Yoder said they will have another budget cycle and will learn from the first cohort.
      • Vander Poel asked if it will be a trend of the state taking away local government power. Yoder said he does think it will continue but he doesn’t know how much of a threat it will be in the future.
    • Supervisor Micari asked what he thinks about unfunded mandate’s effect on the budget in the future. Yoder said he is right to be concerned and may have to revisit what is in the Constitution. 
    • Supervisor Townsend asked Yoder if he is seeing anything about water storage. Yoder said the money from Prop 1 is still being worked on by the Water Commission. This administration wants to focus on conservation. He thinks there should be another water bond proposal.
      • Townsend asked about funding rural roads. Yoder said he doesn’t know how it will work out because they track based on how much people fill up with gas but they are phasing out gas cars. 
  • Present a proclamation recognizing September 15 through October 15, 2022 as Hispanic Heritage Month in Tulare County.
    • The proclamation was presented by Supervisor Valero to the Tulare County League of Mexican-American Women. President Elena Nava accepted the proclamation and said they are nearing 45 years of service in the county. She specifically thanked Supervisors Valero and Micari for their support. The League announced the League of Rebozos that will honor a woman. 
  • Present a proclamation recognizing the Gong family for their service to Tulare County.
    • Supervisor Vander Poel presented the proclamation. The Gong family created the Palace Food Depot. They have served the county for 80 years. Eric Gong, who has known Supervisor Vander Poel since seventh grade, accepted the proclamation and thanked the city of Tulare.
  • Present a proclamation recognizing September 18-24, 2022 as Banned Books Week in Tulare County.
    • Supervisor Valero presented the proclamation to Darla Wegener, the County Librarian. Wegener said Banned Books Week has been celebrated since 1982. There will be a book festival on November 5, 2022. 
  • Presentation given by the Agricultural Commissioner/Sealer of the 2021 Tulare County Agricultural Crop and Livestock Report.
    • Tom Tucker, AG Commissioner, gave the presentation.
    • There was a 13.3% increase in crop and livestock value. There was a decrease of 1,971 permanent planting acres and 17,880 field crop acres. 
    • Supervisor Vander Poel asked if there has been any analysis of the change in crop types and how that affects water usage. Tucker said they have not done that specific analysis yet. 
    • The top five commodities are milk, oranges (Navel and Valencia), grapes, cattle & calves, and pistachio nuts. Korea is the top export destination for citrus. Taiwan is the top export destination for grapes. Pistachio value has increased 387% since 2011.
    • Supervisor Vander Poel asked about the nearby counties’ output. Tucker said he doesn’t know but they have increased some. 
  • The remainder of the consent calendar was approved.
    • Supervisor Vander Poel requested removing Item 12. Item 9 was pulled for comment. Item 18 was moved to a future meeting’s consideration.
    • (Approved) Item 9: Adopt the Categorical Exemption prepared pursuant to the provisions of the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) for a Pesticide Disposal Project.
      • Chris Rueger, Assistant Agricultural Commissioner, explained the item. It regards the Legacy Pesticide Event taking place October 5-7, 2022. They have received funding from different organizations and will pay the rest with the department budget. It is a no cost disposal.
      • Approved
    • (Approved) Item 12: Authorize the advance of cash in an amount not to exceed $1,500,000.00 from the County General Fund to the Tulare County Regional Transit Authority (TCRTA) until December 31, 2022 as needed, and to be repaid by TCRTA no later than December 31, 2027. 
      • Jason Britt, County Administrator, introduced the Item. They have set a 5 year repayment plan with interest. It is money to help the agency operate while they wait for reimbursement. Rich Tree, Executive Director of TCRTA, was available for questions.
      • Supervisor Vander Poel said he is supportive of this item. He asked if there is any other support to help TCRTA that they can do. Britt said they have spoken with RMA to provide administrative support. 
      • Approved
    • Some items included awarding the contract for the Terra Bella Fire Station Project to Forcum Mackey Construction, Inc. (Item 15) and approving an agreement with the City of Woodlake to provide radio and communication services through 2027 (Item 24).
  • (Approved) Request from the Auditor-Controller Department to approve the Post-Retirement Employment of Financial Technician Veronica Lewis as an Extra Help Financial Technician III for the Tax Collector’s office
    • Effective October 1, 2022. The 180-day waiting period to return to work for the position was waived.
    • Paul San Pietro, Assistant Treasurer-tax Collector, explained the item. Lewis has been with the office for over ten years.
    • Approved
  • There were no board matter requests.
  • Conduct a public forum and receive a report from the County Administrative Officer regarding the Tulare County Sheriff’s Office interaction and communication with the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement in 2021.
    • This item regards the AB-2972 Truth Act
    • Jason Britt presented the statistics provided by the Sheriff’s Office.
    • 2021 Bookings
      • 19,794 total bookings in Tulare County
        • 157 requests, 25 transferred individuals to immigration officials.
      • 157 detainer request from ICE
        • 25 released to ICE, 132 not transferred to ICE
      • Of the 132 not released to ICE 67 requests were not recognized by Tulare County Sheriff’s Officials.

Public Comment

  • Former Deputy Director of Mental Health Francena Martinez thanked the county. She has served the county for over 20 years.
    • The board and Jason Britt thanked Martinez for her services.
  • Public Health Director Karen Elliot introduced the new Deputy Health Officer Dr. Thomas Overton. He is a recent graduate of UC Irvine and was one of the few people who applied for the position. 

The meeting adjourned to a closed session.

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