Here’s what you need to know: 

  • At the Kerman City Council meeting on August 24, the council approved agreements with Caltrans, allowing the city to receive up to $488,747 in Clean California grant funds from the state to construct the Downtown Corridor Revitalization Project.
  • The approved a $35,000 agreement with Bryce Consulting Inc. for a salary survey, compensation study, and related human resource consulting services.
  • The council approved a $71,509.69 contract with CivicPlus for a new city website and support services featuring improved subscriber alert features for emergencies and events. 
  • City Attorney Hilda Cantu-Montoy reminded that public officials and employees are prohibited from using public funds and facilities to support or oppose a candidate or ballot measure.

Follow-up Questions:

  • How will the agreements with CalTrans shape local development?
  • When will residents be able to use the new city website and support systems? 
  • Was the city attorney referring to a specific infraction when she commented on the use of public funds and facilities to support or oppose a candidate or ballot measure? 
The Kerman City Council met on August 24, 2022 and approved agreements with Caltrans to receive up to $488,747 in Clean California grant funds for the Downtown Corridor revitalization project, a compensation study and contract for a new city website.

The Scene

The city council meets on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. at the Kerman City Hall, 850 S. Madera Ave. The meeting is accessible through Zoom. Mayor Gary Yep and Council Member Bill Nijjer were present online. 

According to its website, the city council serves as the policy-making board of the city. The Kerman City Council has five members, including the mayor. The city elects its mayor for a two-year term and council members for four-year terms.  

Officials Present:

  • Mayor Gary Yep 
  • Council Member Bill Nijjer 
  • Council Member Jennifer Coleman 
  • Council Member Kevin Nehring
  • Mayor Pro Tem Ismael Herrera 

Others Present:

  • City Attorney Hilda Cantu-Montoy
  • City Manager John Jansons
  • Public Works Director Michael Barajas
  • City Engineer Jerry Jones
  • Chief’s Administrative Assistant Mary Rodrigues
  • Chief of Staff Marc Benjamin
  • J J
  • El-Helou


In the consent calendar, the council (5-0) unanimously approved the items as follows:

A. The council approved the minutes of the August 10, 2022 meeting

B. The council approved payroll as presented

C. The council approved warrants and electronic bank transfers as presented. (Under Government Code 37208)

D. The council accepted the Monthly Investment Report as presented

E. Remote city council meetings under new Brown Act requirements (AB 361)

The council adopted a resolution reauthorizing remote teleconference public meetings by the city council and all boards, commissions, and standing committees of the City by Assembly Bill 361

F. Contract with Civic Plus for New City Website and Support Services for $71,509.69 

  • The council approved the contract with CivicPlus for a new City website and Support services for $71,509.69 and rescinded Resolution No. 22-58.
  • At the July 27, 2022, meeting, council adopted Res No. 22-58, approving a contract with Civic Plus for a new website and support services.
  • The agreement was signed by the city and sent to CivicPlus for completion; while processing the agreement, the CivicPlus contracting team found the AudioEye language that protects the city was not included in the original agreement.
  • CivicPlus drew up a zero-dollar amendment to be included in the agreement and sent for execution.
  • According to the approved resolution, minor corrections with the approval of the City Attorney are permissible; however, the amendment is much more than a minor correction.
  • It was determined to rescind the previous resolution since CivicPlus did not sign the original agreement without the AudioEye language.
  • During the City Budget workshop, staff recommended consideration of investing in a new city website. The subsequent Fiscal Year 2022/23 City Budget included approved funding for the new website project.
  • The new website will offer a much more user-friendly interface and improved community engagement tools. 
  • The Content Management System underlying the CivicPlus product is superior and today’s modern, state-of-the-art standard for data management and external engagement.
  • The new site will feature improved subscriber alert features alerting them to items of interest, news flashes, and emergency alerts as desired.
  • The attached resolution includes the contract Statement of Work and Master Services Agreement and the AudioEye Managed for CivicEngage Statement of Work. 
  • The adopted Fiscal Year 22-23 City budget included funds for $100,000 for a new website, of which $71,509.69 is requested. 
  • Ongoing support is subject to a 5 percent annual increase beginning in year three of service. 
  • The AudioEye language is a zero-dollar addition.

