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Purpose of Agency

The Board Policy 0000: Vision states, “The Governing Board believes that a clearly stated purpose and direction for the district provide the foundation for continuous improvement and accountability. The Board shall adopt a long-range vision for district programs and activities that focuses on the achievement and well-being of all students and reflects the importance of preparing students for the future academically, professionally, and personally. The vision shall recognize the unique role of students, parents/guardians, staff, and community partners in contributing to a high-quality education for all students. The district’s vision may be incorporated into its mission or purpose statement, philosophy or motto, long-term goals, short-term objectives, and comprehensive plans such as the local control and accountability plan (LCAP).” 

Board of Trustees

  • Darlene Martin, Board President and Trustee Area 4

  • Eugene Kandarian, Board Member of Trustee Area 5

  • Henry Murrieta, Board Member of Trustee Area 1 

  • Art Rojas, Board Member of Trustee Area 3

  • Mark Stockwell, Board Clerk of Trustee Area 2

District Office Staff/Administration

  • Dr. Paul Marietti, Superintendent

  • May Yang, Assistant Superintendent of Business Services

  • Tamara Sebilian, Director of Educational Services and Accountability

  • Gloria Regler, Director of Student Services

  • Edith Cantu, Director of Human Resources

The Scene

The Fowler Unified School District Board meetings are only held in-person. Board President Martin called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. All five Board members were present, including Martin, Kandarian, Murrieta, Rojas, and Stockwell. Superintendent Dr. Paul Marietti and the District Office Staff and Administration were present, including Yang, Sebilian, Regler, and Cantu. Six Future Farmers of America high school students were present, as well as three family members. Everyone wore masks the duration of the meeting and sat six feet apart from each other. Hard copy meeting agendas and Parent Commitment Cards were available at the back of the cafeteria table. After the Pledge of Allegiance, 


Student Board Member’s Report

Komal Sandhu, the Student Board Representative, gave her report but it was difficult to hear her since there was no microphone available and the freezers in the back masked the noise. 

Public Hearing Session

A parent thanked the Board for working hard to get students back in school. She stated, “Some classes are more hands-on and are harder to experience at home. Athletics are also an important part of student development and growth.” She expressed her support for the Board to work on a plan that allowed her children’s school to reopen, especially for her senior, who will be graduating in the spring. 

Informational Items 

The Fowler FFA Chapter President, Megan Jenkins, thanked the Board for allowing them to speak in person. She introduced all of the officers for the Fowler Chapter, including Ethan Dinis (Chapter Sentinel), Lexi Padgett (Chapter Reporter), Austin Haller (Chapter Secretary), Carson Estrada (Chapter Treasurer), and Claybore Williams (Chapter Vice-President). The FFA program offers a variety of graduation charms, sashes and cords that show the students commitment towards the chapter. There are six awards that seniors are able to obtain through their hard working contentment in the FFA program, which the officers presented on. 

  • Single Grad Charm: Show a livestock animal or managing another type of S.A.E. project (not including exploratory)

  • Twister Grad Cord: Compete on a Fowler FFA CDE/speaking team and manage a non-exploratory SAE project

  • Sash: Earn a California State FFA Degree

  • Grad Tassel: Serve as an officer or Committee Chair or Co-Chair. Students must complete their year(s) in good standing or service completely removal from office will void all previous qualifications. 

  • Gold Medallion: Complete a pathway within the Ag Program (3-4 year commitment) 

The Board thanked them for their presentation and their commitment to agriculture. Superintendent read the informational agenda items, including:

  • Cash Update

  • CSBA 2020 Delegation Assembly Election 

  • First Reading of Revised Board Policy – 1312.3: Uniform Complaint Procedures

  • First Reading of Revised Board Policy – 4119.25/4219.25/4319.25: Political Activities of Employees

  • First Reading of Revised Policy Board – Board Policy 4140/4240/4340 – Bargaining Units

  • First Reading of Revised Board Policy – Board Policy 5113.2: Work Permits

  • First Reading of Revised Board Policy – Board Policy 5126: Awards for Achievement

  • First Reading of Revised Board Policy – Board Policy 5141.31: Immunizations

  • First Reading of Revised Board Policy – Board Policy 5148.3: Preschool/Early Childhood Education

  • First Reading of Revised Board Policy – Board Policy 6146.1: High School Graduation Requirements

  • First Reading of Revised Board Policy – Board Policy 6146.2 – Certificate of Proficiency/High School Equivalency

  • First Reading of Revised Board Policy – Board Policy 6170.1: Transitional Kindergarten

  • First Reading of Revised Board Policy – Board Bylaw 9012: Board Member Electronic Communications

