Here’s what you need to know:

  • The Council voted to approve the Amendment to the Solar Power Purchase Agreement with Centrica Business Solutions, which will now save the City approximately $5,546,773 over the 25-year term.

  • The Council voted to approve Resolution No. 2022-006, which appropriates $1,147,224 in multiple City funds for new projects, existing projects and revenue recognition.

Reedley City Council Board Members

  • Mary L. Fast, Mayor

  • Robert Beck, Mayor Pro Tem

  • Ray Soleno, Councilmember

  • Anita Bentacourt, Councilmember

  • Matthew Tuttle, Councilmember

The Scene

The Reedley City Council meeting was called to order at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, February 22, 2022 by Mayor Mary Fast. The meeting consisted of four of the five council members Those present included Mayor Mary Fast, and Councilmembers Matthew Tuttle, Anita Bentacourt and Ray Soleno. Councilmember Robert Beck was not present. Other City staff present included City Manager Nicole Zieba, Community Services Director Sarah Reid, City Engineer Marilu Morales, Assistant City Manager Paul Melikian, and City Clerk Ruthie Greenwood. Reverend Denny Joseph from St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church led the invocation. Due to the mask mandate for indoor public spaces and workplaces being lifted, those who met in person did not wear masks.


There were no presentations.

Public Comment

There was no public comment.

Consent Agenda

The Council unanimously approved all four items on the consent calendar as presented.

  1. Approval of Minutes of the Regular Council Meeting of February 8, 2022

  2. Approve Mayor’s Nomination to Appoint a Representative to the Consolidated Mosquito Abatement District

  3. Approve a Recommendation by the Community Services Commission to Award Community Recreation Grants in the Amount of $300 to Each of the Seven Qualifying Applicants

  4. Adopt Resolution No. 2022-014 Authorizing the City Manager to Enter into a Professional Services Agreement with Civicwell for the City of Reedley Active Transportation and Parkway Master Plan

Public Hearing

There was no public hearing held.

Administrative Business 

  • Approve an Amendment to the Solar Power Purchase Agreement with Centrica Business Solutions Services, Inc. 

City Manager Nicole Zieba stated “The City has an agreement with Centrica Business Services Solutions, Inc. to plan, install, and build solar arrays near the Sports Park. The project has now been environmentally studied, designed and is ready to begin construction. The PPA rate has been lowered to $0.75 per kWa and will remain the same for the entire length of the 25-year agreement. As protection against further price adjustments once construction begins, the agreement has been updated to state that the Contract Price will not be adjusted after the effective date of this amendment. The required date for the Commencement of Installations has been updated to be June 30, 2022. Liquidated Damages of $284.87 per day have been added, which will apply if Centrica does not achieve a Commercial Operations Date of December 31, 2022. The original PPA Agreement would have saved the City $3,761,380 in utility costs over the 25-year term. With the Amendment, the City will now save approximately $5,546,773, or an additional $1,785,393, over the 25-year term. ” The Council voted to approve the Amendment to the Solar Power Purchase Agreement with Centrica Business Solutions Services, Inc.

  • Review the Status of the Mid-Year City Budget and Consider Items Pertain to Various Operating Programs and Capital Projects: Adopt Resolution No. 2022-006 Amending the 2021-2022 Adopted Budget Appropriating $1,147,224 in Multiple City Funds for Various Operating Programs, Capital Projects and Fund Transfers 

Assistant City Manager Paul Melikian stated “The following Mid-Year Budget Review covers the first six months of the 2021-22 fiscal year from July 1, 2021 through December 31, 2021. Typically, most attention is paid to major operating funds, such as the General Fund, Public Safety Sales Tax, Gas Tax, and Water and Wastewater Enterprise funds. The three largest and most vital revenue sources for the General Fund are Property Tax, Sales Tax and the Reedley Community Facilities District. Budgeted revenue from these sources makes up 63% of total General Fund revenue for FY 2021-22. The major takeaway is that the City remains on good financial footing at mid-year, with a continued focus on strategic one-time uses of higher than anticipated sales tax and development related revenue; however, impacts from inflation are beginning to be felt in every operation of the City, including utility enterprise operations, that will put pressure on budgets for the remainder of the year and planning for next year. The number of projects being re-budgeted at mid-year partly illustrates the pace of activity and workload within the organization that has grown exponentially during the pandemic and is not expected to slow in the near future. As the pandemic transitions to endemic status in 2022, staff will be monitoring economic conditions carefully, continuing to focus on building reserves for an uncertain future and maintaining essential services to the community.

