Here’s what you need to know:

  • The Clovis City Council approved six items on the consent calendar, including the compensation structure for a police officer that is being rehired after resigning three months ago and the rejection of a general liability claim.

  • During public comments, Cheryl Medrano said her home and two others were flooded due to a city water main break on Jan. 3. She said mold is now growing in her home, but despite putting in over 120 applications for alternative housing she has been unable to find a home for her family of eight.

The Scene

The Clovis City Council meeting took place on Feb. 7, 2022 at 6:00 p.m. The meeting was made available via Webex and YouTube Live.

Despite a surge in COVID cases and a statewide indoor mask requirement that went into effect on Dec. 15, the agenda no longer states that face masks are required for those who attend in person. Ashbeck and Bessinger wore face masks. Per the direction of the council at the last meeting, more space was added between the council members on the dais.

Seven attendees were present via Webex and three were watching live via Youtube.

Names of officials:

Jose Flores, Mayor (also Chief of Police, State Center Community College District Police Department)

Lynne Ashbeck, Mayor Pro Tem (also Senior Vice President Community Engagement and Population Wellness, Valley Children’s Healthcare)

Vong Mouanoutoua, Council Member (also External Relations and Project Development Director, Community Medical Foundation)

Bob Whalen, Council Member (also Fresno County Deputy District Attorney and candidate for Fresno County Superior Court judge)

Drew Bessinger, Council Member (also Chief of Police, Fresno Yosemite International Airport)

Ashbeck led the council in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Bessinger then presented a proclamation recognizing February as Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month:

  • A woman presumably with the Marjaree Mason Center who didn’t introduce herself said, “Clovis had a rough year last year in domestic violence,” she said. She introduced Kai Young and Riley Strunk, the Know More ambassadors for Clovis West High School.

  • Ashbeck responded to her comment of it being a “rough year in Clovis last year” and said “I think it’s so important and we have such an important lesson to teach because it happens here, what seems like, more and more.”

  • Flores said, “With Covid our youth has suffered more and more.” “The youth right now needs the help because of what we’re going through,” he said.

From there, the meeting was open for public comments:

  • Cheryl Medrano was in council chambers. Through tears, she said the city water main broke on Jan. 3 and her house was flooded because it took at least four hours for them to get the water turned off. She said they are still living in her home but it is sinking. She said they are a family of eight and have been put in 120 applications for housing.

    • She said they received a cash payment, but they have nothing to do with it because they can’t find rental housing.

    • She said three homes were affected, including that of a paraplegic.

    • “We have nowhere to go, no resources, nothing,” she said.

    • She said they can’t find anything to make it normal for her five children and her mother who is going through cancer treatment. “It’s disrupted our whole lives for something that could’ve been prevented if someone had answered their on-call that Monday,” she said.

    • She said they have mold growing in their house.

    • City manager said that Shonna Halterman is handling it and Madrano said she has never spoken with her.

    • She said she hasn’t spoken to them in two weeks.

    • Flores responded that they need to get out due to the mold.

    • Ashbeck said empathy training may be needed for staff and Madrano said it was the first empathy that she’s received.

    • Bessinger said they had a flood and they were minorly inconvenienced and asked what type of housing they needed.

    • Whalen thanked her for being there and said that it seems like they value Clovis and what they have to offer, but that they fell short. He asked staff to let them know what is happening with her home.

    • Mouanoutoua asked that they make sure that all the homes are taken care of.

  • Debbie Britz participated via Webex. She said that a virtual neighborhood meeting would be held on Feb. 21. She said they own 11 acres and apartments developed by the Assemis were being developed next to their property.

    • She expressed concerns about the increased traffic of a multifamily development to the area.


  • Approved minutes from the Jan. 18 meeting.

  • Received and filed the Business Organization of Old Town (BOOT) second quarter report.

  • Approved rejection of a general liability claim by Victor Ray Vidrio, Jr. who alleges the city caused a dangerous condition by failure to warn drivers of road construction ahead.

  • Approved the placement of a full time police officer at step five of the salary range and included previously paid incentives.

    • The agenda packet states that the candidate resigned from the Clovis Police Department three months ago for employment outside of law enforcement. He will be rehired at his previous pay step.

  • Approved a bid award for DeAnda Company in the amount of $308,623 for a landfill left turn lane located at 15679 Auberry Road.

  • Approved submission of an application for the city to receive grants or funds from the Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery (CalRecycle).

  • Approved canceling the council meeting on Feb. 22.

Flores opened the meeting for comments by City Manager John Holt:

  • He said the heat isn’t working in the building due to construction work and it would be the same next week.

  • “Regarding the Covid update, I’m hoping that the month of February will be the last time that I’m going to be doing these,” he said. “The way it’s trending now, things are looking good.”

  • Holt noted that per CDPH and Governor Newsom, the mask requirement will expire on Feb. 15.

  • He said at the March 7 meeting, they will be back in their regular configuration without social distancing.

Flores then opened the meeting for council comments:

  • Whalen said he was running last week and noticed that the numbers on the trail counter aren’t working.

    • To which, Flores laughed and said “first world problems.”

  • Ashbeck wished “Jackie a happy 21st birthday.” She also said that she thinks there is some confusion about some of the development happening in the north near Harlan Ranch. She asked staff if they should have a public discussion.

    • Holt said they have another meeting set up near March 1 and Darius Assemi would be there also.

  • Flores said it’s good to see the COVID numbers are trending down locally and nationally.

The council moved into closed session at 6:38 p.m. to conference with labor negotiators. Flores said they don’t anticipate having anything to report out.

The next meeting will be Feb. 14.

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