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  • The Board held a protest hearing for proposed increased water service fees for County Service Area 39AB, Beran Way/Prospect.

  • The Board heard a presentation for new TRAN (tax and revenue anticipation notes) bonds to supplement the budget through December.

  • The Board approved 11  commissioners to the 2021 Advisory Redistricting Commission.

The Scene 

Fresno County hosts a live stream of the meeting, with three cameras showing the Supervisor speaker view, the podium where members of the public and guest speakers present, and a wide shot of the chambers.

There were about six members of the public who were not scheduled to speak on an item, a couple retiring employees receiving commendations with their supervisors and supporters. 

Below is a list of the members of the Fresno County Board of Supervisors. Present are in bold: 

Steve Brandau – District 2 – Chairman (North Fresno)

Brian Pacheco – District 1 – Vice Chairman west, rural like Kerman, Firebaugh)

Sal Quintero – District 3 (Central Fresno) (over the phone)

Buddy Mendes – District 4 (rural towns like Reedley, Sanger, Fowler, Kingsburg)

Nathan Magsig – District 5 (eastern, rural, mountains)


As stated on their website, Fresno County’s goal, in sum, is to provide excellent public services to our diverse community. Specifically the County is “defined and authorized under the California Constitution, law, and the Charter of the  County of Fresno, and provides countywide services, including elections, voter registration, law enforcements, jails, vital records, property records, tax collection, public health and social services. In addition the County serves as the local government for all unincorporated areas.“


The Board unanimously approved the agenda. Item 19 Conference with Labor Negotiator, was deleted from agenda.

The Board unanimously approved the consent agenda with the exception of item 35 (Proclaim May 16 – 22, 2021 as Public Works Week) by Supervisor Magsig. Supervisor Magsig wanted to speak to the hard work of the Department of Public Works. The board then unanimously approved the item. 

The Board unanimously approved Item 8 to  issue tax-exempt solid waste disposal facility bonds to finance and/or refinance the acquisition, construction, installation, rehabilitation, improvement, and/or equipping of solid waste disposal facilities by Republic Services, Inc.,

The Board unanimously approved item 9 confirming the appointment of Hollis Magill to the position of Director of Human Resources.

The Board unanimously approved item 10 adding four staff positions to the Internal Services Department’s Org.

The Board unanimously approved item 12 to adopt plans and specifications for Contract No. 20-20-C, American Avenue and Golden State Blvd Intersection Improvements.

The Board unanimously approved item 15 with no Board appointments.

The Board unanimously approved item 18 Conference with legal counsel (in closed session). No report was given when the Board rejoined to close meeting.


Item 5– The approval of the redistricting committee members nominated by the Board.

Supervisor Magsig proposes including two alternates in case the primaries are not able to attend the meeting. Supervisor Quintero suggested only one alternate. Supervisor Mendes does not want any alternatives, thinks it will take too much training. Supervisor Pacheco agrees with Supervisor Mendes and said the board can adopt alternates as needed. The board agreed to nominate just the two primaries as necessary. There will be one in-person meeting per district and one countywide virtual meeting, and any more meetings will be scheduled as needed. Here are the names of the nominees:

District 1: Ken Abrahambrium; Katherin Buros

District 2: Elizabeth Kolstead; Lawrence Garcia

District 3: Patience Milrod; Ubo Morales

District 4: James O’Paddy Jr.; Glenda Hill

District 5: Richard Gallegos; Susan Mott

C.A.O.:    Jeff Cardell

The board unanimously approved appointees.

Item 6– Increase salary for Assessor-Recorder’s Org.

C.A.O. explained the need for more staff in Assessor-Recorder’s office. Supervisor Pacheco expressed he has received several complaints about inability to get in contact with the office. Elaine Bustamante, a member of the public, spoke during public address; her comments were unrelated to the subject and she was directed where to properly address them. The board unanimously approved the item.

Item 7 Oscar Garcia from auditor controller tax collection office  gave a presentation on TRAN, its need and expected revenue. These are short term, less than one year, bonds, used to balance the budget until property taxes are received in December. While second the motion to vote on approval of item, Supervisor Pacheco noted that while he is adverse to borrowing money he believes the proposed TRAN is fiscally sound and should end in a profit to the county. The board unanimously approved the item.

Item 11– Conduct Hearing and receive written protests from County Service Area 39AB, Beran Way/Prospect, property owners on a proposal to adjust the water service fee.

Supervisor Brandau opened the protest hearing. Three written protests were received. There was confusion from two public audience members that this was their time to protest/speak on the issue. The protest hearing was closed but the two members of the public were allowed to speak before the item was voted on. The first member of the public did not give his name. He was requesting a delay in the vote for more time to inform his community about the implications of this vote and to build support for its opposition. 

