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Here’s what you need to know:

  • The Fresno Bikeshare Program from the Clean Shared Mobility Network is set to be launched in Fall 2022. As proposed, the program will include 200 e-bikes.
  • The Vision Zero plan will be discussed at the August 18 city council meeting. Part of the plan includes educating the community to not make right turns at red lights.
  • There are three District Vacancies on the committee. Applications to fill these spots will be available soon.

Follow-up questions:

  • How can we ensure safety for citizens participating in the Fresno Bikeshare Program?
  • Will the Vision Zero Plan be approved to proceed on August 18?

The Scene

The meeting began on Wednesday, July 27, 2022 at 5:35 p.m. available via CMAC livestream

The committee came together on a Zoom Webinar remotely.

One of the officials conducted the pledge of allegiance and one of the administrators conducted a roll call afterward. No additions or deletions from the agenda were suggested by the attendees or officials.

Those who are announced absent from the meeting are Board Member Laura Gromis and Vice Chair Melanie Ruvalcaba.

After the meeting came to order, the committee came to a unanimous vote on the approval of agenda and the approval of minutes from the June 22, 2022 meeting. 

The agenda for this meeting can be found here.

Committee Members 

Destiny Rodriguez, Board Member

Felipe (“Phil”) Arballo, Chair

Laura Gromis, Board Member

Matthew Woodward, Board Member

Melanie Ruvalcaba, Vice Chair

Steven Bradley, Board Member

Susan Smith, Secretary

Jill Gormley, City of Fresno

Public Comment



  • This presentation will be about the Clean Shared Mobility Network (CSMN), Fresno Bikeshare, and The Shared-Use Mobility Center (SUMC). 
    • SUMC is a transportation non-profit for public interest to advocate the use of shared transportation. Its goal is to help civilians be able to live without owning a vehicle. This organization typically does research and technical assistance. 
  • Approximately 15 minutes will be allocated for this discussion.
  • Alex Rosander, Joey Juhasz-Lukomski, and Mary Ferguson are here as representatives from SUMC. 
    • Alex Rosander is the program associate at SUMC.
    • Mary Ferguson is the program manager at SUMC.
    • Joey Juhasz-Lukomski program associate at sumc
  • There is a Clean Shared Mobility Network Project taking place in Fresno.
    • Focus = bike advocacy.
    • Lead partner on this project is the Fresno Metro Black Chamber Foundation, which is responsible for the administration of the CSMN project.
    • Drop Mobility will operate the Electric Bikeshare Program.
    • CSMN is supported by California Strategic Growth Council and Transformative Climate Communities Program.
    • There will be seven contractors collaborating together
    • This specific program is more about serving disadvantaged communities in regards to universal mobility.
    • Project area = Southwest Fresno
    • Establishing a low carbon transit system of electric vehicle and bicycle shares with low cost or no cost services though SW Fresno.
    • System components include EV Carshare, EV Bikeshare, EV Vanpool, Volunteer Driver Program, Mobility Hub Customer Services Center.
      • EV = Electric Vehicle
  • Bikeshare Program 
    • Number of e-bikes is 200. 
    • Must dock to start and end a trip. 
    • Bike vendor is Drop Mobility. 
    • Will use User Facing App to see what bikes are available around the area.
  • Community engagement
    • Meetings regarding the project are held every 3rd Tuesday of the month.
    • Next steps: 
      • Will launch a bikeshare program soon. 
      • Site selection of mobility hubs. 
      • Community engagement meetings
  • Felipe or “Phil” Arballo mentioned that Southwest Fresno has a lack of infrastructure, and he is concerned that there is no safe infrastructure for bike lanes. He wanted to know information regarding helmets for these bicycles. 
    • Minors will probably have to have some type of ID as these bicycles are full-sized and wanted to advocate for safety. 
    • Mary Ferguson said we are looking into events where we can give out helmets or doing some engagement event where helmets are available. She says they are figuring out the budget for that. Age limits are still in the discussion. 
  • Phil Arballo wanted to know how they came up with the number size of 200 bikes.
    • Mary Ferguson said that would make the most sense in regards to project size, population size, and budget. 
  • Keisha Thomas said that her team put out a survey in Southwest Fresno in the beginning, like “Where do you think bike lanes should go?” and “Would you ride a bike as transportation?” The city is working on putting in new infrastructure. This project is planning on training people to ride safely. The project will come up with a roll-out plan soon. 
  • Matthew Woodward is curious about the outreach toward the communities.. He asks if it is possible to put out a map in regards to where the bike infrastructure is. 
  • Susan asks how bikes will be recharged. 
    • Mary Ferguson says the project will work with a local company that takes the bikes at the end of the day to recharge them
  • Keisha Thomas clarified that this project is also creating job opportunities and said that this project is a pilot and will not be end all be all. 
    • After the launch, the project will try to analyze the discrepancies of the operation.