Resolution No. 2022-006 appropriates $1,147,224 in multiple City funds, which are new projects, existing projects and revenue recognition.

New Projects:

  • City of Reedley Promotion Items – $1,500

  • Independence Day Fireworks Show – $7,500

  • Multi-Jurisdictional Housing Element – $10,000/$125,000

  • Pioneer Park Safety Improvements – $89,000

  • Opera House Kitchen Repairs – $7,000

  • Camacho Park Damage – $18,000

  • City Property Damage – $52,988

  • City Hall & Police Department Exterior Lighting – $8,000

  • Wastewater Treatment Plant Centrifuge Supplies – $60,000

  • Solid Waste Legal Settlement – $21,000

Existing Projects:

  • Veterans Banner Program – $30,000

  • City Clerk Professional Development – $1,000

  • Community Center Event Staff – $1,000

  • LLMD Assessment Engineering Services – $14,612

  • LLMD Annual Administration Fee – $9,250

  • Solid Waste Unemployment Claims – $3,000

  • Police Department Body Worn Camera Audit Software – $4,666

  • Police Department Evidence Facility – $11,500

  • Police Department Lockers – $24,500

  • Manning Avenue Annexation Environmental – $72,297

  • Downtown Christmas Tree – $7,268

  • Well #12 & Water Treatment Facilities – $82,000

  • Riverbottom Slurry Seal, Phase 2 – $65,000

  • Miscellaneous Facilities Maintenance Items – $6,384

  • Active Transportation and Parkway Master Plan – $265,537

  • Street Saver Software – $1 , 500

  • HSIP Safety Sign Analysis – $5,000

  • Manning Avenue Rehabilitation Phase 1 – $52,500

  • Reed Avenue Sidewalk – $4,500

  • Olson Sewer Main – $35,000

Revenue Recognition

  • Downtown Christmas Tree Donations – $1,350

  • Disposal of Safekeeping, Found & Evidence Money – $80,415

  • Employment Risk Management Authority Refund – $22,094

  • Pooled Liability & Workers’ Compensation Coverage Retrospective Adjustments – $27,859

  • Reedley Airport – $32,000

  • Solid Waste Vehicle Impact Fee Closeout – $3,018

The Council voted to adopt Resolution 2022-006 that appropriates $1,147,224 in multiple City funds for various operating programs, capital projects, and fund transfers.

Council Reports

  • Councilmember Matthew Tuttle: “Last Wednesday, I attended a Community Health Needs Assessment that the Adventist Health puts on. One thing that was brought up is the Blue Zone District. The Blue Zone District is a healthy living area.” City Manager Nicole Zieba said “The Blue Zone Area is a holistic approach to health. As you know, we have acreage by the sports park where we are looking to have the Blue Zone District. It will be a central green space, where people can congregate, have healthy eating options, and work spaces.”

  • Councilmember Anita Betancourt: “I attended the East Groundwater Agency meeting. The Department of Water Resources returned the 2020 Sustainable Water Plan. We submitted this 500 page plan back in 2020 and we finally received it. They told us we have four main issues and need to resubmit. They want to see where the water was and where it was moved to.”

  • Councilmember Ray Soleno: No report.

  • Councilmember Robert Beck: No report.

  • Mayor Mary Fast: No report.

Staff Reports

  • City Manager Nicole Zieba: “It was nice to show him what Reedley is, what we are doing. He acknowledged we have happier cows than those in Wisconsin. Very good news, our Public Health Department has shared with us that Covid cases have dramatically decreased. It is interesting that our hospitals are overwhelmed, but not due to Covid cases. On G Street, we have the first pedestrian light arms. Our intention is to install the light arms before Arthop starts up again, which is scheduled for March 3rd.”


With no further discussion, Mayor Mary Fast adjourned the City Council meeting at 8:39 p.m.

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