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Here’s what you need to know

  • The Fresno Housing Authority board approved submitting funding applications for Avalon Commons, at N. Chestnut and E. Alluvial, for 60 units to be developed as part of Phase 1.

  • The board approved submitting funding applications for Sun Lodge (fka Day’s Inn), near W. Olive and Golden State Hwy, for 64 family units.

  • The board approved submitting a funding application to the City of Fresno for development/construction of an estimated 35 single family homes in Southwest Fresno near S. Plumas Street and E. Florence Ave., in an amount up to $3 million.


City Commissioners:

  • Adrian Jones, Chairperson (also Marriage and Family Therapist at North Star Wellness Group)

  • Caine Christensen, Vice Chair (also Director of Student Support Services for Fresno Unified School District)

  • Terra Brusseau, Commissioner (also owner of The Central Valley Group)

  • Sabrina Kelley, Commissioner (also Community Relations Consultant and Foundation Officer for Wells Fargo Bank )

  • Stacy Vaillancourt, Commissioner (also Chief Administrative Officer for Saint Agnes Medical Center)

  • Sharon Williams, Commissioner (also retired Fresno Juvenile Hall counselor)

  • Ruby Yanez, Commissioner

County Commissioners

  • Cary Catalano, Chairperson (also owner of Catalano Fenske & Associates)

  • Nikki Henry, Vice Chair (also CIO for Fresno Unified School District)

  • Joey Fuentes, Commissioner (also trainer and mentor at Fresno’s Main Event boxing)

  • Valori Gallaher, Commissioner (also Caruthers School Boardmember)

  • Edugiben Ortiz, Commissioner (one of two resident commissioners)

  • Sophia Ramos, Commissioner (also registered nurse)

  • Stacy Sablan, Commissioner (also owner of Sablan Legal Services)

Leadership Team

  • Angie Nguyen, Interim CEO and Chief Program Officer

  • Tracewell Hanrahan, Deputy Executive Director

  • Marc Bady, Chief Diversity Officer

  • Emily De La Guerra, Chief Business Officer

  • Michael Duarte, Chief Real Estate Officer

The Scene

The Fresno Housing Authority Special Meeting of the Boards of Commissioners took place on Monday, June 28, 2021 at 5:00 p.m. The joint board meeting packet states that due to executive order N-25-20, the meeting will be held electronically and accessible via teleconference and Zoom. 

The Fresno Housing Authority is governed by 14 commissioners, seven of whom are appointed as city commissioners and seven as county commissioners. Five of the city commissioners are appointed by the Mayor of the City of Fresno to serve four-year, staggered terms. Two are appointed to two-year terms from among residents receiving housing assistance from Fresno Housing. Similarly, five of the county commissioners are appointed by the Board of Supervisors, and two are residents receiving assistance from Fresno Housing.

Call to Order and Roll Call

The meeting began at 5:03 p.m. Jones and Gallaher were not present. Chair Catalano noted they received the resignation of Commissioner Brusseau.

Public Comment

There was no public comment. 

Consent Calendar

The Board unanimously approved the following consent agenda items:

  • Consideration of Acceptance of the Tax Credit Allocation Committee Award – Esperanza Commons

    • Fiscal impact: $54,254 Reservation fee and $54,254 Allocation fee, for a total of $108,508 to accept the award. 

  • Consideration of Approval to Apply for City of Fresno HOME Funds: Step Up on 99

    • Fresno Housing acquired property in August 2020, and after minor rehabilitation work the property was leased in December 2020. Staff has been working to redevelop property to turn it into permanent affordable housing units, needs rehabilitation and reconfiguring of existing units, along with some new construction. Staff is requesting approval to apply for up to $2,000,000 from the City of Fresno HOME Program.

Closed Session

The Board went into closed session at 5:08pm. 

  • Conference with Real Estate Negotiators 

Reconvene into Open Session

The Board meeting reconvened to Open Session at 5:18 p.m. There was no reportable action taken during closed session.

Staff Presentation and Discussion

  • Housing Relinquished Fund Corporation (HRFC) Reserve Analysis

    • Staff member Juan Lopez presented, stating HRFC is a subsidiary organization that is the ‘lending arm’ of the agency. 

    • As of 1/1/21, reserves totaled $6.6 million. Several major transactions have taken place since 12/31/20, and cash balance as of 6/15/21 is $10.01 million. 

    • Staff is conservatively estimating inflows of $5.6 million, and $5.06m in remaining commitments, leaving about $10.55m in remaining funds.

    • Commissioner Kelley asked if funding from Choice Neighborhood Grant can be used to support any development in California Avenue Neighborhood – Southwest Fresno (referred to during the meeting as CAN). Chief Real Estate Officer Michael Duarte replied that at this point, they have only requested funding for CAN-related planning work. They are doing community engagement for CAN now, including resident meetings, to understand which type of housing is preferred. Duarte estimated more information would be forthcoming in the next 6 to 12 months as community members identify what they’d like to see. 

    • It was asked if this type of planning has already been done with Avalon Commons, as later in the agenda there is an action item regarding Avalon Commons. Chief Real Estate Officer Michael Duarte replied that the work being done for CAN is in-depth and they did not go through similar experience with Avalon Commons. 

    • Deputy Executive Director Hanrahan noted that taking time in this process potentially gives access to apply for $30m through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

  • Real Estate Development Update

    • Michael Duarte presented an overview on Avalon Commons and Sun Lodge. Commitments of $2.7 million and $3 million have been received by the City of Fresno for Avalon Commons and Sun Lodge, respectively. 

    • Sun Lodge to be converted to 64-unit multifamily housing, with studios to 3-bedroom units. Currently operates as 97 rooms of transitional homeless housing. 

Action Items

The Board unanimously passed the following action items:

  • Consideration of Approval to Submit Funding Applications for Avalon Commons

    • Property is located at 7521 N Chestnut in Fresno

    • Proposed Phase 1 project consists of 60 units, Phase 2 includes 45 units

    • Request includes HRFC commitment of up to $1.8 million

  • Consideration of Approval to Submit Funding Application for Sun Lodge (fka Days Inn)

    • Property is located at 1101 N Parkway Drive in Fresno

    • Project consists of 64 family units with a community room

    • Staff proposed that Fresno Housing enter into MOU with Silvercrest, Inc. to co-develop project, where Silvercrest, Inc. would be Managing General Partner

    • Request includes HRFC commitment of up to $2.0 million

    • Chair Catalano thanked staff and City of Fresno for working together on this item

  • Consideration of Approval to Submit Funding Application for City of Fresno HOME Funds: SW Fresno Single Family Project

    • Deputy Executive Director Hanrahan noted this is for the application for HOME funds for which the deadline to apply is July 16, 2021. This is for the development/construction of an estimated 35 single family homes in Southwest Fresno near S. Plumas Street and E. Florence Ave. 


Chair Catalano adjourned the meeting at 5:51 p.m.

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