Here’s what you need to know:

  • The Fresno City Council approved amending the Municipal Code to allow electrified fencing in more zones.
  • They also approved a Verizon mono-pine tower near Downtown Fresno.
  • The Downtown Fresno PBID ballots were counted with a 84% voting in favor.
  • Lastly, the council approved putting Measure V, a transactions and use tax for Veterans facilities and services, on the Nov. 8 ballot.

Live-tweet thread by Andy Hansen-Smith

Fresno City Council meeting July 21,2022! Among the items on the agenda include purchasing property for Senior Facility; Reappointments to Planning Commission;Special Closed Session for Esparza v City of Fresno;Amending the Council Communication Policy; WORKSHOPS On Community

Cat Program – Trap, Neuter/Spay, and Return as well as Airport;RESOLUTION – Amending the Council Communication Policy

Some select items on CONSENT CALENDAR:
1-B – Declaring the results of the Statewide Direct Primary Election held on June 7, 2022.

1-D – **Actions pertaining to the property acquisition for the proposed senior center facility (Council District 4) 1. Adopt the Mitigated Negative Declaration for Proposed Acquisition for Senior Center and Housing Project pursuant to the California Environmental Quality Act

(CEQA) guidelines 2. ***RESOLUTION – Adopt the 2nd amendment of the Annual Appropriation Resolution No. 2022-154 appropriating $4,993,300 in Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds for the acquisition of 4343 North Blackstone Avenue (APN 426-253-17) and 4323-4333 North

Blackstone Avenue (APN 426-253-19) (Subject to Mayor's veto) (Requires 5 affirmative votes) 3. Approve the Agreement for Purchase and Sale of two parcels totaling 5.51 acres located at 4343 North Blackstone Avenue (APN 426-253-17) and 4323-4333 North Blackstone Avenue

(APN 426-253-19) for $6,460,000 with Robert M. Mochizuki, M.D. and Susan M. Mochizuki, Co-Trustees of The Mochizuki Family Trust, Dated November 20, 2000; Gregory G. Miyake

1-E Approve Appointments of Kathryn Wilbur to Mobile Home Rent Review and Stabilization Commission;the Reappointments of Peter Vang, Monica Diaz, &Brad Hardie to Planning Commission. Approve the Reappointment of Ken Elvington&Dr. Jenelle Pitt Parker to Disability Advisory Comm.

1-L **Actions pertaining to the land acquisition, predevelopment costs, and hard construction costs of Sarah's Court Apartments, a 120-unit affordable rental housing project, to be located at 200 N. Salma Avenue in southeast Fresno as part of the Fancher Creek Master Plan

1-R* Actions pertaining to the design and preparation of construction documents for the Radio Park Improvement Project (Council District 7): 1. Affirm the City Manager's finding that Melton Design Group, Inc., is uniquely qualified; and 2. Approve a Landscape Architectural

Consultant Services Agreement with Melton Design Group Inc., in the amount of $524,202, with a contingency amount not to exceed $40,000

1-T Award a construction contract in the amount of $1,342,148 to BUSH Engineering, Inc.,as the lowest responsive and responsible bidder, for the Midtown Trail Segment 1 (Phase I) Project, along Shields Avenue from Blackstone Avenue to the Manchester Center entrance intersection

1-W Resolution (PAR) No. 2022-153) adding seven positions in the Parks, After School, Recreation and Community Services (PARCS) Department to operate the Senior Fitness Program year-round at the seven community center locations that offer Senior Programming

1-X Award a revenue contract for bus advertising services to Lamar Transit LLC for $2,190,000 over five years (Bid Eval 9650)

1-Y Providing for fee waivers and subsidies for eligible parades and special events.

Watch beginning at 9 am

Thank you to @fresnoland ! @HeatherHalsey Check out their content

Meeting begins 9:06 am. @D7Esparza says this will be a long meeting. Invocation by

1-D Senior Complex and 3-B Airport moved to August 11.1-H and Amending the Council Communication Policy moved to Contested by Karbassi. Arias pulls 1-C and 1-W. He also tables 1-E, 1-X and 1-Z.Bredefeld votes NO on 1-K,1-Y and 1-AA

Proclamation for “Parks and Recreation Month” @MayorJerryDyer He knows how important parks are to children and seniors. Thanks to Measure P has been helpful. We have sent kids to Camp Fresno. @gawhitefresno Having the money is great but comes with it a lot of responsibility too.

