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Here’s what you need to know:

  • The implementation of a grant from Exeter for Los Arroyos I and II housing projects in Farmersville was approved. 

  • SB-1383 was presented by Bryce Howard. He explained that residents and businesses will need another cart for food waste to decrease the amount of methane gas being produced in landfills. Board members were concerned of the price increases and that this ordinance will increase improper dumping.

  • The Probation Office gave a presentation on the Probation Connections Center located in Visalia. It will provide behavioral treatment, employment training, child welfare services, and other services. Another location is planning to be opened in 2022 in the northern part of the county.

Board of Supervisors

  • Larry Micari, District One

  • Pete Vander Poel, District Two

  • Amy Shuklian – Chair, District Three

  • Eddie Valero – Vice Chair, District Four

  • Dennis Townsend, District Five

  • Jason T. Britt, County Administrative Officer

  • Jennifer M. Flores, County Council

  • Melinda Benton, Chief Clerk

The Scene

The Tulare County Board of Supervisors meeting was held simultaneously both in-person and streamed via YouTube at 9 a.m. on December 7, 2021. The meeting began with the pledge of allegiance and a moment of silence for retired Visalia Chief of Police Bruce McDermott passed away.


  • Board of Supervisors matters

    • Supervisor Townsend

      • Attended Springville Town Hall, Porterville breakfast lions meeting,  and the Tulare County Association of Realtors Awards Gala, 

      • This week he recognized that today is pearl harbor day, will attend the Rural County Representatives of California Board meeting and the Knights of Columbus 100 Year Gala in Porterville

    • Supervisor Micari

      • Attended the food delivery for the High Sierra 4 Wheel Drive Club, met with farmers over water concerns, Visalia Christmas Parade, Tulare County Association of Realtors Luncheon, Exeter Library open house, Exeter open house, East Kaweah GSA Board meeting, Full Gospel businesses meeting, Three Rivers Christmas parade, and a TCAG meeting

      • He will attend the Probation Department Ribbon Cutting, Neil Pilegard retirement event, Sierra Nevada Conservancy Service meeting, Exeter downtown open house, San Joaquin Valley Interest Authority meeting, Mid Valley disposal meeting, Tulare County Christmas Parade, food giveaway with the Tulare County Sikh Association, Farmersville food giveaway, and a  citrus tasting event

    • Supervisor Valero

      • Last week he attended a CSAC conference in Monterey, government finance and administration workshops, Visalia Chamber christmas tree auction, and the Dinuba Christmas parade

      • He will attend the Woodlake parade, London parade, Probation department ribbon cutting, Water Education for Latino Leaders  Conference Planning meeting, Neil Pilegard’s retirement event, leading an evening session on marketing and branding leadership in Northern Tulare County, LNTC session on mental health, National Latino Peace Officers Association Christmas event, and the winter wonderland event

    • Supervisor Vander Poel

      • Last night he attended the retirement for Jean Rousseau, former County Administrative Officer

      • Upcoming is the TESERA board meeting, probation department ribbon cutting, Sheriff’s department Sergeant promotion ceremony, Investment committee of the Tulare County Employee Retirement Association meeting, Neil Pilegard’s retirement event, International AG Center Board meeting, ResCom fundraiser event, Tulare Chamber holiday mixer, Tulare County Resource Management Agency’s hazard mitigation plan workshop, San Joaquin Valley Insurance Authority, University of California AG and President’s Advisory Committee tour of Tulare County extension programs, will be participating again with Encore Theater to raise money for non-profit, and Tulare Chamber of Commerce Governmental Affairs Committee

    • Supervisor Shuklian

      • Attended the closing art reception, MC’d the Visalia Emergency Services Turkey Trot, CSAC conference, and the TCAG meeting

      • She will be at the Workforce Investment Board meeting, the Probation Department ribbon cutting, meeting with Senator Hurtado, Neil Pilegard’s retirement event, and the San Joaquin Valley Insurance Authority meeting.

      • Tulare County Board received two recognition of leadership challenge coins from CSAC. Shuklian gave one to Jason Britt

  • Request from the Resource Management Agency to authorize and approve the submittal of an application to utilize funding for two affordable housing projects (Los Arroyos I and II in Farmersville) in an amount not to exceed the five-year estimate of $586,917. Adopt a Resolution for the Permanent Local Housing Allocation Program. Approve an agreement between the County of Tulare and the City of Exeter for the implementation of this grant

    • Aaron Bach, Assistant Director of Resource Management Agency, presented

    • Supervisor Micari asked if the project is for Farmersville or Exeter. Bach responded that it is Exeter’s money but project is in Farmersville

    • Supervisor Shuklian asked Bach to further explain the funding. Bach said recording fees for all real estate transactions increased by $75.

    • Jose Flores from Self-help Enterprises attended on the phone. Exeter asked Self-help to manage the funds

    • Supervisor Valero thanked the county for partnering with agencies making affordable housing.

    • Approved

  • Request from the Solid Waste Agency to introduce the first reading of an ordinance replacing Chapter 3, Articles 1 and 13 of Part IV of the Tulare County Ordinance Code, Find immediate adoption of this Ordinance is necessary for the County to be in compliance by January 1, 2022. Adopt an Ordinance, replacing Chapter 3, Articles 1 and 13 of Part IV of the Tulare County Ordinance Code, and declaring the urgency thereof, to be effective immediately.

