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The Scene

Meeting was regularly scheduled for December 8, 2020 7PM as stated on website, but live audio was not available. A phone call was made to city clerk next day and she informed me that next Special meeting would be December 15th at 7PM.

Reedley City Council Meetings available through Live audio stream available for community members to participate.

As the meeting started at 7PM, outgoing Mayor Frank Piñon said, “Full House, is there something going on that I don’t know about?” Those in attendance laughed.

Invocation by Pastor Horacio Aleman, Cruising for Jesus

Mayor: Frank Piñon 

Council members:Mary Fast, Robert Beck, Anita Betencourt and Ray Soleno

City Manager: Nicole R. Zieba(present via phone call due to being quarantined)


Item 1

-Ramon Romero was awarded 2020 Coach of the Year by Jesus Rodriguez Recreation Coordinator . Mr. Romero said, “I do it for the kids; I love, I just love coaching the kids, once again thank you.”

Mr.Romero was previously awarded as 2016 Coach of the Year

Mayor Piñon said to Mr. Romero:

“We need people like yourself; we need mentors for our kids. Especially nowadays, we are dealing with some really difficult times…I commend you for your efforts and for all you do. And if you know anyone else out there like yourself, grab them and bring them in!”

Item 2

-Police Chief Jose L. Garza introduced a new Reserve Police Officer: Derrick Margain. Garza said that he takes pride in his department with having one of the lowest crime rates. He also shared that he lets all his officers know, “Here to serve, not to be served.” Garza invited council members to swearing in of new officers taking place at 2PM on Wednesday, December 16.

-Public comment became open and a minute for incoming calls due to one minute delay from live audio stream. Piñon provided number 559-637-4200 ext.290- no public comments.

Items 3-5

-Oath of office for elected council administered by the city clerk and seating.

-Three new positions filled on the City Council: Outgoing: Mayor Piñon, new elect District 1 council member Matthew Tuttle. Re-elected: Anita Betencourt and Robert Beck.  

-Outgoing presentation for Mayor Frank Piñon.

(7:19PM – 10 minute break announced by new Mayor: Mary Fast)

Item 6

-City manager Nicole read’s confirmation on Pro Tem Mayor, No votes needed, . New mayor Mary fast and Pro tempore mayor Robert Beck accept.

Item 16

-Two vacancies of planning commission, one vacancy on community services commission and two on traffic safety commision.(pg 148-162 of city agenda for application submissions)

-Five applicants were recommended by Mayor Fast and approved by entire Council

Alberto Custodio and Rosemary Luzania: Planning Commision

Maria Hernandez: Community Services Commission

Ester Ramos and Dale Kennedy: Traffic Safety Commision 

Item 17 adopt resolution number 2020-102, approving the continuation and expansion of the development impact fee parentheses (DIF)reduction incentive program.

Nicole- City manager: “ Mayor…I want to state my appreciation,Thank you so much for being understanding both Rob and I unfortunately has come down to COVID as you know and so he is not in attendance, and I am here by phone.”

-Council member asked if the downtown section was being improved by allowing this percentage of reduction, City Manager said that was correct.

-Mayor Fast pointed out on map the reasons for this is to develop the land available in city limits instead of going out to ag areas.

– Council member agreed to areas that need to be addressed outside the center.

-Mayor’s clarified Council member Tuttle’s question: proposal is to consider the modified portion of the infill area, which means they would reduce back the infill area.

-Council Member Tuttle asked if the infill area would have the current 25% reduction and the same city center will have the same 50%.

-Council member Soleno asked if there would be an impact on Development Impact Fees?

-Nicole said there is an impact if there is no development, however if there is in an incentive for developers then taxes go back into city so there’s a balance.

-Councilmember Tuttle asked Nicole if there would be a Financial burden if the infill area was expanded from What mayor Fast is proposing?

-City Manager Nicole doesn’t see much of a financial burden and agrees with the mayor in regards too many burnt out homes over the years and development impact fees on residential.

Public Comment

Eric from Chamber of Commerce asked in regards to location on Franklin and Olson and if that could be added to infill?

-Nicole suggested to leave as is so parcels don’t get confusing. Program can be left as is and see what happens for one year. She also added that new housing development are not part of this program.

Council member Beck suggested leaving it as is for one year.

-Motion made and approved by entire Council.


-City manager Nicole reported on Covid news and asked community to stay home and safe during the holidays.

-Reedley Assistance Program was approved during a Special meeting held on December 4, 2020 @12PM

-Update given of applications submitted for Small Business Grant incentive that was approved by City Council during a Special Meeting held on December 4th.

-12 applicants which equaled $12,382 so far , about $32,000 left for business owners in Reedley community.

Deadline for submitting application for consideration is February 26, 2022.

-There will be NO council meeting on December 22nd.


New city seats filled for district one outgoing Mayor Frank Piñon 

New district 1 Council Member Matthew Tuttle 

Mayor Mary Fast district 2 

Mayor Pro Temp-Robert Beck for district 3 

District 5 Council Member Ray Soleno

-5 new commissioners were approved by mayor and entire council item 16

-Item 17 approval of continuation in amendment of the development impact fee reduction and incentive program will be looked at in one year instead of two years.

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