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Here’s what you need to know

  • A MOU with the Tribal Council for the Picayune Rancheria of Chukchansi Indians has been finalized with additional revisions in regards to law enforcement and public safety.

  • The Board officially voted to increase the “not to exceed amount” for the funds that are used to repair law enforcement vehicles and other equipment and the project to expand the Park and Ride Lot at Oakhurst was approved.

  • On 7/20 6PM, the Board plans on holding a virtual Town Hall meeting to thank homeless outreach efforts and to correct fictitious information regarding flood control funding.


Karen Progue, Chief Clerk to the Board

Brett Frazier, Supervisor District no. 1

David Rogers, Supervisor District no. 2

Leticia Gonzalez, Supervisor District no. 4

Tom Wheeler, Chairman Pro Tem

Robert L. Poythress, Chairman

The Scene

The meeting started at 9:00 a.m. and all board members attended in-person. People who wanted to view this meeting could see this online via Webcast. The number of attendees are unable to be determined. Roll-call was successfully completed and all board members were in attendance. The Board agreed that there were no additions to the agenda. There was no public comment before commencing closed session. The tone of the meeting at the beginning felt slightly rushed, but maintained its professionality. Closed Session began at 9:02 AM and ended at 10: 00 AM. Open session began at 10 AM. The Board completed the Pledge of Allegiance with Pastor Mike Farmer. Closed Session began again at 10:45 AM and ended at 11:06 AM.

Closed Session (Items that were discussed)

  1. Conference with Labor Negotiators Agency designated representatives: Elba Gomez, Director of Human Resources and Susan Carter, Human Resources Manager Employee Organization: ALL UNITS

  2. Conference with Legal Counsel – Existing Litigation Name of Case: County of Madera vs. AmerisourceBergen Drug Corp., et al. (Federal Eastern District of California Case No. 1:18-cv-00647; MultiDistrict Litigation Case No. 1:17-MD-2804). In re. Purdue Pharma L.P., et al., (United States Bankruptcy Court, Southern District of New York, Case No. 19-23649). 

  3. Public Employee Performance Evaluation Title of Position: Veterans’ Service Officer 

  4. Public Employee Performance Evaluation Title of Position: Chief Clerk of the Board 

  5. Report by County Counsel on Closed Session items.

Public Comment

Carleton DeHolmes from Behavioral Health Services introduced himself as the new physical health manager.

A representative from Public Works informed the Board that the department has started Phase 2 Projects. They are currently working on Road 16, near Chowchilla, and working down and around the area. Twenty two miles of road will be rehabilitated and reconditioned once this project is done. They are already working on another set of construction projects to start next year, which was unspecified. 

Supervisor Wheeler announced that there was a Fun Facts Sheet from the previous meeting that was available, which gave information on the visitors that came through the office in Oakhurst. 

Consent Calendar

All matters listed under the consent calendar are considered routine and will be enacted by one motion. Items that are pulled are taken up to immediate discussion.

  1. Behavioral Health Services Department Consideration of entering into an Agreement with Willow Glen Care Center for board and care services for Fiscal Year 2021-2022 and authorize the Chairman to sign. 

  2. Behavioral Health Services Department Consideration of entering into an Agreement with Golden State Health Centers Inc., dba Sylmar Health and Rehabilitation Center for the provision of mental health residential care for Madera County Behavioral Health Services clients for Fiscal Year 2021-2022 and authorize the Chairman to sign. 

  3. County Counsel/Board of Supervisors Department Consideration of entering into a Memorandum of Understanding with the Picayune Rancheria of Chukchansi Indians for the provision of law enforcement, fire protection, and other County services, and payments to mitigate off-reservation impacts and authorization of the Chairman to sign. 

  • This item was pulled.

  • Background Report was given. In 2014, the Chukchansi Casino was shut down for a period of time. In 2015, this Board discussed retroactive payments that needed to be contributed to the county and  worked with the Tribal Casino to reopen the casino. That was accomplished along with the purchase of a fire apparatus for fire suppression. In 2015, the Board initiated a request to negotiate a 2007 MOU. Since then, the Board has created a negotiating team that has worked year after year. The majority of the work has been to create a stronger relationship with the tribal council. Through those years, there has been an exchange of data and discussion of fire services, mutual aid, additional requests for law enforcement services at the Rancheria. 

  • A summary of this item is a fully signed MOU by the Tribal Council, which was not in the agenda. They have unanimously approved it and the MOU provides additional law enforcement services that are available to the tribe and the sheriff’s office and an additional firefighter to Fire Station 8 right outside the casino. If the Casino expands a certain percentage, more firefighters may be added. There is also a request that the Board joins the Tribal Council for a public event either on the 29th or the 30th of July at the fire station 8 to celebrate this MOU.

  1. Human Resources Department’s Consideration of Approval for Transfer of Appropriations No. 20-156 in the amount of $55,000.00 from Self-Insurance Dental Liability – Appropriations for Contingencies to General Insurance and Professional and Specialized Services for Fiscal Year 2020-2021. 4 Votes Required 

  • This item was pulled.

