Corporate sponsorships and business memberships are a great way for partners to engage with Fresnoland’s hyperlocal audience and support independent, nonprofit journalism in the central San Joaquin Valley.

We offer a variety of customizable packages that include website advertising, sponsorship of our free weekly newsletter, and corporate event sponsorships. All sponsors, regardless of contribution amount, will be recognized on the Fresnoland website. 

To find out more about sponsorship opportunities and become a Fresnoland sponsor, please reach out to Isabel Santos-Gonzalez at

Fresnoland’s Advertising and Sponsorships Policy 

Fresnoland advertisers and sponsors share our organization’s commitment to transparency, independence, and our central San Joaquin Valley community. We are grateful for their support of our mission, our work, and their investment in Fresnoland’s long-term sustainability. 

  1. Fresnoland’s editorial independence will never be compromised by an advertiser or sponsor. 
  2. All advertiser content must have clear attribution to the advertising entity via the inclusion of text or a logo. 
  3. Fresnoland reserves the right to review all sponsor and advertiser submissions. 
  4. Fresnoland reserves the right to reject an individual sponsor or advertisement at our discretion.
  5. Fresnoland reserves the right to make minor grammar and spelling edits to any submission. 
  6. Fresnoland does not accept any political advertising. 
  7. Fresnoland does not accept advertising that contains misleading language or makes questionable claims.