  • First Reading of Revised Board Policy – Board Bylaw 9320: Meetings and Notices

Consent Agenda

The agenda stated the following: “Items listed under the consent agenda are considered to be routine and are acted on by the Board of Education by one motion. There is no discussion of these items prior to the Board vote unless a member of the Board, staff or public requests specific items to be considered and discussed separately and/or removed from the consent agenda. Each item on the consent agenda approved by the Board shall be deemed to have been considered in full and adopted as recommended.” The Board unanimously approved the items on the consent agenda, including: 

  • Minutes of the Board Workshop / Regular Meeting of February 10, 2021

  • Approval of Revised Board Policy 3280 – Sale or Lease of District-Owned Real Property

  • Approval of Revised Board Policy 3530 – Risk Management/Insurance

  • Approval of Revised Board Policies 4119.11,4219.11, 4319.11 – Sexual Harassment

  • Approval of Revised Board Policy 4157, 4257, 4357 – Employee Safety

  • Approval of Revised Board Policy 5113.1 – Chronic Absence and Truancy

  • Approval of Revised Board Policy 5145.7 – Sexual Harassment

  • Approval of Revised Board Policy 6161.1 – Selection and Evaluation of Instructional Materials

Action Items

The Board unanimously passed the following action items:

  • Approval of Accounts Payable Report

  • District Standards for IT and Buildings

  • Approval of Resolution No. 38 / 2020-21 Inter-fund Transfer Authorization from General Fund and Cafeteria Fund

  • Approval of Safe School Plans 

  • Approval of Contracts for Services Agreement

  • Public earring – Initial Bargaining Proposal from CSEA, FUSD for 2020-21 School Year

  • Approval of Fowler Academy School Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA) 

  • Approval to Discard Outdated Curriculum Materials

  • Approval of Resolution No. 39 / 201-21 – Release of Temporary Certificated Employees

Superintendent’s Report

Superintendent Marietti reported that the school district had a plan to reopen the schools on January 11th, but was not approved by the State. Currently, the school district is allowed to reopen the schools, including Marshall, Malaga, and Fremont part-time in a blended-learning model. Fowler Academy students will continue with the current in-person schedule. As of now, Sutter Middle School and Fowler High School are not approved to reopen until Fresno County reaches the red risk level tier. “We dropped tremendously in cases.” Because the number of cases are going down, there is hope that the Athletics program will be able to start, including football, and all spring sports.” Marietti also reported that United Health has designated 180 vaccines for the district, where every employee would be vaccinated if they choose so. “About 130 employees are signed up right now to receive the vaccine.” 

Board Members’ Report

No Board Members had a report. 

Closed Session

The Board went on Closed Session at 8:25 p.m. 

Certified Negotiations

Certificated/Classified Personnel – kandarian, unanimous

Public Employee Discipline/Dismissal/Release/Complaint/Assignment, rojas, stockwell, 

Public Employee: Superintendent’s Goals/Evaluation

Reconvene in Open Session

The Board meeting reconvened in Open Session at 9:45 p.m. Superintendent Marietti read out loud the actions on the agenda times, including: 

  • Certificated Negotiations

  • Certificated/Classified Personnel

    • Classified Personnel Activity Report

    • Certificated Personnel Activity Report

  • Public Employee Discipline / Dismissal / Release / Compliant / Assignment

    • Government Section Code 549579b)

  • Public Employee: Superintendent’s Goals / Evaluation

    • Government Code Section 54957(b) 

The next regular meeting is on Wednesday, March 10, 2021 at 7:30 p.m. at Marshall Elementary School, per President Martin’s request. There is a new board policy to start the Board meetings at 6 p.m. moving forward. 


Board President Martin adjourned the meeting at 9:51 p.m. 


  • The Fowler FFA Chapter officers were excited to present the graduation charms, cords and sashes that graduating seniors can earn through their commitment with the chapter FFA program. 

  • The Board’s plan for the part-time on the blended-learning model seems to be going well, considering their COVID-19 Prevention Program currently in place. 

  • There was discussion around agenda item Approval to Discard Outdated Curriculum Materials, which Sebilian stated they are asking the Board permission to first try to sell the outdated textbooks and materials to a vendor to recoup some of the cost. If the materials are not sellable due to them being outdated, the district would like to donate them to the public. If the materials are not taken by the public, they would like to dispose of them. 

  • There were updates regarding Board policies, including that of language regarding high school graduation requirements, the difference between a certificate of proficiency and a high school equivalency certificate, the additional requirements for teachers to teach transitional kindergarteners, etc. 

  • After Closed Session, a lot of the what was approved by the Board was related to sexual harassment cases and the decisions made regarding these. 

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