  • Michelle May with Human Resources explained that the self-insured dental fund, the recommended action for the $55,000 transfer is still within that dental fund. Each year, HR budgets what they anticipate the claims and the cost to be for the year. The claims fluctuate. While HR did monitor the self-insured dental fund, they were not sure if it was going to go over or not, which is why the item was brought to the Board right now. Last month was when the HR recognized that the current budget would have a short fault. There is still money in the fund, but it is purely for appropriations. There’s $229,000 still in appropriations. 

  1. Human Resources Dept’s Monthly report of employee transactions for the month of June 2021. County of Madera Page 4 Updated 7/16/2021 

  • This item was pulled.

  • Supervisor Wheeler noted that it is a good report to “see who we are hiring and who is doing what work.” No other comment/discussion was made.

  1. Library Dept’s Consideration of approval of Receipt of Unanticipated Revenue No. 20-150 in the amount of $135.00 from Library Administration – State Grant Revenue to Special Department Expense for Fiscal Year 2020-2021. 4 Votes Required 

  2. Library Department Consideration of approval of Receipt of Unanticipated Revenue No. 20-149 in the amount of $400.00 from Library Administration – State Grant Revenue to Special Department Expense for Fiscal Year 2020-2021. 4 Votes Required 

  3. Public Health Department Consideration of entering into a Grant Agreement with Essential Access Health in an amount not to exceed $110,000.00 to support the provision of STD prevention services through family planning and related preventive health services to eligible clients for Fiscal Year 2021-2022 and authorize the Chairman to sign.

The motion passed. No public comment.

Discussion Items

  1. County Administration Department Discussion and consideration to adopt a Resolution amending Resolution No. 2020-137 adopted by the Board on October 20, 2020 to increase the “not to exceed” amount by $4,000,000.00 to $7,526,883.50 in preparation for vehicle replacements for the Sheriff’s Office and equipment for the Fire Department and authorizing the execution and delivery of additional equipment per schedules in the Master Equipment Lease/Purchase Agreement. 

  • A representative from the County Administration explained that this item is a resolution for Bank of America Master Lease to increase the “not to exceed” amount. This budget will be used mainly for buyer equipment round 4 as well as sheriff patrol equipment vehicles round 3. They ask continuously for any actions that need to be taken throughout the year; for example, minor IT equipment was done recently.

  • Supervisor Wheeler noted that when the cars get to a certain number of miles, the cars are not safe for the public; it’s important to keep those vehicles in a state of repair and keep them safe.

  • No public comment and motion was approved.

  1. Public Works Dept/Engineering Services Division Park and Ride Lot, Oakhurst. 

    1. 1. Discussion and consideration of entering into an Agreement with Avison Construction Inc. in the amount of $598,194.00 for construction of the Park and Ride Lot located in Oakhurst on Civic Circle Drive and authorizing the Chairman to sign. 

    2. 2. Discussion and consideration of approval to authorize the Road Commissioner or his designee to issue the Notice to Proceed. 

    3. 3. Discussion and consideration of approval to authorize the AuditorController to issue payments of contingencies up to 10% of the contract award amount per established County Policy. County of Madera Page 5 Updated 7/16/2021 

    4. 4. Discussion and consideration of approval to authorize the Road Commissioner or his designee to issue and approve Contract Change Orders in accordance with Public Contract Code not to exceed authorized contingencies.

  • Jared Carter from Public works explains that this project is to expand the Park and Ride Lot near the library at Oakhurst with 2 new bus stops as well as 2 vehicle charging stations. He explains that it should be “a very nice project once we get it done.” There was not much discussion except that “it will benefit everybody.” There was no public comment and the motion unanimously passed.

Pending Legislation- Discuss, Support or Oppose Legislation Presented by Supervisors and/or Staff

  • None.

  • Legislators are at summer break through August. 

Supervisors and Staff Reports

  • Supervisor Frazier announced that he has his coffee conversation tomorrow (7/21) at 8:30 AM. He/the Board is going to try a hybrid/in-person zoom. It will be at the library at Ranchos.

  • Supervisor Gonzales met Senator Alex Padilla last Friday and the Senator gave “a legislative update to a group of folks.” In addition, Gonzales recounts that she received an update from  Congressman Costa the Friday prior to that saying “we are going to be hosting our first in-person community group.” There will be ice cream.

  • Supervisor Wheeler thanked Cal Buyer briefly.

  • Tonight at 6pm (7/20), The Board will host a Zoom town hall, thanking outreach efforts and everyone who is involved in homeless outreach efforts. There will be a “special bonus,” where the Chairman adds a feature about the efforts to clean up the river in terms of vegetation and to correct factitious information that was disseminated in the Madera tribune in regards to funding of flood control. We will be spreading that out in other media. 

  • “First, on-the-road meeting” was announced that it will be on September 14, which is also Election Day. Board members expressed that they are looking forward to that.

  • Road 16 from 152 to the end of the city of Chowchilla is closed through July 30th.

  • Closed Session: continue from 10:45 AM and end at 11:06 AM.

Adjournment at 11:07 AM. The meeting lasted 2 hours.

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