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  • The former site of the Clovis Costco on Ashlan and Villa Avenues was recently leased by the County of Fresno Department of Social Services and was permitted to operate a government facility at the location. The commission approved three 40-foot flagpoles outside.

  • The commission approved an upgraded alcohol permit for The Local restaurant, which allows it to serve distilled spirits in addition to beer and wine.

  • A new tattoo parlor, Body Art Establishment, was approved to move into an existing location at 130 W. Shaw Avenue. It will be located in a shopping center with retailers such as Dollar Tree and Ross Dress for Less. 

The Scene

The Clovis Planning Commission meeting took place on Thursday, April 15, 2021 at 6:00 p.m. The Planning Commission consists of five Clovis residents appointed by the mayor and approved by the City Council. They meet monthly to make decisions and recommendations on city planning issues and review proposals for compliance with the General Plan, in order to make recommendations to the City Council. 

Commission Members:

Paul Hinkle, Chair (also real estate agent with Kellner Properties)

Mike Cunningham, Chair Pro Tem

Alma Antuna

Brandon Bedsted (also Director of IT & Data Services, Community Medical Centers)

Amy Hatcher

The meeting was made available via Webex and YouTube Live. The agenda states that face masks are required for those who attend in person due to COVID-19. All commissioners were in council chambers and wore face masks while seated.  

The meeting opened quickly with the Pledge of Allegiance led by Cunningham. It was then opened for comments by the commissioners or secretary, neither made any comments.

Hinkle then opened the meeting for public comment and no comments were made online or in council chambers. 


  • Approved a conditional use permit that allowed an existing alcohol license to be upgraded to allow for distilled spirits, in addition to beer and wine within an existing restaurant, The Local, located near 4th Street and Clovis Avenue.

    • The City did receive requests from the police department that the kitchen remain fully operational while alcohol is served and limit outdoor music volume. 

    • The business will also be required to enclose its patio area. 

    • Owner, Jesse Mendoza, was in council chambers and told the commission he intends to enclose the patio and was meeting with the landlord the following day. 

    • Antuna asked about the size of the patio. Assistant Planner Emily Lane said that a floorplan wasn’t available, but did confirm that it would not block the sidewalk. 

  • Approved a request for a sign review permit to modify height standards allowing for three flagpoles with more than 40 feet of height at a proposed government office building located near the southwest corner of Ashlan and Villa Avenues. Property owners are Kashian Group. 

    • Assistant Planner Kelsey George presented the item to the commissioners. She said that any flagpole over 24 feet high must be reviewed and approved by the commission. 

    • The location is the former Clovis Costco building. 

    •  Hinkle asked if there were other 40-foot flag poles in the area and pointed out that the, “9-11 area,” in the former Pelco/Schneider Electric location has 40-foot flagpoles. 

    • Yohanes Makmur of Cook Land Company was in council chambers. He said this is the fifth building they have worked on and would like this building to be consistent with the other buildings in the area, which have flagpoles. 

  • Approved a request for a conditional use permit to allow for a tattoo parlor, Body Art Establishment, in a commercial zone district within an existing shopping center at 130 W. Shaw Avenue. 

    • George presented this item as well. She said in 2006 the city council approved a proposal that allowed for body art establishments in the proposed district.

    • Reno Seckinger was in council chambers to represent the applicant.

Commission Secretary Dave Merchen said they will transition from summary minutes to action minutes for commission meetings starting that night. He said the reason is that the historic reliance on detailed minutes has declined due to video recordings that are made available almost immediately. “You can get a misleading sense sometimes if you’re just looking at the minutes and not looking at the recordings that are made available,” Merchen said. 

The meeting adjourned at 6:30 p.m. Future Planning Commission meetings are scheduled for May 27, June 24 and July 22, 2021. 

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