Task Force Reports

  • Semi-Annual Report Task Force – (Update/Discussion)
    • The committee discussed moving the task force to be annual instead of semi-annual. 
    • This report will be held on August 18, according to Susan Smith.
  • FY23 Budget Task Force – (Discussion) – 5 Minutes Discuss budget list to vote on in August BPAC meeting
    • They discussed two budgets, A and B, which are both around $20,000. 
    • Susan Smith says that the fix it station for the Midtown Trail will cost around $8,000.
    • Susan Smith summarized that PSAs will cost around $9,000.
      • PSAs for putting a bike on the bus, biking on the road, and cell phone risk awareness
    • $2,000-$7500 for advertising
      • One member pointed out that Facebook is a more viable option for money spent.
    • $1,000-$3300 for helmets to be given out at educational events.
    • $20,000 in the budget total for the 2022-23 fiscal year.
    • Phil Arballo pointed out that he looks forward to voting on it.
    • Jill Gormley said that October is Pedestrian Safety Month, which could be something good to use the funds for. She wants to vote on the budget by August. 
  • PSA Task Force – (Discussion) – 5 Minutes
    • Susan wanted to propose three more PSAs.
    • Phil Arballo wanted to vote on it in August. They will put together another task force once voted on.
    • Phil Arballo wanted to know how many PSAs are already out. Susan said we have 4 PSAs right now. Phil expressed his opinion that he would use all the funds on advertising instead of more PSAs. They already have 4 PSAs that not a lot of people have seen.
  • Vision Zero Task Force – (Discussion) – 5 Minutes
    • Support of Vision Zero will be on the agenda on August 18.
    • No Right Turn on Red is a part of Vision Zero Plan.
    • Vision Zero is educating people about no right turn on red. The next level is enforcement. 
    • Vision Zero City Council will be held on August 18.
    • Board Member Matthew Woodward will speak that day and give his support.
    • Phil Arballo will be out of town during that time, but he encourages the committee or anyone else to show up and give support.

Member Reports and Comments

  • Discussion of Letter to Council/City Administration – D6 S. Bradley – 10 Minutes 
    • Steven Bradley will write a letter to Council and City to emphasize changes to safety at Woodward Park, improvements to infrastructure, and make Vision Zero Task Force.
      • A letter to city members and council members.
    • Everyone will sign off on the letter that Bradley will make a template for. 
  • Event Planning Committee – (Update/Discussion) – D2 M. Woodward – 10 Minutes Update regarding “Calendar of Events” including proposed “Tier 1” events
    • BPAC should get in the habit of getting a minimum resolution.
    • Nick Paladino from Fresno Cycling Club has expressed his opinion in seeing events in advance. Paladino was concerned about the funding in certain events in regards to the budget. 

Staff Reports

  • PD Enforcement & Collision Report – (Discussion) – J. Gormley – 5 Minutes
    • Here is the BPAC Collision Data through June 2022
    • Steven Bradley mentioned that this month was especially a deadly month. Susan Smith clarified that we had 3 pedestrian accidents within 11 days.
  • BPAC Work Plan – (Discussion) – J. Gormley – 5 Minutes 
    • Jill Gormley did not mention anything. 
  • Grants Update – (Discussion) – J. Gormley – 5/10 Minutes 
    • Vision Zero Plan will go through council for Application on the 18th. 
      • Also working on highway program application.
    • The committee is working on new technology for bicycles. 
      • Equipment for bikes works well under milder conditions, but not when it’s “107 degrees in Fresno.”
  • PARCS Update – (Discussion) – S. McNab – 10 Minutes 
    • S. McNab is not here. 
  • BPAC Member Vacancies – (Discussion) – J. Gormley – 5 Minutes 
    • Discuss vacancies and upcoming ending of terms 2022
    • There are 3 district vacancies at the time. There is an application on the city clerk’s website. 


Phil Arballo left early at 7:15 p.m. to attend another meeting. The Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee meeting adjourned at 7:22 p.m. The meeting lasted one hour and 47 minutes.

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