    • Bryce Howard presented

    • SB-1383 ordinance focuses on removing organics out of the gray cart (disposal) and into the green cart to reduce methane emissions

      • SB-32 focused on reducing greenhouse gases. Methane was found to be the primary driver of greenhouse gases and about 20% comes from landfills

    • Hope to reduce organic waste by 75% by 2025 and to rescue at keast 20% of edible food that is being disposed of by 2025

    • Provide organic waste collection services, establish edible food recovery programs, educate the public, and enforce compliance with SB-1383 (Article 13)

    • Residents and businesses must have organic collections services

    • Edible food recovery

      • The County must find food banks and make an agreement with them

      • Supervisor Valero said he’s concerned that restaurants are usually giving away food because it is nearing expiration dates. Howard said it is a concern but it is part of educating people on this

    • Supervisor Townsend asked if they will be able to count methane targets like what they do with dairy recovery. Howard said this only pertains to landfills but he will check. 

      • Townsend asked what the county will do with compost. Howard said the county will use it as its own compost or give it away. 

      • Townsend asked Howard how much of a burden this is on his department. Howard said there will probably be a budget increase and they will hire a new person. They also might have to charge customers more.

    • Supervisor Valero asked if people can provide their own carts. Howard said they cannot unless they self haul. 

      • Valero asked how this ordinance will be enforced and if  there are penalties for non-compliance. Howard said there will be route reviews to check compliance. Checks will be quarterly or semi-annually.

    • Supervisor Vander Poel said intentions are good however it comes with unintended consequences. It is  an unfunded mandate which passes the cost onto the haulers and ultimately the consumer. He thinks there should be a grace period before people are penalized. Howard said there is  a 2 year grace period before they have to start giving fines. Waste Management says $10 more per month per cart per resident. He says this estimate is probably more than it actually is. 

      • Vander Poel says the price increase is still a significant amount which can cause people to dump on the road. He hopes they can get a grant to clean “chronic dump sites”. Howard says dumping cleanup is being paid  by residents on service. 

      • Vander Poel acknowledged that these extra fees apply to low income families as well and there should be ways to help them. Howard said there are some counties with high amounts of low income families that can get a five year waiver

    • Supervisor Micari asks if he needs another can. Howard says he does.

      • Micari asks if they can minimize expenses for people who need cans and says they need to educate the public. He agrees with Vander Poel that this will increase waste dumping. Howard said they can work through an amendment to offer customers who need special cans because of bears. He agreed they need to look into that to try to prevent increased waste dumping 

    • Approved 

    • A correction was made to agenda. This item should also say “To direct the Clerk of the Board to publish a summary of the ordinance and post a full copy of the ordinance after adoption as is required by law”. Approved

  • Consent Calendar was approved

  • Request from the General Services Agency to open, examine, and declare sealed bids for the sale of surplus real properties located at 4929 Ave. 309, Goshen and 30907 Juniper Rd., Goshen. Call for oral bids

    • Brooke Sisk introduced Jacqueline Wells, who was recently promoted as property manager. Wells gave background information on the properties.

    • The process will take nine to twelve months best case scenario

    • No less than $25,000 for 4929 Ave. 309, Goshen

    • No less than $20,000 for 30907 Juniper Rd., Goshen.

      • Jon Dolieslager placed an oral bid of $20,000 

  • Request from the Human Resources and Development Department to approve the Annual Salary for the position of Information & Communications Technology Director

    • in Bargaining Unit 10, in an amount of $160,000, with the same standard benefits provided to Bargaining Unit 10 employees, and an additional benefit of Auto Allowance at $431 monthly, effective December 19, 2021.

    • Approved

    • Joseph Halford appointed as Information & Communications Technology Director on November 15, 2021, effective December 19th, 2021

  • Presentation from the Probation Office on the Probation Connections Center

    • Presentation by Chief Michelle Bonwell and Brian Kern

    • Tulare county partnering to improve accessibility to services, located in Visalia

    • Some available services will be a theft intervention program, behavioral treatment, employment training, child welfare services, therapy, etc.

    • They are hoping to open another connections center in North County in 2022

  • Request from the County Administrative Office to adopt an ordinance amending Chapter 1 of Part I of the Ordinance Code to make it Article 1 of the same chapter, with no substantive change; adding Article 2 to the same chapter, commencing with section 1-01-2000, pertaining to the boundaries of the supervisorial districts in the County of Tulare; and repealing Uncodified Ordinance No. 3432, pertaining to the 2011 boundaries

    • John Hess, Assistant CAO

    • Final Map BOS-003B Final Modified Verduzco Map

      • Correction to include small piece of uninhabited land in the northeast that was not included previously due to a glitch in the map drawing software

    • Certificate of Recognition for Mark Clark

    • Approved

  • There were no Board Matter Requests

Public Comment

  • Maile Melkonian, of the League of Women Voters, complemented how the redistricting was handled and thanked everyone involved.

  • Angel, resident of West Tulare, complemented the people involved in redistricting and hoped they invest more money in GIS and broadband for the next redistricting.

The meeting adjourned to a closed session. Next Tuesday December 14, 2021 will be the last board meeting of the year. The first board meeting of 2022 will be in the Human Resources building due to remodeling.

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