G. Approved execution of agreements with California Department of Transportation

  • The council adopted a resolution to execute agreements with the California Department of Transportation.
  • In June of 2022, the city received notice that it had been awarded a Clean California grant for the Downtown Corridor Revitalization Project in the amount of $ $488,747.
  • A Restricted Grant Agreement (Grant Agreement) must be executed with the California Department of Transportation before such funds can be claimed through the Clean California Local Grant Program.
  • The California Department of Transportation (CalTrans) requires a resolution authorizing and designating a City Official to execute the grant agreement. 
  • Existing resolutions authorizing and accepting CalTrans assistance do not apply to this project; therefore, a new resolution must be provided to CalTrans.
  • Approval of this item will allow the city to proceed with receiving up to $488,747 in grant funds from the State of California to construct the Downtown Corridor Revitalization Project.

H. Approved professional services Agreement with Bryce Consulting Inc. for a Salary Survey and Compensation Study and Related Human Resource Consulting Services. 

  • The council adopted a resolution approving a professional services agreement with Bryce Consulting Inc. for a salary survey, compensation study, and related human resource consulting services for $35,000.00.
  • The city committed to conducting a salary and compensation study during its labor negotiations in 2021 with the Public Safety Bargaining Group. 
  • As agreed to in the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), the city would commission a study and commence discussions thereon in the third year of the MOU.
  • The city prepared a Request for Qualifications distributed to firms specializing in human resource consulting services. 
  • Only one responsive firm responded, and Bryce Consulting Inc. (Bryce) is now recommended to perform this analysis for the city.
  • Bryce is experienced in performing salary surveys for other California cities, including ones in the Central Valley. 
  • Given their familiarity with municipal labor relations and compensation matters, the city wishes to have them under contract to perform the immediate study project and have them available to staff for future analyses or human resource research and tasks.
  • Phase 1 work consists of the salary and compensation survey and study. The proposed
  • Phase 2 work is likely to include assistance with job descriptions, classifications, duties analysis, division and departmental structures, and organization.
  • The contract of $35,000 will afford the city’s human resource analytical and research services.

I. Rejecting Bids for Well No. 12 & 14 Emergency Generators (JJ)

  • The council rejected bids for Well No. 12 & 14 Emergency Generators.
  • The city has received a grant from the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services for $300,000 for the procurement and installation of emergency generators at two of the City’s well sites, Well No. 12 and Well No. 14. 
  • The purpose of the emergency generators is to automatically provide backup power whenever there is a power outage, ensuring that the wells continue pumping water into the City’s water distribution system. 
  • The construction estimate for the project was $528,000.
  • The project was advertised for bids, and the lowest bid received was $1,626,592, approximately three times the estimated cost. 
  • Due to this, staff recommends that city council reject the bids received and authorize staff to review potential cost savings and re-advertise the project.

4. Department Reports consist of:

A. City Attorney Overview of Limitations on City Staff and Council In Elections and Ballot Measures (HCM) 

City Attorney Hilda Cantu-Montoy reminded that public officials and employees are prohibited from using public funds and facilities to support or oppose a candidate or ballot measure.

The closed session consists of:

  • Under Government Code Section 54956.8. Conference with Real Property Negotiator APN: 023-204-14SU & 16SU

            City Negotiator: City Manager, John Jansons

            Negotiation Parties: S&K Moran Family LLP

            Under Negotiation: Price and Terms

The Council adjourned at 9:06 p.m. The next Kerman City Council meeting will be on September 14, 2022, at 6 p.m. through Zoom. 

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