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  • There are multiple renovating projects in the works for various school sites in the district. 

  • Director Halford provided a report on building a high-speed, state of the art I.TF data communications network to service low socioeconomic students and students in rural locations with no wireline service or unaffordable connectivity.

  • The Board approved for existing roles to be moved remotely to allow for efficiency and cost in office space. The Board also approved for two new roles to support the growing needs of the students served in the district. 

  • Trustee Fernandes, who serves Area 7, will turn in his resignation letter as he is no longer able to fulfill the time commitment due to his parent’s health. Board members expressed their support and sadness for his decision.

The Scene

The Madera Unified School District Board of Trustees meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday, April 13, 2021 by Board President Ruben Mendoza. To comply with Governor Newsom’s Office Executive Order N-29-20, meetings will be held via Zoom, a cloud-based video communication software that allows organizations to hold virtual meetings when in-person meetings are unavailable. Executive Order N-29-20 enhanced the Brown Act suspension language from the prior Executive Order N-25-20. All seven board members were present for the meeting. There were 56 participants present via Zoom. Everyone present at the Board meeting office wore masks the duration of the meeting. 

Adoption of Agenda

The Board of Trustees voted unanimously to approve the agenda for the meeting. You can find the agenda for the Board meeting here 

Approval of Minutes

The Board unanimously voted to approve the Regular Board Meeting Minutes of March 23, 2021, which can be found here

Consent Agenda

The agenda states that the items listed under the consent agenda are considered to be routine and are acted on by the Board of Trustees in one motion. There is no discussion of these items prior to the Board vote unless a member of the Board or staff requests specific items to be considered and discussed separately and/or removed from the Consent Agenda prior to the adoption of the Agenda. The Board voted unanimously to approve the following agenda items: 

Administrative and Support Services

Fiscal Services

Human Services

Student and Family Support Services

It was reported that two employees would be retiring after 31 and 36 years of service. They were thanked for their work and service for Madera Unified. A participant commented “Congratulations retirees!” in the Zoom chat box. 

Old Business

The Board unanimously voted to approve this old business item:

New Business

Joseph Halford, the Director of Information Technology for the Madera Unified School District, provided an overview of this request. 

He stated that “there are 1600 students using hotspots for school. Approximately 800 of those students live in the “Desert Areas” with no wireless access. The approximate cost is $55,000 per month (about $660K per year). With the Comcast Essential Program, there are approximately 60 families, which costs roughly $600 per month. Halford stated that if the Board approves this item, then they will move forward with soliciting requests for proposals to build a high-speed, state of the art I.TF data communications network to service low socioeconomic students and students in rural locations with no wireline service or unaffordable connectivity. “The service must be capable of providing distance learning and streaming video capabilities to all distance education users while maintaining security of District information Systems and networks. MUSD desires the service to not only meet current digital applications and bandwidth requirements but also future requirements that will allow the enhancement of education and administrative activities at all sites across MUSD”, stated Halford. The Board voted unanimously to approve this request. 

The next item up for approval was: 

Selma Gonzalez, the Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment for Madera Unified, stated “a position like this would allow us to do more.” They were tasked to look at job descriptions and identify positions that can work remotely from home. Approving the item would allow employees to work from home in non-emergency situations. Kristin McKenna, the Director of College and Career Readiness, stated “We need a counselor to fill the need for this gap”, in support of the new role, the Counselor on Special Assignment, which would work collaboratively with teachers and train them on working with students and addressing specific needs. Trustee Salazar asked if there is a scope of work for the role and what the vision is since she “did not want the new person to go on a rampage. I want results.” At this, Gonzalez said “This is not an administrative position, this is a Certified position. We need to make the information accessible for all students so they are educated on their decisions post-graduation.” The Board voted unanimously to approve this request. 

Board Member Committee and Information Reports

Trustee Poore – No report

Trustee Cortes – He stated he attended a meeting. 

Trustee Fernandes – He stated he would be turning in his resignation letter due to parent’s declining health and not being able to fully commit to the role. “It is not fair for everyone in this room, not fair for the people in my area, and the students I serve. It is with a heavy heart that I will have to resign.” 

Trustee McIntyre – He thanked the staff for their work. 

Trustee Salazar – She attended a conference where she got to network with other professionals and learn new things. 

Trustee Seibert – He expressed his support for Trustee Fernandes and his decision to resign. 

Advanced Planning

The next Trustee meeting is scheduled to be held Tuesday, April 27, 2021 at 7:30 p.m. It will be streamed live through Zoom. 


Mayor Mendoza adjourned the Board of Trustees meeting at 9:15 p.m. 

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