Parks has traditionally been the poorest of departments and I know the staff welcomes the new resources.Arias thanks the Parks team. Can we get Radio Park greener? A:we are in a drought! @Maxwell4Fresno (by Zoom) Thanks for the attention to detail by Parks! It helps increase pro-

-perty values and reduces crime. When parks neglected crime goes up and kids leave.

Proclamation for “Disability Pride and 32nd Anniversary of ADA” On behalf of Maxwell presents to Karbassi Sarah Harris has her dog Barney here today.We always need to fight for what we need at ADA. You just don't have a disability YET as we get older we lose hearing etc.Maxwell:

A lot of ADA people take it for granted but it passed only in 1990. It took people crawling up Capitol steps. Protection for jobs, how buildings are built etc. Any bus fare any where in the city available too.Mayor:God does not allow his daughter to see disability in people but

sees it as a gift. I will be appointing Harris to committee in a joint Fresno/Clovis endeavor. It has been vacant for 30 years.

Proclamation for “Dr. Benjamin Boone Day” @D7Esparza He is a local saxophonist and local legend. He has won 3 Fulbright ! He is headed to Irish School of Dance in Limerick, Ireland. Fresno State has a lot of talented artists as does Fresno. The Fulbright is actually a peace

making endeavor. His music has been performed in 35 countries.

Proclamation for “Honoring CSO Arlene Medina”
@Esmeralda_Soriae She has gone above and beyond in the role.She has worked for PD for 25 years. She will remain with PD but just not as a CSO.Esparza:Great honor to be up here. She was District 7 woman of the year too! Medina:i felt

with being CSO it was the merger of my private life as a pastor and my job. She will become part of Independent Review for PD.

@MayorJerryDyer It has been an honor to work with Arlene. She was able to give an alternate lifestyle for those in a gang life. You can tell which districts have good CSOs as you never hear from them as residents go to their CSOs

Announcement of Summer Employee of the Quarter (EOQ) Recipients by City Clerk. Reads through list of stand out employees.

Soria:Back to School around the corner there will be an event this Saturday at Teague Community Center and will have free backpacks . 8:30- 5 pm. Thanks City Crew repairing and add much needed sidewalks around Inspiration Park.@kmkarbassi Neighborhood Blitz in Pinedale. We need

12 more volunteers at Beautify Fresno. Arias:Sprinklers shut off but we have not turned them back on. He also welcomes new Assistant City Manager. Chavez:Non purposeful lawns are to be let dry. What is our approach for shopping centers? White:A letter will out to business owners

with a 20% reduction goal. Is there a way to arrive there without everything going brown. People let it die and then when allowed adds new plants with subsequent more water too. Chavez:we are offering $1 per sq foot for residents to go drought tolerant. Will that be for

commercial too? Maxwell:No, just for residents. Also thanks my staff for going door to door asking residents about issues. August 4 "Beat the Heat" Vinland Park event as August 10 at Cary Park.

@D7Esparza The people’s business will continue.There is great things going out. There has been no wrong doing in this building. I plan to fill out my terms. Lets get back to work! I went to DC for bipartisan bill on SAFER (?) and thanks Congressman Jim Costa for being a good host

“Beat the Heat” event at Romain Park too. Orientation Speaker at City College for first year cohorts. Glad to be back on campus. Soria:I will be voting NO on 1-Y.@gregorybarfield We will be moving 3-C back to August 11th meeting. Soria recuses herself from10 AM #4 and 5-C

@MayorJerryDyer Beautify Fresno event at Pinedale. Mayor’s Citywide clean up will be happening soon with party in Manchester. @gawhitefresno Congratulates those employees of the Quarter.Aaron Aguirre’s son is going to Missouri for Cal Ripken tournament. Also taxi rate changes.

City Attorney says Closed Session items include Esparza and Verizon. Esparza:I will take public comments on those two. @LovesMercy Many are not happy with the Closed Session item (Esparza) as the political intent behind it. Next:Council goes to Closed Session for those two items

with Esparza recusing him self on that one item.

Originally tweeted by AndyHS (@AndyHS) on July 21, 2022.

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