The next member of the public was Eric Coprodia who was concerned about the quality of water. Supervisor Pacheco stated for the record that the water is purchased from the city and is the same quality that city residents receive. The board unanimously approved the item. After approval Supervisor Mendes stated complaints about the quality of water should be brought up with the city. 

Item 13–  The department of Public Health gave an update on Covid-19 infection and vaccination rates, David Pomaville director and Dr. Vohra presented and took questions from the board. There are currently 64 confirmed cases, 10 in ICU, and 19 medical staff infected with Covid-19 in Fresno County. This brings the county’s overall totals to 102,270 cases and 1,698 deaths to date. 

The vaccination rate is 39.6% of total population, 47% of age eligible, and 82.5% age 65 and up are vaccinated. There are signs of vaccine hesitancy, in the week of April 26th the daily vaccination average was 4,597 while in the week of May 17th the average was 3,636. 

The DPH is going to increase mobile clinics to make the vaccine more accessible and increase its campaigns about the need and safety of the vaccination. Dr. Vora explained the DPH is still waiting for the new guidelines concerning June 15th should be available early June. Supervisor Mendes asked Dr. Vora about booster shots for vaccination. Dr. Vora said it might be an annual booster or possibly longer; the results are still coming in but those who received first round vaccinations are still showing immunity nearly 12 months later. Supervisor Mendes then asked about children under 12 being hospitalized from Covid-19. Dr. Vora said cases are low, about 400 state wide, but it does happen, and when it does, it is usually serious. 

Supervisor Magsig asked if Fresno County might enter Yellow classification before June 15th (allowing for earlier opening). Dr. Vora said because of regulation, needing to have certain numbers for 1-2 weeks, it is unlikely. Dr. Vora stated there will still be restrictions for unvaccinated people, especially in enclosed venues, but outdoor venues are presumably safe.

Item 14– Board of Supervisors’ Committee Reports and Comments.

Supervisor Magsig believes more can be done to celebrate county youth enlisting for military service. He also stated Butterfly Gardens, a low income housing unit with 75 units in Clovis, has broken ground. He also stated the Table Mountain Council is on schedule with construction of their new casino. He also wanted to acknowledge John Donaldson, a previous County Supervisor, who had died.

Supervisor Pacheco gave his appreciation to the Department of Public Works for their work in cleaning up two homeless camps. “Thanks for cleaning up those eye sores”

Supervisor Mendes commented on Supervisor Pacheco’s comments saying the city should have taken care of the issue.

Supervisor Quintero wanted to congratulate Dr. Saul Jimenez-Sandavol on becoming Fresno State’s 9th president.

Supervisor Brandau attended a one day event for EDC, said it was well done. About opening businesses. 

Item 16– Public Comments/Presentations.

Nicole Odona: claimed to be licensed Chinese Medical Practitioner. She said there is a whole other side to health than vaccination. Wants board to make a statement opposing vaccination passports as “unlawful, immoral, and unethical”. Said Covid-19 is no longer an emergency. Claimed the vaccine is not a vaccine but changes people’s DNA, and saw any pressure to be forced to take it as unlawful coercion. 

Brent Ford: Questions report by DPH. Claims there have been adverse reactions to the vaccine and asked if the county is keeping track of those records. And he wonders what the restrictions for non vaccinated people are going to look like.

Tracy (no last name given): Attended Health and Freedom conference in Oklahoma where censored doctors talked about effective treatments of Covid-19. She claimed people are dying from vaccines “planned by design”. Claim Dr. Fauci is being investigated.”Many doctors believe this vaccine is being used as a bioweapon”.

Brandi Nuse-Villegas: Thanks board and DPH for the work they have been doing to increase vaccination. Encouraged board to continue to listen to DPH. Spoke of widespread misinformation. Spoke about the homeless in the county not a blight and they have no place to go. 

Shawn Bridine: Can no longer live in fear of disease. Children should not have to be vaccinated or wear masks. It causes anxiety and respiratory disorder in children.

Kyle Wios: Regional Director from America Works. Invited board to come see first hand the work they do. Have helped 2 million people in the USA find employment. Excited to keep working in Fresno County.

Item 17– (Closed Session) Conference with legal counsel. Supervisor Quintero recused himself from voting on the item. The board approved 4/0 the item. There was a fence encroachment and the board voted to begin the process of abatement.

Consent Agenda

(Item 45) Approve and authorize the Chairman to execute first Amendment to Agreement No. 21-008 with Fresno County Superintendent of Schools for the Truancy Intervention Program, effective upon execution with no change to the term of July 1, 2020 through June 30, 2021 and increasing the maximum by $164,021 to a total of $662,224.

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