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Here’s what you need to know 

  • The Parlier City Council approved several technological supplies upgrades for the Police Department, including police car radios, body worn cameras, and four surveillance cameras that accommodate advanced video policing technology

  • The Parlier City Council approved the cannabis regulatory permit for GBH Cultivation, for 41.9 acres on the west side of Academy Avenue near the wastewater treatment plant

Parlier City Council Board Members

  • Alma M. Beltran, Mayor 

  • Sabrina Rodriguez, Council Member District 1

  • Trinidad Pimentel, Mayor Pro-Tempore and Council Member District 2

  • Cathryn “Kathy” Solorio, Council Member District 3

  • Diane Maldonado, Council Member District 4

The Scene
According to its website, Parlier is a general law city governed by a five-member City Council and operates under the City Council-City Manager form. Council members are the leaders and policy makers elected to represent various community segments and concentrate on policy issues that are responsive to citizens’ needs and wishes. The City Council appoints the City Manager to carry out policy and ensure service for the entire community. 

Parlier City Administrator, Sonia Hall, handles the City’s day-to-day business with an “open-door policy” to community residents and businesses, where comments, concerns, and suggestions are always welcome.

The Parlier City Council meets on the first and third Thursday of each month at 6:30 p.m. at 1100 E. Parlier Avenue, Parlier, CA 93648 and through Zoom.

The Zoom audio and video were connected through a cell phone. 

Call to Order and Roll Call
The meeting began at 6:30 p.m. All Council Members were present and participated in the meeting in person. There were at least 20 community members present in person and at least five participants joined through Zoom.


  • Manuel Cunha Jr, President of the Nisei Farmers League. Farm Workforce Modernization Act of 2021. Mr. Cunha Jr. presented a letter to be sent to Senators Feinstein and Padilla regarding immigration issue before Senate, and asked for Mayor to join in signing of letter 

    • Authorized to issue letter to Senators Feinstein and Padilla, authorize mayor to execute letter on behalf of City Council

  • David Cerda, Chief of Police, Police Office Awards and Volunteer Recognition. Chief Cerda announced the hiring of several new officers and the swearing in ceremony was conducted. 

At 7:20pm, the attendee in person at the City Council meeting that was proceeding the Zoom meeting disconnected. The connection was restored at 7:40pm.

Public Comment
There were two comments: 

  • The first public comment was largely unintelligible, possibly related to down payment assistance programs

  • Chief Cerda commented on the new rifle program and there was an explanation of the upgrades and benefits of the new models

Consent Calendar
The Board unanimously approved the following consent agenda items:

  • Check reports dated 6/26/21 to 7/9/21

  • Minutes – 7/1/21

Regular Business

  • Public Hearing: Approval of a Cannabis Approval of a Cannabis Regulatory Permit for GBH Cultivation, LLC

    • City received proposal from  GBH Cultivation for cannabis regulatory permit on property west of Academy Avenue near the wastewater treatment plant

    • Site is ~1,473,032 square feet (33.82 acres)

    • Site is anticipated to use a maximum of 14,000 gallons of water per day for irrigation, through a private well

    • Fiscal impact, once operational, is expected to benefit the City in the amount of 2% of the operation’s gross revenues

    • Resolution adopted, approving the cannabis regulatory permit for GBH Cultivation

  • Consideration/action to purchase police car radios

    • Approved request to purchase 8 police car radios and funds to reprogram 27 existing radios at a cost of $51,187.70

  • Consideration/action to purchase body cameras for patrol officers

    • Approved request to purchase body worn cameras for patrol

    • There were three quotes included ($50,000 – $80,000 initial cost, and recurring fees of $10,000 – $40,000) and a cost benefit analysis

    • Council Members discussed the benefits of investing more in the upfront cost versus recurring fees

    • There was considerable discussion about the benefits of body worn cameras in reducing citizen complaints and use of force complaints

  • Consideration/action to purchase additional surveillance and LPC cameras

    • Approved request to purchase additional surveillance cameras that accommodate advanced video policing technology, including motion cameras and license plate capturing cameras

    • Coverage areas are Academy and Manning, Academy and Parlier, Zediker and Manning, and Zediker and Fresno 

    • Estimated fiscal impact $71,012.48

  • Consideration/action on approving a Professional Engineering Service Agreement for City Engineering Services (AM Consulting Engineers)

    • Agreement approved with minimal discussion

  • Consideration/action on approving a Professional Engineering Service Agreement for City Engineering Services (A&M Consulting Engineers)

    • Agreement approved  with minimal discussion

    • This is for an on call engineer, this agreement is for a different vendor than the previous item 

  • Consideration/action to adopt Resolution No 2021-04, approving Mayor to submit and sign claims for Measure C Allocation passthrough to the Fresno County Transportation Authority for FY 2021/2022

    • Resolution adopted

    • Total amount allocated to City of Parlier for Measure C for fiscal year 21/22 $470,228

Public Comment on Closed Session
This item was on the agenda but not addressed.

Closed Session
The Board went into closed session at 8:32pm to discuss public employment. 

The Zoom meeting was ended by the host at 8:42pm. I logged back in at 8:43pm and waited 15 minutes and no one else joined. 

Reconvene into Open Session

Brief Comments: Council Communications/Comments


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